Your Ultimate Guide to a Perfect Beach Day: Don't Leave Your Phone Behind!

It’s a holiday in one day, a heavenly reprieve from the workweek. Whether you intend to sunbathe, swim, or wade, a well-stocked beach bag is the gateway to a hassle-free outing. From must-haves to fun-haves, let’s explore what you need to have the ultimate beach day, to keep your phone free of any water-related troubles.

Essential Gear for Fun Under the Sun

The Beach Bag: Your Day's Command Center

First, get a good shoulder bag or daypack. Slightly loaded-down, it should carry all your supplies without giving you a shoulder cramp. You want a sturdy, waterproof one.

Sun Protection: More Than Just Sunscreen

High SPF, broad-spectrum sunscreen is a no-brainer, but SPF lip balm, a wide-brimmed hat (or visor) and sunglasses should be on the list, too. Polarised lenses with a strap are a revelation: they protect your eyes and stay put, whatever you’re doing.

The Ultimate Beach Attire

Pick a swimsuit you love, from a bikini to board shorts to a stylish kaftan or beach cover-up. Wear it with a comfortable pair of beach shoes – water shoes, flip-flops or sandals with good gripping action in the soles to combat those slippery spots.

Hydration and Comfort

A reusable and insulated water bottle will help keep you hydrated throughout the day and large, absorbent towels and quick-dry travel towels will help you dry off or claim your spot in the sand.

PHONE SAFETY: Keeping Your Digital Buddy Dry

A waterproof pouch or bag for your phone is worth its weight in gold, since you don't want to be left with a ruined phone after you've dunked it somewhere or had it fall into puddles.

Satisfying Your Beach Cravings

The beach is the perfect place to spend a day but, to make it even better, you might want to bring some yummy snacks and refreshing drinks with you. Read on and find out how to balance your eating and stay cool.

Beach Entertainment and Relaxation

Shade and Comfort

Overshadowed by a beach umbrella or tent, coupled with lightweight folding beach chairs and a water-resistant blanket or mat, can come close to offering the same experience.

Leisure and Play

Bring books, magazines, or a waterproof Bluetooth speaker to play music while relaxing. Suggest bringing for everyone some beach games such as frisbee or beach volleyball for some group play.

Health and Safety

A little first aid kit, such as bandages, antiseptic wipes and painkillers, could be the difference between a fond memory and a painful experience when there’s a little scrape or cut; and don’t forget a trash bag so you can leave the beach cleaner than you found it.

Don’t Forget the Extras

Sunscreen sticks so you can reapply on the go, after-sun lotion to soothe your skin, and a charge case for your phone in case you need to turn your phone back on are other useful items when going to the beach. It’s always an added bonus to carry small amounts of cash and credit cards with you in case you want to buy something unexpectedly.

The Role of Your PHONE on a Beach Day

What’s your phone used for when you go to the beach? Is it just for its primary purpose of communicating? Not at all. It’s also a camera (you take pictures, post them later on Instagram, Facebook or mobile chat) and it is your portal for music (you can listen to your favourite music when you rest). When you can safely take your phone to the beach, you get multiple uses of it and it adds more value to your day at the beach than if it was just a device for communication. So, packing it carefully for the beach makes sure that you can spend your day diving, playing, and relaxing without worrying about damaging it.

A waterproof case protects your phone if you want to snap some exciting underwater shots or if you’re just going to the beach and want to keep your phone relatively safe from spills and splashes. A portable charger keeps your phone powered up in case you want to take a photo of a magnificent sunset or get back to your beach spot with the help of GPS.

It’s true that preparation is a big part of having a perfect day at the beach – if you don’t pack correctly you might not feel comfortable, be well-fed and hydrated, or even be entertained. Having your phone safely tucked away means you’re free to relax, have fun and capture memories.

With the sun and sand and the sea on your side, you know you’ve got everything you need for a day on the beach – all you need to do is remember your phone, protected and ready to amplify your time. Good beaching!

Jun 06, 2024
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