## Ultimate Guide to Amazon PRIME Day 2024: Mark Your Calendars for a Shopping Fiesta

With the calendar turning pages closer to mid-July each day, Amazon Prime Day 2024 will undoubtedly be a carnival of deals, discounts and exclusive offers for Prime members. Whether you’re a seasoned Prime Day shopper or a first-timer, you’ll want to get up to speed on what to expect, scoring strategies and prime ways to stay informed for the upcoming retail holiday. This is your one-stop shop for covering all the bases and unpacking everything about the next Prime Day to make sure you’re prepared for what the biggest Prime Day ever has in store.

### Anticipating PRIME Day 2024: Mark Those Dates!

Amazon likes to keep the official dates under wraps, but we’re predicting Prime Day 2024 will roll out the red carpet on – we’re thinking – mid-July. The usual dates are around the second Tuesday and Wednesday in July, so put down the pen and pencil between 9-10 July or 16-17 July. This is a date that must not pass you by, especially given all the incredible bargains to be found.

### What PRIME Day 2024 Holds: A Sneak Peek

It’s not just any sale: it’s a Prime member-exclusive party in which literally everything – from lightning deals to pared-back prices – gets slashed. Spotlight steals on must-have products, the first chance to buy exclusive launches, more categories than ever before, and more choices – these are guaranteed. Prime Day 2024.

#### Prime Deals to Watch

  • Lightning Deals: Quick! These are fleeting and linger only until stocks run dry.
  • Spotlight Deals: These longer-lasting offers put the spotlight on sought-after items.
  • Exclusive Launches: Prime members get first crack at the newest products hitting the market.

### Prime Strategies for PRIME Day 2024 Success

Signing up for Prime is step one but, once there, the sky is the limit in terms of the deals you can score. So, what can you do to increase your chances of success on this aggressive shopping day? Plan on getting in early, with midnight launches and similar events lined up. Amazon also offers an app that can send alerts to your phone, which can be helpful in increasing your chances. Bundle deals can also allow for maximum savings, as can cashback and other rebate offers.

### Top Deals to Prime Your Wallet For

Dragging out Amazon’s crystal ball might sound a bit mystical, except that real-world history and patterns shine a spotlight on what we can expect from Prime Day 2024. Lots of savings, starting with some of our favourite deals on Amazon’s own devices and appliances, along with laptop deals, gaming console deals, tools for do-it-yourself home makeovers, and more.

### Keeping Your Finger on the PRIME Pulse

Last-minute deals: Bookmark our Prime Day 2024 hubs for realtime updates, sign up to become a Prime insider for early alerts and follow Amazon (or Peleton overcoming broker) on social media so you won’t miss a minute.

### PRIME Day 2024: The Countdown Begins

Now armed with our insider guide, you’re all set to dive headfirst into the overflowing bounty of Prime Day 2024. More than just a day of deals, Prime Day 2024 – with its community of members coming together in a carnivalesque mashup of exclusivity, bargains and the thrill of the chase – is an exercise in membership benefits. Watch this space. The deals won’t wait! Happy Prime shopping!

## Prime Defined: Why It's More Than Just a Day

At the heart of it, Prime is Amazon’s membership model – a way to elevate the shopping experience, beyond just shipping speed. Prime members have access to an endless galaxy of benefits, from deals (hello, Prime Day!) and entertainment in the form of Prime Video and Amazon Music, to deals and add-ons such as Prime Reading and more. Hence Prime Day is just one small sliver in the broader range of the many ways in which Amazon not only values and rewards members, but also fabricates an event into a cultural phenomenon judged by millions worldwide every year. So, on this Prime Day – and every other day as a Prime member – here’s to deals (and steals) for your annual Prime Day shopping list, as well as the many other benefits that enhance our daily lives – every day of the year.

Jun 06, 2024
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