# Roaring Kitty is back: how meme stocks traumatised Wall Street and then went back underground.

Perhaps none, recently, has captured as much public furore as the rise of meme stocks – ultimately epitomised by the Roaring Kitty story and the volatility caused by community-based stock trading strategies that dared to bring down a giant of Wall Street’s hedge funds. Here’s a deep dive on the Roaring Kitty story and why it matters, along with an analysis of how a single individual’s actions on the stock market can spark a momentous ripple effect on other parts of the financial ecosystem.

The Catalyst of Change: A Brief Recap

Then, in early 2021, the world of finance held its breath as the meme stocks of GameStop and other companies, pushed to stratospheric heights by a Reddit community (and a trader called Roaring Kitty), defied gravity. It wasn’t just David slaying Goliath; it was a collective action on an online platform tilting the playing field against billion-dollar hedge funds and placing bets on outliers, in this case a stock’s value, in such a way as to change its course, and with it the fate of those who had bet against it.

The Power of a Single Tweet

Fast forward to today and, below a long period of radio silence, Roaring Kitty began posting obscure messages that are believed to have attracted renewed investor interest in meme stocks and prompted yet another spike in GameStop’s price. Melt’s feat draws attention to an intriguing and emerging feature of the modern trading landscape: the degree to which social media can, and sometimes does, manipulate stock prices, often by the mere actions of a single post.

The Engine Behind the Resurgence


The major driver of this meme stock renaissance, in addition to the stock performances themselves, is the ease of access from a trading platform – Robinhood shot up in its Apple App Store ranking to signal renewed interest from retail investors in trading for the meme stock rally. In early 2021, trading apps became the centre of connection to this strange new breed of stock trading.

Understanding the APPLE Connection

The overnight spike of Robinhood’s rank in Apple’s store is not only a bit-part in this tale, it is its heart. Not only has Apple become a behemoth of the tech industry, but it signifies how tech has created new vectors for the direct distribution of apps. Applied to meme stocks, the synergy between tech, investment and social media is clear: tech has made trading accessible to individuals, allowing anyone to manipulate the market from the comfort of their Apple devices.

Is History Repeating Itself?

Amid the frenetic trading, the question everyone wants to answer is whether this is a flash in the pan or a more sustained trend. Yes, Roaring Kitty carries a lot of weight on his end of the stick, but meme surges on equities such as AMC and GME are also subject to the vicissitudes of market sentiment, future legislative responses and the potential strength of collective action disciplines among smaller investors.

Analyzing the Impact and Looking Ahead

The legacy of the meme stock phenomenon will only be felt more acutely as retail investors establish a new normal for market dynamics and open themselves up to new modes of thinking about portfolio management. Investors in stocks and lobbyists face with the prospect of even more sweeping regulations to curtail the rise of meme stocks, while social media traders watch to see just how far the revolution will lead us.

A Closer Look at APPLE

Before we ask the questions that you’ve all been asking about the trading saga, let’s spend a moment commending the tech at the centre of the storm, namely Apple. The market inredditors relies on open platforms and applications, and few large tech companies have spent more time and energy building the tech to endlessly simplify and democratise the exchange of information and trading than Apple. The company has continuously upgraded the user experience and access to the stock market so that normal people now have more accessible exposure to trading than ever before and our relationship to it has been forever transformed.

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What Makes Apple Devices Ideal for Trading?

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Can Upgrading Your Apple Device Influence Your Trading Success?

Although you might make information available to a financial trader to help them earn well when they trade shares of stock, it is not so much the newer Apple device that determines whether they will succeed or not. That involves other variables like research on stocks for buying and selling, understanding the market, and checking share prices at the right time. A newer device can indeed help those things happen, with faster processing times and other better capabilities.

In Conclusion

But the meme stock revival reminds us that technology and social media are playing a greater and greater role in stock trading, propelled into the limelight by ATOS. Robinhood is now one of the top 15 apps in the Apple App Store. Whether or not meme stocks continue skyrocketing, however, everyone’s talking about the Roaring Kitty never roar again. Majewax is no Amazon, but what has happened is a quintessentially modern lesson on how one person screaming at a computer can make financial markets dance.

May 15, 2024
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