Transform Your Movie Night with HEADPHONES and Advanced Sound Tech

Bottom line – the video above and what follows are easy to accomplish, and are definitely worth it. In the audio provided, the sound design is stellar and the dialogue is crystal clear. The headphones might initially leave you feeling like there’s something in your ear, but the transparency is great. The low frequencies sound especially rich. Once you get over the initial shock of the montage, it’s a joy to listen to. Courtesy the filmmaker. Note: Altered states are not the only way forward. Sound can also work to broaden and deepen our respect for the world.


Imagine a night in at home with friends or family, surrounding yourself with sweets of your choice and getting ready to jump right into a movie from the comfort of your home. Choosing the right film is definitely important, but there is another ingredient to this recipe that will make your movie night from good to great. These days there is so much wonderful technology available, and often a movie night at home is hindered by inferior audio. What can you do to improve your audio? Your answer might literally be sitting on your head – headphones.

The Secret to Superior Sound: HEADPHONES and Tech

Even before adding an external application to move beyond mediocre movie soundscapes, the first step is to fiddle with your settings – from adjusting your audio settings, to checking for app-specific sound settings, to updating your audio drivers. But if you’re serious about sound, your key to non-mediocre listening could be an external app such as Boom 3D. The iPad version of Boom 3D is on the left, with the default settings from the iPad Mini running The Amazing Spider-Man(2012) on the right

Boom 3D: Your Audio's Best Friend

Boom 3D (3D Sound Enhancement) is an award-winning sound-enhancement application that promises to make your laptop or computer sound 10 times better so that your movie nights never get dull. Available for MacOS and Windows, Boom 3D offers a full complement of features that add a life-like quality to your audio whether playing through speakers or, more importantly, headphones.

3D Surround Sound

The real secret weapon in Boom 3D’s arsenal is its proprietary 3D surround audio – another patent-pending system that converts standard audio into 3D, adding ambience and depth while increasing the volume to deliver a more intense, more dynamic experience. Every scene of every movie now comes to life in your ears through headphones.

Equalizer Presets

The amplified sound of Boom 3D’s in-built, finely attuned equaliser presets can be attenuated to fit each soundscape – from the deep rumble of action sequences to the lip-smacking intimacy of dialogue and every nuanced accent in between.

Boom Volume Booster (MacOS)

For MacOS users, you can be 33 per cent happier by using Boom Volume Booster to bring the rich, intense sound across your audio landscape. Set up Boom for each system to hear music louder and with more clarity than ever before. Your audio experience will have a new edge. Take advantage of Boom’s 33 per cent additional measure of sound to make movie nights memorable. Anyway, if you have headphones, you can amplify your system’s overall volume by using a volume booster without sacrificing any sound quality.

Apps Volume Controller

Imagine being able to turn off the sound from all the stuff going on around you and just focus on the audio from your movie. The Boom 3D Apps Volume Controller allows you to mute applications that could be distracting and, through your headphones, maximise your movie experience.

Advanced Audio Player

It can be painful when you have to mix songs on various music players. It's our judgment that Boom 3D is a product that centralises your audio management, controlling your favourite tracks in the form of playlist in just one place, making controlling your music library easier than ever. It also helps you to create the best playlist for the movie which you watch on your headphones.

Wrapping Up: A New Era of Movie Nights

Boom 3D comes with a slew of features, such as 3D surround, volume boost and advanced audio controls, to bring every aspect of your system’s audio to the next level. It’s also compatible with a premium set of headphones, so you won’t have to compromise on fidelity when reducing ambient noise.

HEADPHONES: The Gateway to Audio Nirvana

Unquestionably the key to the headphone’s magic is the private, individual sound it generates – a private sound forever at your ear, captured and presented by oscillating mechanical forces moving the membrane of the transducer, which is another word for headphone. With Boom 3D’s help amplifying the experience, the headphone has become a portal that grants us entry to new dimensions of audio.

FAQs about Selling HEADPHONES with Gizmogo

Your headphones qualify for being resold if they work, aren’t severely broken, and can pass Gizmogo’s product quality standards.

So you will have to specify the model, make, condition and any accessories bundled with your headphones when receiving a quote.

Gizmogo assesses the value of your headphones using algorithms that take into account their condition, brand, model, and current market demand. Whether you’re stuck with cheap Apple earbuds, or have whipped out your completely wireless Sony WH-1000mk3, Gizmogo will offer you top dollar.

Indeed, we will use secure shipping to guarantee the safe arrival of your headphones for testing. We will send detailed instructions on shipping during the whole process.

After your headphones get inspected at Gizmogo’s processing facility, payments are issued ASAP, via your payment method of choice.


Over to you – plug yourself in with headphones compatible with the latest sound-enhancement technology like Boom 3D, and the next movie night you host, seizing the moment will come to life in the most magical way possible.

May 04, 2024
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