Riding the WAVE of Excitement: The Unveiling of Star Wars' Latest Action Figures

A galaxy not so far away, but still a long way off where expectations have rippled into a tidal wave of anticipation. Mark that calendar, set your clocks, pre-orders be damned – Star Wars fans are revving up for the release of Hasbro’s Black Series figures for the upcoming series The Acolyte. Everywhere, there’s a flurry of anticipation on social feeds, the collective action figure crowd prepping for the reveal of who’s in and who’s out among the characters from the upcoming Disney+ series. It’s also an opportunity to look at the action figures that are joining the ranks of the Star Wars action figure line-up, and what the reveal means for collectors.

WAVE of Anticipation: The Acolyte's Arrival

And thanks to an exclusive sneak-peek posted by io9 ahead of its launch, fans now got an early look at the miniature versions of Amandla Stenberg, Lee Jung-jae, Charlie Barnett, Dafne Keen and Carrie-Anne Moss, their joy as great as the original – succeeding generations affirming the continuing magic of the Star Wars universe.

The Unveiling WAVE: Osha Steps Into the Limelight

And there’s a very touching, sweet moment when Stenberg can finally display not just one, but two of her characters Mae and Osha Aniseya, the latter of whom is revealed, along with her pack and blaster and the infamous Pip charger. Osha’s figure represents what will hopefully be the continuing innovation and depth the show brings to its audience.

Riding the Pre-Order WAVE

The buzz doesn’t even end with the reveal. The anticipatory hit lasts all the way into the dawn of preorders. Have you preordered yours yet? As of this writing, all of the The Acolyte figures are now available for preorder through online shops such as Hasbro Pulse and others. Osha’s figure is available exclusively through Hasbro Pulse, and the preorder link will go live at 1 p.m. ET on 12 June 2023.

Anticipating the Next WAVE: What's to Come?

While fans await the arrival of figures bought online, speculation begins now about what figures will make up Wave 2. What characters will they represent? How will they capture the magic and flavour of the Star Wars universe in hard plastic? These questions comprise the next wave.

A WAVE of Storytelling: The Acolyte Episode 3

The reveal of the action figures – after months of anticipation and a storytelling journey that’s still taking place each week with the show – feels wonderfully in sync with what’s happening onscreen. The third episode of The Acolyte premieres tonight at 9pm on Disney+, and fans have a whole new set of lore and stories to fill in the gaps of the characters that will now be included in their collections. The show is broadening the universe of Toys-for-Adults collectors and also deepening that connection.

Navigating the Collectibles WAVE: A Closer Look

And while the numbers are pretty, the individual figures are, too. In separate stories, you might say. In the speckletail on Osha’s sleeve; the detailing on Ahsoka’s face; the moulded character traits of the sculpt itself. And in the very concept, I think – that the figures aren’t just commodities, but a form of celebration – a celebration of the story of Star Wars – that collecting them means being a part of it, of holding the galaxy in your hand.

The Future WAVE: Beyond The Acolyte

What next for the Star Wars action figure? As successive TV series build on and change the cinematic legacy, the roster of characters to put on the shelves of the world waits to expand in tandem, the initial wave of excitement renewed with each new release.

About WAVE

The literal usage of the word ‘wave’ has been used throughout this article, not just as a keyword, but as a motif that unifies the energy and anticipation surrounding the release of new Star Wars action figures. Waves evoke a sense of excitement, of perpetual motion, of the movement and growth of fandom and of collecting. In this way, the fandom, collecting and imagined Star Wars universe is always in flux and growing, always new and always evolving – it is motion itself. Furthermore, ‘to ride the wave’ is to embrace the motion and flow prioritising the energy and momentum of the moment, and celebrating what’s new in the Star Wars universe, always looking forward to what’s coming next.

Jun 12, 2024
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