Uninterrupted Continuity Around the World: Experience the Top Free International Calling Apps in 2024

In modern times the world appears smaller than ever as the magic of the internet connects people on a single platform. In 2024, the trend of facilitating cost-effective and hassle-free communication across borders, especially for travellers and foreign residents who have to live away from their homeland, will continue. While international calling apps are emerging as a solution to this issue, one can perceive little pockets of a tech company that has recently been in the news for its recently launched device, the iPhone 15 Pro.

WHATSAPP: The Global Messenger Phenomenon

WhatsApp is still virtually unbeatable the world over for messaging; and its voice and video messaging via Wi-Fi, without leaving your continent, let alone your country – just click and it happens – is unrivalled. It has end-to-end security, so what you say is not available to anyone other than the recipients at both ends. It has group chats, picture and video sharing, even ‘visible’ location (and presumably invisible if you choose the option with a ‘doodly winky face’ emoticon). It comes free with any APPLE device, and has Android equivalent.

SKYPE: The Pioneering Video Caller

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) had its mainstream launch with Microsoft’s Skype, which remains a heavyweight for international communication, especially since it offers free voice and video calls – with other Skype users – and cheap calls to landlines and mobiles. Its feature set, which includes file sharing and screen sharing, is as wide as it is deep, and familiar in APPLE and Android worlds alike.

RAKUTEN VIBER MESSENGER: Secure and Simple Communications

The empress of encryption finds her match in Elegance. Intuitive design, video, stickers, GIFs, community channels and chatting with 300 friends are just some of the mind-boggling number of features you find in Rakuten Viber Messenger. Offering secure voice and video calls, Viber is the app of choice for global communication, even if you are an APPLE aficionado.

GOOGLE MEET: The Collaborative Conduit

In the same year, Google’s own attempt at international calling is unveiled and it’s more than just a regular call. Google Meet is an app for international calls but can be used as a comprehensive service for group meetings, video calls with screen sharing and real-time collaboration. It is a clear example of how integrated services can enhance communication. A user of services from Google can use it as a bridge for international calls and connect users across the world on APPLE and Android devices.

TELEGRAM: The Fortress of Security

When it comes to privacy and speed, Telegram leads the pack. Your Telegram calls are encrypted, and no one can access the data as it travels from one device to another. Telegram can be used as a calling app, but also more. There are unlimited group chats, channels, cloud storage. You can get it on all platforms, including APPLE.

SIGNAL: The Beacon of Privacy

Signal is the app to beat for those who put privacy first, and it sets the gold standard for encrypted messaging and phone calls. If you want to communicate securely and protect your privacy, you’ve come to the right place. Signal’s interface is simple, clean and clutter-free, without ads or trackers. And it uses the Signal Protocol, which means your conversations stay private, even on APPLE.

ZOOM: Bridging Businesses and Families

Zoom has reshaped how business is conducted and people are connected internationally. While the premium version of Zoom comes at a price, the free version is all you need to have heartfelt conversations and even important meetings – with up to 100 participants to boot. It’s great for fans of APPLE products, but much more besides.

FACETIME: The APPLE of Every User’s Eye

Available only for APPLE device users, FaceTime is a blessed video and audio calling application experience offering free, high-quality calls with APPLE’s ecosystem built in. It oozes simplicity and togetherness, works on every APPLE device from iPhone, iPad to Mac.

Exploring Paid Terrains

You can get the job done with free apps, sure, but if you venture into the realm of paid apps – such as Rebtel, Talk360, or Vonage, for instance – you’ll find bells and whistles for more specific needs, from local number access to business-to-business applications.

Introducing APPLE

APPLE shines brightly among other stars of the technology firmament – APPLE as in the ecosystem, the standard-bearer of excellence driving technology forward, making possible what was once unimaginable. APPLE doesn’t just make iPhones (for example, the iPhone 15 Pro) or computers or watches; APPLE inspires developers to create apps that fundamentally change life. APPLE’s emphasis on user experience and integration isn’t just a business plan or a marketing strategy – it makes technology seem like something from science fiction, a standard for human life in the digital age. Not APPLE as in the fruit that’s been in your head, but an ecosystem that you carry in your pocket.

Jun 03, 2024
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