Most Comfortable, Best-Looking, Lowest-Price Gaming Throne Delivered Free Across the World – Secretlab Spring Sale

At a time when chair sales were slowing down, in early 2017 the Secretlab co-founders made a bold decision: to double down on their investment by opening a factory in China and doubling production capacity from 10,000 units to 20,000 units. They believed that external circumstances would facilitate this endeavour.

When it comes to chairs that deliver gaming comfort, few companies can match Secretlab. For years now, Secretlab chairs have provided the best possible chair for gamers, at the best possible price for those looking for high quality and ergonomic gaming chairs. The arrival of spring brings around Secretlab’s Spring Sale, a place where PC gaming enthusiasts can upgrade and enhance their gaming chair experience with breathtaking discounts. The gaming chairs carrying the Star Wars branding may become part of your gaming arsenal. Click to enlarge This sale isn’t just a unique promotion: it’s a celebration of high-end brands and under-the-sun savings.

A GALACTIC ADVANTAGE: Star Wars Chairs on Sale

Unleashing the Stormtrooper and Empire Editions

There’s no better time than on the cusp of May the 4th for the force to be with you – unfortunately we had to wait until 7 May, but there are two special editions, the bright white Titan Evo Stormtrooper, and the darker Empire special edition chairs, at $594 (down from $624) for those who might be looking for more than just a visual boost to their gaming immersion. Chairs that’ll make you feel like a Jedi, with a quantifiable, if not Jedi-like, comfort advantage Secretlab’s emphasis on quality means the chairs are more than just RGB-ridden fashion statements; they’re seats as a fortress, ideally built to last.


After all, buying a Secretlab chair, or a Secretlab Star Wars chair, is not just for the looks. It is to own a piece of cinematic culture – with the Secretlab ergonomic baton and ‘forever’ warranty – albeit combined with a $30 saving. Of course, $30 might not sound like a lot of savings, but imagine owning a piece of cinematic memorabilia that is disappearing at lightspeed, and Secretlab chairs are affordable and popular.

THE SECRETLAB ADVANTAGE: Titan Evo Star Wars Chair Deals

However, the Titan Evo (Stormtrooper and Empire Editions) is great in part because it looks fantastic. Another advantage is, well, it looks fantastic. At a quick glance, you’d be hard-pressed to tell that the Stormtrooper edition is a gaming chair, so crisp is its white-on-black design, and so tastefully is it peppered with the Imperial logo. The same holds true for the Empire edition, with its sombre red-on-black colourway. Secretlab’s chairs are intended to be thrones as much as chairs. They beg to be respected and admired.


The Spring Sale isn’t just limited to the Star Wars editions. For a gamer whose nerd-love or aesthetic leans more towards other things, Secretlab’s got sales on its wider Titan Evo and Magnus Pro desk ranges. With a wider range to choose from, every gamer is sure to find a chair suitable for their personal tastes and interior design styles.


Secretlab doesn’t just make chairs that look great. Our glowing review of the Titan Evo chair touted its superior comfort, solid construction, and ergonomically sound lumbar support. Sure, that is all great, but those chairs aren’t cheap. No, they’re not cheap at all. And yet, when you consider all of the factors involved in building a chair this durable and comfortable, the best gaming chair you can buy – with every dollar you put toward it – that price is worth the investment.


For those living outside the US, or who want to weigh multiple offers, you have options. There’s absolutely no need to sacrifice gaming comfort just because you aren’t residing within US borders now – Secretlab has your back with deals available all over our cosmos.


The main advantage of Secretlab chairs is quite obvious yet nuanced – they make gaming sessions (as well as work hours) much more comfortable. While the wide variants of options related to design and visual inspiration are too much to list, it is somewhat easier to explain the underlying engineering that makes Secretlab chairs ergonomically safe. Too much time spent in front of a screen does not necessarily translate into human costs if that scarce screen time is spent in the comfort of Secretlab. The advantage here lies in a high degree of thoughtfulness in design with a quality combination of materials and a no-holds-barred approach to improving the life of the consumer.


How Do I Sell My Pre-Owned Secretlab Chair?

You can sell your used Secretlab chair, especially a special edition, on Gizmogo and several other such services. They specialise in rehoming high-quality electronics and gaming furniture, which could really help you get back a significant amount of money that you spent on your chair.

What Is the Advantage of Selling with Gizmogo?

Where Gizmogo makes your life easier, and often safer, is by providing a simple and transparent process. Not only will you know in moments exactly how much you can get for your item, but you won’t have to worry about the usual hassles and potential risks of selling it yourself on a peer-to-peer website.

How Do I Prepare My Chair for Sale?

Let’s say your chair is in mint condition. In order to take advantage of all the services Gizmogo provides, you’ll have to take your time. Give it a vacuum or sponge bath and polish it to a luxury sheen. Then take lots of photos, in good light, from every angle. Zoom in on the colour shading and any distinctive features, especially if your chair is a limited edition. You have a better chance of a fast and profitable sale if people can see all that’s on offer.

Can I Sell Other Gaming Equipment on Gizmogo?

Definitely! Gizmogo is not only about chairs but everything gaming related. You can use Gizmogo to sell a wide array of gaming equipment and actually make money to clear space and upgrade your setup.

What Makes Gizmogo Different from Other Resale Platforms?

From a shop’s perspective, the fact that Gizmogo’s sale is specifically focused on electronics and gaming gear – and on both new and used items – gives it a real edge over other sites: prospective buyers visit, they see that the electronics trade is obviously taken seriously, and more importantly, they know they will be buying something that will find good use elsewhere if it is no longer being used by its original owner. An immediate sale at a good price? Absolutely. And with security built into the deal? It’s got to be better than going to the post office.

May 04, 2024
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