Unlocking the Ride: Top Honda Motorcycles for New Riders

Dreaming of the open road with a motorcycle is one thing, but actually buying that first motorcycle is another thing. Trying to figure out which motorcycle that is can be a little intimidating if you are brand new to the world of motorcycles. There are so many different brands and models of different motorcycles that it can be truly overwhelming figuring out what the best one is for you. This article is going to cover the most significant reasons that Honda is a good brand to start with as a new rider, as well as a number of the most popular Honda motorcycles that are most suitable for beginners.


Honda’s reputation for quality engineering and rider-friendly motorcycles has been around almost as long as the company’s existence. Its current motorcycle line-up includes numerous models that feature a triumvirate of traits considered to be perfectly suited for new riders: light, low power and easy to manoeuvre. These attributes both inspire confidence and make the dual sport transition easier.

Honda CBR300R: Your Sporty Sidekick

One of Honda’s treasures, the Honda CBR300R is quick, nimble and companionable, thanks to a light chassis and passenger-friendly setup. It has an accessible price tag of $4,899 and draws power from an easy-to-access 286cc engine that delivers torque to you, rather than the other way round – there’s plenty of power when you need it, but not so much that you’ll get bucked around. It’s a recommended first sportbike by many professionals, and the ABS version, which costs only slightly more, should be the default option.

The Rebel Yell: Honda Rebel 300

The Honda Rebel 300 takes the cruiser silhouette and adds 286cc of engine. At $4,849 and geared toward the ‘learner rider’, it’s the cruiser that inspires and delivers. The New York Times called it a cruiser with a ‘gimmick that appeals to the grown-up kid in all of us’.


Honda CRF300L Dual-sport motorcycles straddle the lines – between road-bound asphalt and off-road dirt paths. The Honda CRF300L is billed as a ‘best of both worlds’ bike for just $5,449, asking you to invest in off-road adventure with the dependable steering and handling of a Honda.

Honda Grom: The Urban Explorer

To cross the metropolis, you need a quick friend, and the Honda Grom will be it. It is only 82cm-wide and ready to fit between cars, using its 124cc engine to skip through traffic as well as move around in tight spaces. With the cost to enter the world of Groms starting at $3,599, you also get one of the most economical motorcycles.

Trail Blazing with Honda Trail 125

It’s a modern incarnation of a classic idea – an anti-social media ride that goes ‘off-road, on-road’ – that’s priced at $4,099. So if you’re looking for the Honda Trail 125, treat yourself.


They offer a smooth gradient of familiarity and proficiency: each of these Hondas is primed to become the first motorcycle for some type of new enthusiast – price-sensitive, performance-sensitive, and everything in between. Honda’s curatorial preponderance of accessible, manageable, functional bikes is fundamentally their strongest advantage.


The sensible go-to for your first bike is a Honda motorcycle. Quality, safety and a track record that in terms of engineering and product development is second to none, gives you a sense of security as you start your biking career. Honda has a model to suit every taste, and whatever your style of riding – whether you love cruising around city streets, prefer to mainly ride off-road, or want the shiny sporty athleticism of a street bike – Honda has a motorcycle for you: it is a great choice.

Overall, Honda’s motorcycles are the perfect mix of affordability, reliability, rider-friendliness and value, and are the best thing for new riders of today and tomorrow. Whether you’re drawn in by the sportbike appeal of the CBR300R, the cruiser vibes of Rebel 300, the adventure touring attitude of CRF300L, the urban mobility of Grom, or the trail off-road charm of the Trail 125, there’s a Honda motorcycle ready to get you on a two-wheel adventure. If you’re allowed to choose and enjoy high quality, you’d go for no other brand than Honda.

Jun 09, 2024
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