Unraveling the Shadows: Your Ultimate Guide to Streaming the CONJURING Universe

The CONJURING Universe is still in full swing 10 years later, churning out goosebumps-raising scares across its eight movies and three subfranchises. Directed by James Wan and Peter Safran, the horror series follows several interwoven stories, from haunted households to possessed dolls to creepy nuns. The second film in the Nun subfranchise, The Nun 2, just dropped on streaming services, and it’s the perfect time to rewatch or dive into this frightening series for the first time. Here’s where you can currently stream the CONJURING movies for horror-hounds.

Where to Invoke the Spirits: Finding The CONJURING Movies Online

For devotees of the CONJURING universe that’s all well and good, but for those who aren’t as fluent in the sorceries of movie streaming and would rather not start with a ritual that sounds like an exorcism, where exactly can you go to watch these films? Well, never fear, I’ve compiled this handy guide, which includes every release in the franchise along with the streaming service on which you can watch it.

The CONJURING (2013) & Its Sequels: A Streamer's Paradise

Stream: If you want to see these movies in order, Netflix carries The CONJURING and ‘The CONJURING 2’ right from the start.

  • Rent/Buy: Prime Video and YouTube are prime spots for renting or purchasing these movies.

Annabelle Series: Unearthing the Doll’s Curse

  • Stream: Unfortunately, streaming options are currently limited for the Annabelle series.
  • Rent/Buy: Prime Video and YouTube remain your prime allies in acquiring these frightful tales.

The Nun’s Holy Terror & Beyond

  • Tube: You can watch The Nun for free, with ads, on Tubi, while The Nun 2 has found its evil abbey on Max.
  • Rent/Buy: Both movies are available for rent or purchase on Prime Video and YouTube.

Is “The Curse of La Llorona” Part of the Scare?

Though often called up as a member of the CONJURING Universe, The Curse of La Llorona is something apart – as the producer Peter Safran has made clear, this one is not the story of the demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren or the evil entities who menace them.

Deciphering the Best Viewing Order: A Prime Ritual

The CONJURING Universe films do not follow a strict chronological order in terms of story, and only partially in terms of release – so the viewing order could have been a bit of a headache without a detailed illustrated guide for watching the films in order, so that you experience every terrifying moment in the best order.

Future Screams: What Lurks Ahead in the CONJURING Universe?

The darkness hasn’t lifted yet either; the CONJURING Universe just keeps growing. Next up is The CONJURING: Last Rites, a sequel currently in post-production, and a standalone TV series for Max is currently in the works. Anyone who’s looking for more jump-scares can also check out a list of movies like The CONJURING that are sure to keep the waking nightmares coming.

Critics' Screams: Echoes of the Past

And there is no denying that The CONJURING series, too, has been both (critically) acclaimed and loved (by fans). That’s why IGN provides insights on each of the seven movies, from the atmospheric dread of the first to the latest demonic confrontations, to understand why these films are considered some of the best of the horror genre.

Prime Fear: Understanding the CONJURING Phenomenon

But perhaps the CONJURING Universe is one of the best examples of the way horror can be done right. It’s not just the fact that the movies are scary and fun. After all, how many haunted-house movies can we possibly watch? What makes the Annabelle movies, as well as the CONJURING and Nun movies, work is that they’ve created a shared universe populated by characters who are interested in what happens next. We’re going to keep watching.

With this guide, then, whether you’re a novice in the mode preparing for your first pass into the darkness or a nostalgist for horror returning for a second helping from the wellspring of modern supernatural cinema, streaming the movies of the CONJURING-verse is an experiment in fear itself. With the lights down for good and you not alone at all, stream on.

Jun 10, 2024
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