Capitol Connections: A Glimpse into Silicon Valley’s Power Players in Washington, DC

The buzz is real! StrictlyVC is rolling into Washington, D.C. after bringing its brand of innovation insights and coaching skills to some of the world’s great cities – from London to Los Angeles to San Francisco – and inviting you to share in the evening. Revolution and the Woolly Mammoth Theatre in downtown Washington are hosting our networking wine reception on Tuesday, June 11 for anyone who uses, invests in, and makes policy for tomorrow’s technology.

A Night of Insightful Engagements

StrictlyVC events have established a niche for themselves as a place ‘where the most powerful minds of industry, leading edge entrepreneurs and investors who are always on the lookout for the next big thing come together’, as the D.C. event page asserts. The pitch for this particular event was not only that attendees would get free fine drinks and hors d’oeuvres, but that they would also be ‘engaged in conversations that matter’. Here were some of the topics: ‘Disrupting the status quo’. ‘What will eat tech’s lunch?’ ‘The definitive inside roadmap of the tech industry’.

Spotlight on Speakers

LINA KHAN – A New Sheriff in Town

In her session ‘Reining in Big Tech’, FTC Chair Lina Khan will outline the regulatory landscape for tech. A rising star among technocrats, Khan’s career has taken her from The Yale Law Journal and the Congressional antitrust committee to the commission bench, and all signs point to ambitious efforts to limit market power and spur competition.

STEVE CASE – The Quest for AI Supremacy

Not another money person: Steve Case, Chairman and CEO of Revolution, has the pioneer spirit of a tech entrepreneur. He’ll look at the arms race between US cities to lead AI innovation first, and what the winners can expect to gain. Case provides an unusual blend of predictive foresight and actual strategy, as he transitioned from co-founding AOL to promoting growth in new tech cities.

HELEN TONER – Bridging Tech and Policy

At the intersection of AI and regulatory policy is Helen Toner, the Director of Strategy and Foundational Research Grants at Georgetown’s CSET. She aims to parse the subtle intersections of national security, global tech dominance, and regulatory regimes, focusing on the US and China.


Lastly, Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno of Humane AI will lead a session on life after the smartphone. Both were leaders of several generations of Apple’s creations, and their pivot to humanising tech points the way to the future of personal tech.

Why Attendance Is Crucial

For those on the cusp of innovation and the early birds making chase, for the visionaries and the speculators, for the big-picture entrepreneurs and the quick-pick investors, StrictlyVC in D.C. is a date with destiny. But, there will be only 250 tickets and you will need your Visa card as a $159 cover charge to be part of this Expo.

Unparalleled Networking Awaits

But for me the true magic of StrictlyVC sessions and speakers was always the opportunity to network, to listen to ideas, meet new people, put partnerships together, and shape a future. Being part of something.

Crafting the Future

As the speaking sessions come to a close, and the night wears on, conversations about the future of technology, regulation, innovation and communal collaboration are just beginning. Each speaker, each attendee comes with a vision, a question or a solution that helps to weave the story of technological evolution and human betterment.

Understanding the Visionaries: A Deeper Dive into the Speakers

It is the reward of seeing the evening end on an affirmative note, rather than raising a glass or cup to the often abstract ideas that were trotted out, but rathermore endearingly to the minds behind those ideas, to what each orb bringing its own piece of the puzzle to the understanding of who is with us at this moment and where to we are headed, in this world, in our world, in the world of the robo-company right here and now.

With such a roster of experts, each at the top of their respective fields, attendees can expect that StrictlyVC in Washington, DC, will be something far richer than just a tech conference. It will be a spark for innovation, a catalyst for change, and a gateway to the technology of tomorrow. StrictlyVC will be hosted in Washington, DC, on 12 September 2014. 12 September 2014.

Don’t miss out. Book your place now and be there on the night that will redefine the technology, investment and regulatory landscape.

Jun 06, 2024
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