The Ultimate Pro Guide: Navigating Your iPhone Purchase with Ease

It’s also a choice of who we want to spend our everyday life with, alongside the rest of humanity – the person who will belong to that list of daily encounters. From the regal iPhone 15 PRO Max to the humble iPhone SE (2022), buying an iPhone means weighing up cravings against actual needs. To help you get this choice right, here is a deep-dive guide that’s geared towards every iPhone nerd and proto-buyer out there.

Big or Small: Finding the Perfect Size

Your Handheld Companion

The first selection tip you want to take into account when choosing an iPhone is its scale. Models of recent models will likely come in three sizes. For those who prefer a larger screen, the iPhone 15 PRO Max and iPhone 15 Plus models feature a 6.7-inch screen. Although they’re cumbersome, they offer a large viewing area for gaming and streaming content.

Conversely, the 6.1-inch iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 PRO are within reach of one hand, too. They strike a satisfying balance of screen size and portability, and in fact, the 15 PRO marks the first time Apple has considered one size more than sufficient for a ‘pro’ line. But perhaps for those who can’t countenance such largesse, the 4.7-inch iPhone SE (2022) brings back tiny-phone brashery, in an eminently sensible package and at a budget price to avoid putting the cart before the horses.

Zooming In: The PRO's Photography Edge

Elevating Your Photo Game

One of the most important features differentiating a standard model from the Pro version is the telephoto camera in the PRO. If you want the option to take pictures of distant objects or you like having a more flexible camera, the PRO’s optical zoom is very useful. However, if you aren’t a photographer, you can get a very similar camera experience on the standard models at a cheaper price.

Smooth Operator: The Refresh Rate Factor

Screen Fluidity for the Pro User

One of the most important specs for pro users is refresh rate, since the 120Hz refresh rate of PRO models makes scrolling look dramatically smoother than on non-Pro iPhones, which have a refresh rate of only 60Hz. Another notable enhancement is the display itself, which measures 5.4in vs 4.7in. If screen fluidity is important to you, then you should buy PRO.

Staying Powered: Battery Life Considerations

Ensuring All-Day Use

If you are busy, pro, battery life is the priority for you. The bigger phones would have longer battery lives, because they can have more space for the batteries. The iPhone 15 has longer battery lives, especially the iPhone 15 PRO Max. The 15 PRO Max can help you stay online as long as you want. The other iPhone will also provide the battery life which enough for the normal use, how much bigger it is. You can use it without any trouble.

Space to Grow: Choosing Storage Capacity

Optimizing Your iPhone’s Memory

There’s no option to extend storage, so nailing the correct internal memory capacity makes a real difference. If you’re a pro of sorts, you’ll want to think about how you’ll use your device: anyone with a large collection of apps, games and media is going to need at least 128GB if not more. Cloud storage is a workaround, but with the maximum amount of onboard storage you’ll ensure that everything you need is instantaneously accessible.

Exploring the "Pro" in iPhone

What Makes it PRO?

The addition of ‘pro’ to iPhone PRO models identifies a tier of functionality, and higher level of features, customised for those who need the very best, whether in the capabilities of their camera, display fluidity, battery life or storage. To purchase a PRO model is to make an investment in best-in-class performance and innovation.

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However, there are still three key questions to help you find the right iPhone for you: the needs and features you must have on your next model. Whether you’re an avid snapper, multimedia project creator, or just a daily work type, knowing this will greatly improve your next iPhone purchase decision. Next time you’re in the market for a new iPhone, use this guide to help you buy a phone that’s right for you.

May 05, 2024
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