The Dawn of a New Era: Welcome the Reimagined Siri and APPLE Intelligence

In a time of constantly evolving change, particularly with technology, consumers tend to hold on to the familiar, often rejecting the new. It might be that people, whether they perceive it consciously or not, are so closely attuned to the original Siri voice that it is nearly impossible to cover the original without facing full-on consumer revolt. This could be why – over the past 13 years – although the voice of Siri continuously evolved, it never strayed too far removed from its original design. The prevailing notion in pop culture was that APPLE was waiting, ‘waiting for technology to develop’, as APPLE oh-so-perceptibly put it. Until now. During the WWDC 2024 Keynote, the once patient and green T-shirt brand debuted a radically revamped Siri to the world from APPLE Park. APPLE now has a voice, and it is a powerful one.

Siri Reimagined: More Than Just a Facelift

A Bold New Design

Gone is the rounded globe users tapped to summon Siri. Now it is a new icon that looks like a curled-over infinity symbol – a nod to Siri’s expanded powers. A tap doesn’t just glow; it animates the entire screen, illustrating the fact that Siri is no longer peeking through a pinhole at your iPhone. It is consuming and parsing your phone’s entire landscape.

Seeing in Three Dimensions

In contrast, what is really new about the new Siri is that this view of your information – not just the text on your screen but the persistent relationships between your various images, messages, notes and so on – is now available to the artificial intelligence model, and that makes a difference. Siri can now contextualize your requests in a way we’ve never been able to do before.

APPLE Intelligence: A Leap Forward

At the heart of this new Siri is APPLE Intelligence, a moniker that hints at a move away from the kind of machine learning methods APPLE used in the past. Rather, the new model uses on-device learning, but when a task asks too much of the phone, it will summon what APPLE calls ‘Cloud Support’. In this way, the power of the cloud is brought to bear, without compromising on privacy.

Integration with OpenAI ChatGPT

Taking a dramatic step, APPLE also announced that Siri will now be able to pivot to another AI that can handle challenges that exceed the voice-assistant’s capacities: specifically, OpenAI’s ChatGPT. That hints at Siri’s new role: less as an all-purpose, know-it-all type-aloud helper, and more as a portal into an expanded sphere of information, while respecting APPLE’s commitment to user privacy.

A Focus on Simplification and Automation

And with the new Siri and APPLE Intelligence, APPLE is coming out of hiding to tell you exactly what it wants to do with technology: make everything easier, simpler, more automated so that technology fades into the background and disappears, making it easier to interact with your inbox, your calendar, your apps. The promise of Siri is that not only will this natural experience occur, but it will be so intuitive that the device will preempt and anticipate your desires before you ask.

The Future is Here

After the keynote, it was easy to get excited about what the new Siri means. It isn’t just an upgrade to the existing app – it’s a reinvention of what an assistant can be. The Siri we knew is dead. The one that replaces it is better, smarter, more insightful, more proactive and ready to teach us how to use our devices in a whole new way.

Tim Cook's Vision for the Future

After a keynote in which APPLE’s CEO Tim Cook spoke animatedly about the new Siri and the upcoming APPLE Intelligence, I caught him behind the stage and asked him what it would take for APPLE to be as good as a human with as little input as possible. He told me he felt that Siri was going to be excellent. I believe he felt it in his gut. And beyond that, it was evident that in addition to simply catching up to Google and Samsung, APPLE had established a new benchmark for what might be possible in the field of AI and personal assistants.

The Essence of APPLE

At the heart of this product has been a deep-rooted philosophical idea that APPLE should innovate, set new standards, pioneer new territories. For that reason, the release of APPLE’s new Siri and APPLE Intelligence is a statement of intent. It would be the next step in personal computing from APPLE. It’s changing our expectations of what technology should do and how we should engage with it.

Exploring the APPLE Legacy

At every level, we can see APPLE’s commitment to these hallmarks of its philosophy: privacy, innovation and user-centred design. The new Siri and APPLE Intelligence leave you with the best of both worlds. By closely heeding the latest advancements in AI while remaining true to its core values, APPLE is able to give its users the very best of smart-tech, without any of the risks that have plagued rivals. As we enter this latest, AI-infused chapter, it seems that APPLE’s legacy of excellence is guiding its progress into a future without ever having to compromise on the principles that have always made its approach to technology so ‘Mac’.

Jun 11, 2024
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