Unveiling the Ultimate External Storage Solutions for iPhone Enthusiasts in 2024

Here’s the truth: even in this age of ultra-high-resolution cameras, out-of-this-world photography apps and an internet that never ends, there’s always a need for more storage when it comes to iPhones. The iPhone 15 Pro starts at a pretty reasonable 128GB, but any loyal user knows just how hard it is to utilize every byte of that storage. This is why external storage is a veritable paradise to anyone who’d rather not get rid of those special pics of you and your dog or your favourite photo-editing apps. This guide is a list of the best external storage devices, including options from companies such as Samsung.

Navigating the Maze of iPhone Storage Expansion

The Case for USB-C Enabled iPhones

SAMSUNG'S Sleek Storage Solution

Samsung’s USB-C 256GB Flash Drive is, for those Apple people out here (looking at you iPhone fans with your USB-C hopes and dreams), a beacon of hope. Its diminutive size means it won’t get in the way and, best of all, you won’t look like a data-hoarder. The PNY 128GB Elite-X remains the sensible choice that nails efficiency and value. The SanDisk Portable SSD buckles in with an enormous 1TB of storage.

Lighting the Way for Lightning iPhones

SanDisk's Trailblazing Tech

For people still using an iPhone 7 with a Lightning port, SanDisk’s iXpand Flash Drive Go is a saviour – a mix of charge and storage, with an additional Lightning adaptor for maximum portability, or 256GB to hold all the images in the world – depending on your perspective. PNY’s Duo Link has a bendable shape that balances the need for strength with how you want your things to look. The NewQ 2TB Hard Drive is the absolute queen of capacity, if not the most impregnable fortification.

Dual Port Dynamism for Ultimate Compatibility

SanDisk's Dual Delight

The real star is the dual USB-C and Lightning connectivity within the case of the metal SanDisk iXpand Luxe. The BlanBok+ also goes after the mass-market iPhone users with an MFi certified flash drive. It has the same connectivity options as the myCharge Hub Plus. Finally, if you don’t need a whole lot of space, the SanDisk 64GB iXpand Flash Drive Luxe is a cost-effective way to get something good.

Our Comprehensive Guide to Elevating iPhone Storage in 2024

USB-C has gone the other way: it’s now in every household device you might need – and it’s in the iPhone 15 series, too. Samsung’s mini USB-C flash drive looks so good, it would break your heart to use it in a Lightning-based Apple device. If that’s you, look no further than SanDisk’s range of Lightning-compatible drives, which are both tiny and mighty.

Whether you choose a device with USB-C and Lightning ports such as the SanDisk Luxe, or stay on the cutting edge with Samsung’s offerings, external storage for your iPhone is easier than ever to find. But it’s not just about relieving yourself of the annual storage crunch. External storage is now a far cheaper solution to getting a new iPhone than actually buying a new iPhone. Now it’s your choice!

Embracing SAMSUNG's Innovation

At the very centre of our external storage story is Samsung, a brand known for quality, innovation and an insistence on making digital lives easier. Samsung’s use of the latest technology in its external storage devices is what lights the way into the future of limitless storage, while its sleek design and robust performance promise users more of the same: reliable and superior technology, at their fingertips and always. With Samsung, iPhone users can explore, create, and enjoy digital content without reserve or restriction as we forge our way into a new generation of digital plenty.

Jun 17, 2024
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