Unleashing Compact Power: A Glimpse into the Best Small Tablets of 2024

Given that technology is getting smaller but more powerful, isn’t it natural that we feel drawn to miniature devices? The small tablet is certainly one of the stars of our technological skies. It represents the best of both worlds, sitting between the portability of the smartphone and the sturdiness of a laptop: a soft, comfortable noise between two great big Everest boulders. Be it a busy professional skipping from appointment to appointment, a college student juggling classes, or a sleek efficiency who appreciates modern design, our buying guide to the best small tablets of 2024 will help you discover the perfect little device for your digital lifestyle needs.

Why Consider a Small Tablet?

Before getting to our top picks, let’s get a big question out of the way first: why a small tablet? These devices are convenient to a whole new degree, delivering serious power in very light, very small packages. Ideal for keeping on the go, watching media, taking notes and reading, tablets are capable of getting more work done in less space.

The Best Small Tablets of the Moment

APPLE IPAD MINI: A Compact Dynamo

Apple’s iPad Mini leads the whole category with its amazing 8.3-inch Liquid Retina display and an extremely light design that weighs less than a pound. The tablet has the powerful A15 Bionic chip under the hood, and it easily handles the most demanding apps without breaking a sweat and multitasks in a breeze. It supports the second-gen Apple Pencil and USB-C connectivity, which makes it an excellent tool for creative users and professionals.

AMAZON FIRE 7: Budget-Friendly Excellence

The Amazon Fire 7, with its 7-inch display and low, low price, is a good choice for anyone on a budget. If you’re just looking for something to read, stream and check emails on from time to time, this will get the job done in a solid, if slightly underwhelming, manner. And if you also want to order toilet paper and talk to Alexa on your Kindle, well, it could be worse.

BOOX TAB MINI C: The E-Reader's Dream

With its rich colour screen and a battery that gets you into three or four working days, the Boox Tab Mini C is a mix between tablet and e-reader The note-taker in me would be exploring its templates and the ability to choose different refresh modes, like when your eyes are mostly reading and when you’re watching a video.

WACOM INTUOS PRO: The Artist's Choice

Creationists will appreciate the extreme levels of precision and sensitivity offered by the Wacom Intuos Pro with its battery-free pen and 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity, while its portability and customisability make it truly unparalleled.

SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB A7 LITE: The Android All-Rounder

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is a good blend of affordability, portability and performance. With an 8.7-inch screen size, expandable storage and metal chassis, it ticks all the boxes for streaming and light work.

Decoding the Best Fit for You

Finding the best small tablet for you these days requires consideration of size and weight, plus display quality, battery life and price – and not all of our top picks score high in every category. Our best small tablets are just that: the best we’ve seen, and each one holds the award for the best tablet within a specific range of qualities. There’s a little something for everyone.

The Verdict: What Makes the Ideal Small Tablet?

To conclude, the iPad Mini is the ultimate small tablet of 2024. It’s powerful, has brilliant display and flexible connection. The iPad Mini should be your first choice if you are blown away by its performance. If you are looking for an affordable tablet, the Fire 7 can be your best choice. If you find the Boox, Wacom or Samsung tablets more attractive than the Fire 7, give them a chance. After all, there is a tablet for every need.

About Tablets

From gadgets of deluxe to today’s obligatory working and play gadget, tablets have evolved from being a play thing to a digital must-have accessory. Largely due to their balance between portability and performance, today’s tablets find uses in almost all digital activities, ranging from professional work to creative pursuits to entertainment. Constantly improving display technology, battery life and CPU power make today’s tablets an excellent alternative for anyone with a need for something more than a fixed workstation but less than a laptop – they’re a portable, affordable and powerful gadget for any job.

Whatever your work, creative or leisure needs, this tablet – which takes the best of both smartphones and laptops and reproduces it in a very small package – is one of the best ways to enrich your digital life. The ultraportable device trend shows no sign of slowing down, as shrinking sizes combined with enhanced battery power make for a very powerful ‘small package’ indeed.

Jun 12, 2024
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