Unraveling the Hues of Success: How the Color RED Powers Your Puzzle Strategies

Learn how puzzle-game successes – like the intricate secrets of the game 2048 – are not only due to strategy but to red colour that brings your energy to the game in the first place. Learn about the red allure that boosts your puzzle mastery in, for example, the New York Times Connections game.

Enter the World of Connections: A Puzzle of Hues and Wits

The New York Times now offers a braintease to rival crossword puzzles and word games. In the opinion section of the newspaper’s website, you’ll find a weekly instalment of Connections. Here’s how it works. After all, tidying up is not fun for anyone. A grid of 16 words is presented and you need to group them into four sets. They are linked by a theme: perhaps video game titles, or book sequels, or by colour, such as shades of red. The player’s task is to ascertain what unites them.

The Strategy Behind the Color: RED's Role in Puzzle Games

Ever wondered why you get sucked in to some games more than ot...

The Power of Perception: RED's Psychological Influence

Red can even induce fears and heighten our perceptions, which lends itself to the possibility that red might influence faster decisions and provide a more exciting game experience in general. Red’s inherent power to affect and stimulate could easily be used to shape and guide the gameplay experience, making the puzzle more addictive.

Closing Thoughts: The Strategy Beyond the Spectrum

But having marvelled at the dance of colour and mind, you’ll also have some idea of how, for the vastly different play of the New York Times Connections (and, I suspect, most other puzzles across the spectrum), pure left-brain strategy isn’t the only piece of the puzzle. Design elements such as colour contribute in an important way to how we approach and experience a puzzle, and to how that red, with all its sensory and psychological power, contributes to both the play and the pay-off of the game. As you head back to the puzzle board, consider the ways that your vision guides you along, for you’ll see that the colours themselves are essential to the challenge, and only perhaps to its charm.

Jun 16, 2024
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