The Ultimate Surfing Experience: How to Block Ads and Secure Your Online Journey

Who doesn't want to escape into the vast blue-glowing world of the internet, filled with information, entertainment, and countless other opportunities? But this great sea also has its dangers lurking beneath the surface and many other nuisances and annoyances - like pop-ups and banners - that can cause delays or even sink your vessel. Is it possible to sail the internet without these annoying attacks from advertisements and other time-wasters? Yes! And it comes with several benefits.


AdGuard, a name we’ve come to identify with ad-free web experience, is the backbone of an amazing and uninterrupted online journey. It’s a powerful protector that not only wards off annoying distractions but also shields you from malware, thus making the web a lot safer than you’d imagine.


With online privacy becoming a luxury, the value of an extra security layer cannot be overstated. AdGuard is not just an ad blocker, it is an information security which protects your private information by filtering trackers and stopping cybercriminals trying to snoop on your browsing activity.

Parental Control: Another Layer of ADVANTAGE

For families, who swim in the huge ocean of internet, it can be even more scary to let the young sailors starting to explore this world. And here again comes the AdGuard to the rescue, with its parental controls: restrict access to harmful content, fence in a safe exploration area for family’s youngest members.


We live in a world of multiple devices – smartphones, laptops, and so on. Ideally, the perfect solution would work seamlessly on all the devices you own. Since you’re using AdGuard on one device, you’d like to use it in the same way on all of them. AdGuard’s multi-platform support is a big plus because you’re effectively taking your shield against unwanted intrusions with you.

A DEAL YOU CAN’T MISS: AdGuard Family Plan

Are you ready to begin an ad-free, secure internet journey? AdGuard Family Plan offers a lifetime subscription at a very low price, but only for a limited time. Get your lifetime subscription now on TNW Deals for only $22.97. That’s a savings of over $76 from the regular price of $79. Available online only through June 17.

SETTING SAIL WITHOUT ADS: How to Seize This Opportunity

This deal is easy to lock in. This offer will expire at 11:59 p.m. PT on June 17. You and your family will enjoy fast, worry-free internet for a lifetime. All with just a few clicks.


When seeking to live a tranquil online life in your virtual utopia, the choice of your weapon to protect you from the ad- and threat-storm matters. AdGuard is not just an ad-blocking software, but a universal means of protection of your online privacy, and a tool which can improve your quality of life on the Internet.

The ADVANTAGE of AdGuard: A Closer Look

  • Cancel advertising: Become immune to all ads, including banners, pop-ups and video ads.
  • Safe Haven: Enjoy increased security for you and your loved ones from viruses, phishing attacks, and fraudulent sites.
  • Private Browsing: See the web your way, not the way computers want you to. Now with Tracker Blocker and Duck Duck Go search.
  • Family Friendly: With parental controls, you can relax, knowing your kids’ online adventures are safe and appropriate
  • Cross-device Comfort: Protect all your devices from all intolerable distractions, harmoniously.

In summary, the World Wide Web is vast, including both joys and dangers. To make your journey safe and pleasurable, you need to have the right tools and benefits. The unique characteristics of AdGuard Family Plan and a special ‘advantage’ offer that you can only get right now will make your internet life much smoother and secure. Don’t miss the boat, get your lifetime subscription right away and make your internet journey smoother.

Jun 16, 2024
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