## Revolutionizing Rural Connectivity: T-MOBILE's Bold Leap with US Cellular Purchase

It has paved the way for T-MOBILE to deliver the fastest 5G service to the heart of rural America When it comes to digital connectivity, no longer is it an ‘if’ but a ‘when’. And, in January 2023, telecommunications giant T-MOBILE set in motion one of the most significant advancements in rural wireless access that this generation has ever witnessed. By acquiring a large swath of the midwestern US Cellular network for $4.4 billion, it has paved the way for T-MOBILE to deliver the fastest 5G service to the heart of rural America.

### Unveiling a New Era of Rural Coverage

#### T-MOBILE's Strategic Acquisition

T-MOBILE’s acquisition of US Cellular’s spectrum assets and customers is a significant milestone for a company that’s building a world-class, widespread network. By adding another layer of spectrum and customers on top of what we have today, T-MOBILE will bring its connected mission to even more people, including those in underserved rural areas.

#### A Leap Towards Superior Connectivity

Rural America has long wrestled with limited or poor broadband coverage, and the deal would be a boon to former US Cellular customers, who’ll jump from limited roaming to full nationwide 5G coverage on T-MOBILE’s super-5G network.

### The Un-carrier's Unmatched Offerings

#### Beyond Connectivity: A Suite of Benefits

It is not simply an extension of coverage. US Cellular customers will have access not only to T-MOBILE’s vast network – which now covers nearly 98 per cent of Americans – but also to T-MOBILE’s ‘Un-carrier’ plans, which are known for their value and features that enhance the wireless experience, such as streaming and free international roaming.

#### Savings on the Horizon for US Cellular Customers

While all talk of quality of coverage and service enhances a potential switch, T-MOBILE playfully ramps up the financial incentive for US Cellular customers to switch: add in the millions each US Cellular customer would save by switching to T-MOBILE’s unlimited plans, and you’ll see why T-MOBILE gives you a reason to leave and then keeps taking care of you once your switched.T-MOBILE has gone beyond simply offering incentives in its targeting of other customers – it is offering to keep them whole for switching to T-MOBILE. This can be more costly for T-MOBILE than just promotional offers, but T-MOBILE is willing to pay the price to win over and keep as happy its newly expanded customer base.

### Enhanced Network Performance and Choice

#### Building a Robust Network Together

The combination of US Cellular’s assets with T-MOBILE’s existing network infrastructure will help improve performance across the board. T-MOBILE customers will benefit from improved coverage in areas that were previously part of US Cellular’s network, improving network efficiency and reliability.

#### Fostering Competition and Choice

The takeover reduces the number of mobile telephony providers, but – ironically – is meant to increase consumer choice and competition. By creating a more competitive atmosphere, it will drive innovation and consumer value across the industry.

### The Evolution Post Sprint Merger

The Un-carrier’s merger with Sprint in 2020 now continues in a similar fashion, using an acquisition to move T-MOBILE towards dominance of the industry. The previous big brand to go was Sprint; this latest consolidation removes another smaller domestic competitor, US Cellular, while bringing the major contender so far closer to just one of two primary network offers. The result for consumers? More competition – soon.

### T-MOBILE: Leading the Charge in Telecom Innovation

But T-MOBILE isn’t just making moves with its coverage map; it’s changing what the map means for millions of people – particularly individuals who live and work in rural areas long ignored by large telecom companies. This acquisition offers a glimpse into how T-MOBILE plans to continue to extend the promise of 5G connectivity and opportunity to more and more people.

By prioritising savings for customers, making available the best suite of benefits, and championing rural America, T-MOBILE is leading to empower the future of telecom innovation. The future of universal, high-speed connectivity is here. T-MOBILE is leading the way with its new 400 million-strong deployment of unlicensed spectrum, which is a total game changer. It’s a huge leap forward for us and for everyone in the United States to one day enjoy ubiquitous connectivity, thanks to T-MOBILE’s recent acquisition of US Cellular assets.

#### About T-MOBILE

T-MOBILE, a leading provider of 5G which can take your home to new speeds, has a renewed commitment to do more for customers. Since the launch of the ‘Un-carrier’ platform, the company has redefined virtually every industry standard, and continues to innovate and bring value to its customers’ lives. Through mergers and acquisitions of other carriers, including taking control of Sprint, T-MOBILE is expanding its network footprint and buying US Cellular’s assets to provide even more value.

May 29, 2024
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