The Ultimate ESCAPE into Geekdom: A Father’s Day Gift Guide for the Nerdy Dad

Are you sick of gifting your dad the same Father’s Day presents, year after year? If your paternal figure is a Marvel, DC, Star Wars or Bluey fanatic, or has had their eye on an eccentric gift for a while, this is the Father’s Day gift guide for you. Step away from the same old suggestions and imagine what it would be like for dad to enter the ever expanding geekiverse of superheroes, galaxies far, far away and diversions that come from gaming.

Marvel-lous Gifts for the Marvel Maniac

For the Superhero Dad

Invite him into the Marvel Universe with gifts that let him act out scenes from the panels. Marvel Legends Action Figures let him bring his favourite heroes to life, and the Marvel Encyclopedia is a reference book mapping out Marvel’s universe scene-by-scene.

Suit Up in Style

No superhero is complete without his uniform, and your dad will thank you for reminding him of whom he truly is by buying him a Marvel T-shirt – blue and red Spider-Man or blacked-out Avengers.

Daring Gifts for the DC Devotee

Unleash the Hero Within

For the puzzled father, DC Direct Figures offer the chance to build up a collection of the sorts of faithful, finely detailed, impressively articulated, modular plastic figurines that emulate the DC action world so completely that the line between our reality and the Action Comics reality blurs. It brings the DC world inside.

A Subscription to Adventure

Think of giving your dad a key to a special library that never closes, filled with comics of all kinds: a DC Comics Subscription is just that, a superhero fantasia of good guys, bad guys and everyone in between.

Galactic Gifts for the Star Wars Fanatic

Collectibles from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

The Star Wars Black Series Figures are not mere toys, but artefacts, each with a biography encoded in its sculpted surfaces, and together they make a remarkable epic display in any collector’s cabinet.

Epic Marathons Await

What could be more generous than revisiting the entire story anew? Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga box set is the equivalent of unwrapping an exit hatch to every canonical pièce de résistance.

Bluey Bonanza for the Young at Heart

Plush Companions

They aren’t technically a Father’s Day gift, but a Bluey plush toy is as much a nod to your young at heart dad or babysitter as it is to joyous family bonding between kids.

Together in Stories

Reading together helps forge bonds, and ‘Bluey: My Mum’ is a book that celebrates them. It’s a heartfelt gift: all about the fun of parenting, via a Bluey bestie.

Level Up with Gaming Gifts

Immersive Soundscapes

A decent gaming headset will let you effectively escape into a game, and the top of the range have surround sound, lots of comfort and are wireless.

Enhanced Gameplay

Any gamer dad will tell you that there is nothing quite like the experience of wielding a new controller – whether it’s for PC gaming or his console of choice – that could well be the ticket to hours of thrilling new adventures.

Gadgets Galore for the Tech-Savvy

Smartwatches: The Modern Dad's Tool

And for those handsome, busy dads who always want to stay in touch, the touchscreen smartwatch is a must-have, allowing them to stay connected, monitor their health goals, and look good doing it (think of it as your own personal assistant, right on your wrist).

Tune into Freedom

Wireless earbuds let him escape into music or a podcast, whether he’s at his desk, on the train or just sitting at home. It’s the gift every dad who loves tech would appreciate receiving.

Escape into Experiences

The Great Escape

An escape-room experience isn’t just a gift for him, it’s a challenge, a narrative, and a memory. It’s taking him out of his element and tossing him into a real-life, choose-your-own-adventure, great escape.

Gaming Glory

While a hardcore gaming event or tournament could feel like the perfect day out for a dad who’s competitive, it’s not going to be the case for a sociable dad who is generally more interested in getting to know his fellow gamers.

Comic-Con Excursion

For the comic-book fan, there is no place like Comic-Con: heaven on Earth for fans, a place where one can immerse in the culture, meet the creators of their favourite stories and, for a moment, pretend that they can be a part of that world.

What's the Deal with Escape?

‘Escape’ is not used in that literal sense in our guide. We mean gifts that lift dads out of the humdrum of day-to-day life, into alternative universes of joy and elation, of beauty and laughter, of that childlike welcoming of surprise and wonder. Whether that means physical objects that call to their geeky soul, or experiences that challenge their brain and spirit, it’s escape that binds all these ideas together. It’s about finding something that resonates with what they love, with what they do for fun, with the stories they grew up with, and have never truly left behind.

This Father’s Day, get your geeky dad out of the house. Build some memories. Give him the ultimate gift of escape. Show him that you love him, maybe even more when he’s gone and you’re busy re-watching Star Trek episodes and playing Red Dead Redemption for the umpteenth time.

Jun 08, 2024
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