Embrace the Journey: Transform Every Drive into an Adventure with Autio

And the kicker? You don't have to go far to learn all of this. If they don't have something stored for your daily route to work, school or your errand running around town, you can make a road trip out of it and drive to Las Vegas - even Bangkok - and back again! Good thing Autio knows how to speak every language because it makes for a very educational road trip. Available today at a lifetime subscription for only $129.97, that's a saving of more than $170 off the regular price of $299.99.

Unlock the World of Stories with Autio

Your Personal Travelogue

Imagine taping a highway, landscape changing around you as stories shift in a background narration by Kevin Costner, John Lithgow, Phil Jackson, or other familiar voices. Autio is not just an app, it is your travelogue listening with you as a personal tour guide to a place, ready with a story for wherever you are in the US (or elsewhere). Autio has today 23,000 audio stories online, and more every day. On an Autio map, you can see you are never far away from a story of a place, as it is brought to the edge of the map with a play button for wherever you are.

A Fountain of Knowledge at Your Fingertips

Instead of those tedious trips, we could all pack our travels with tales about history and sports and geology, say, as Autio serves up notifications that last for three to five minutes. The app uses your location so you can be among those who are properly abreast of what went on at the places you’re driving by. Why travel anywhere without an interpreter? Why indeed?

Seamless Travel Companion

Safety and ease-of-use are the key design principles of Autio. So, using Autio will keep your eyes on the road and not on your phone screen. Off-grid? Forget about your data allowance? You can listen to stories of your choice, downloaded offline, no matter where you go.


Beyond the Road

Autio also doubles as a wonderful in-home storyteller: let her tell you about teenagers in India, or businesswomen in Canada, while you tidy up, cook, unwind. If you stay at home as much as I did that winter, it’s an easy and entertaining way to remain in the know, without having to set foot out the front door.

A Lifetime of Stories

A lifetime subscription to the site is yours for $129.97 with Autio’s present offer – a bargain when you think about how many hours you’ll spend enjoying and educating yourself with it. It’s a way of funding your travels, your home and your mind. Travel with it by your side, or in its place – it will never run dry.

Making Every Mile Count

In this age when content is king, Autio travels with an entourage of voices, bringing the worlds to you so you can experience a memorable adventure with every trip, however near or far, and learn something new each time. Each destination embedded with stories told by renowned voices, The Autio features knowledgeable writers, celebrities, entrepreneurs, athletes, bestselling authors and a five-star cast of professional narrators from around the world. Join us as we bring you the world!

HOME: The Starting Point of Adventures

A Companion for Life

But at the heart of it, Autio celebrates the idea of home as the creative source of all explorations. It reminds us that, with every departure, there’s the pleasure, too, of returning – of bringing stories and knowledge with us, back into our home. In its synergy between travel and domesticity, Autio anchors our experiences in other places, and our space, at home.

Autio isn’t just an app, it’s a ticket to the world of stories – a ticket that can be accessed from your car seat or your armchair at home – for a limited time only when it is available for the price of a lifetime of stories.

Jun 15, 2024
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