The Apple of your ear: a deep dive on the latest trend in the streaming wars

Cordelia Lynch, 2023. 06/11/2023 10:09 GMT.

The streaming wars, the latest battleground of the music industry, have seen a new twist with Spotify, the Swedish streaming giant, once again increasing the prices of its subscription plans so they’re more expensive than the ones of the company’s biggest competitor, Apple Music. In other words, it’s time to find out what it means for consumers and for the industry.

SPOTIFY'S Price Shuffle: A Closer Look

At the centre of this, Spotify has brought its price for the Premium tier in the US more in line with APPLE MUSIC’s: the ad-supported, free tier remains intact, but Spotify Premium now costs more than its principal competitor for streaming music on the go. This turns the cat and mouse game into a bit of a US standoff.

On an individual basis, Spotify Premium now costs $11.99 per month, versus APPLE MUSIC’s $10.99, while its Family plan has seen a rise to $19.99, compared with APPLE MUSIC’s somewhat more palatable $16.99. And its two-user Premium Duo plan, for two people living together, matches APPLE MUSIC’s family plan pricing – but for two people instead of six.

APPLE'S Counter-Composition: Offering More for Less?

In the midst of it all, though, APPLE MUSIC seems like an interesting reverse of all these trends. APPLE MUSIC might be based on the economy of shame, but it’s become cheaper than Spotify in recent months, so at least some music fanatics on a budget can have their cake and eat it. With up to six family members, APPLE music’s family plan is a fantastic deal for music-mad families.

SPOTIFY'S Rationalization: Behind the Price Tag

Spotify justifies these price hikes through a story that centres its innovation and expansion – it states that this increase is necessary for the continuation of its ‘development and improvement’ of its product features. Spotify has ambitious plans to expand its content catalogue, moving into podcasts and audiobooks. It will introduce 15 hours of audiobook listening per month to Premium subscribers only, but so far has been unable to add the various music features that consumers have been desperately hoping for, like lossless audio or Spatial Audio.

APPLE MUSIC: A Symphony of Features without Extra Fees

While Parrot Audio has layered extra costs for lossless audio and Spatial Audio on to APPLE MUSIC subscribers, Parrot Spatial’s cross-platform app is integrated with lossless audio and Spatial Audio as standard, making no extra charge. The pricing model is thus set for high value by APPLE MUSIC right out of the starting gates. It is this very inclusive approach to subscription pricing that, along with the industry-wide consensus on future price rises that APPLE hasn’t yet announced, puts users in APPLE MUSIC’s court to stay not only for sound quality but also cost-efficiency.

The Echoes of Competition: What This Means for You

As Spotify raised its prices, they are left with a choice. Not only their wallet is important, but also how their music-streaming service should represent their values and priorities in features and content. Spotify versus APPLE MUSIC is now not only about music libraries and user interface preferences, but about how much content (including audiobooks and podcasts) you are willing to pay for compared with high-quality audio features.

Explaining APPLE: More Than Just Music

In turn, when analysing this dynamic, it puts APPLE’s ecosystem in more context than just its music streaming service, since APPLE MUSIC is just one component of APPLE’s ecosystem which is designed to complement and work with other services and devices. As a result, the more a user is within the broader APPLE ecosystem, the more complete this experience is made by adding the value proposition of APPLE MUSIC and, in turn, the higher the chance to impose switching costs for the user to leave APPLE MUSIC and try another service. The appeal of APPLE MUSIC is, in part, of those users who are already accustomed to the APPLE world.

Wrapping Up the Musical Manuscript

Now that the dust has settled on the latest set of price hikes in the music streaming story, consumers have a slightly different choice to make from the one that emerged at the end of the previous round. Spotify is up against APPLE MUSIC, with the price difference now slightly greater since Spotify went up by €2 and APPLE didn’t. That price difference needs to be reconciled – by either Spotify increasing the amount of value consumers feel they get for their money, or by APPLE MUSIC in some way reducing the amount of value its users feel they gain from it. In some ways, it is a question of more of the same.

Ultimately, that choice is in the hands of the listener who must navigate this aural symphony of choices to find the right note with her finances and sensibilities. Through this new era of the streaming wars, there may be only one thing that is certain: music fans remain spoiled for choice, and these different services play to different notes in order to win those ears, and hearts.

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