An APPLE A Day: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Next iPad in 2024

In the vast orchard that is tech, the juiciest fruit you can spot is the iPad. If you are an APPLE fan, there’s nothing quite like it in terms of what can be done with a handheld computer. The year 2024 sees you having more options for an iPad than ever before. But which is the right one? This guide is your navigational beacon to help you find your perfect APPLE device.

Decoding the Best of APPLE: Top iPad Picks for 2024

Spotlight on iPad Pro (M4, 2024): The Cream of the Crop

The zenith of APPLE engineering, the iPad Pro M4, 2024 edition, is the ultimate tablet for everybody for everything. The M4 chipset provides mindboggling speed and power, the OLED display is unbelievably colourful, and the range and quality of apps ensure that this device is the perfect tool for everything from professional writing to casual, accidental finger-flicking. But nothing comes for free.

iPad Air (M2, 2024): A Breath of Fresh Air for the Masses

For anyone who doesn’t mind compromising on performance, the iPad Air is beautifully balanced when it comes to price. That combined with the new 13-inch model alongside the classic 11-inch version with the powerful M2 processor means that there’s a really good option for most people. The 2024 iPad Air should be your go-to tablet. It’s enough power for the everyday user, yet reasonably priced.

Apple iPad 10: Unveiling Affordability in Style

For the budget-conscious who prioritise quality, but don’t wish to compromise, the Apple iPad 10 should be on your shortlist. With its drastic redesign and the power-sipping A14 Bionic chip, this is Apple’s introductory model through and through.

The Petite Powerhouse: Apple iPad Mini (2021)

You shouldn’t let its small size fool you: the A15 Bionic chip and a 2nd Gen Apple Pencil mean it will bring the full power of the iPad to your fingertips. It’s ideal for those that are on the go: it’s an iPad in a compact form factor.

Accessorize Your APPLE: Elevating the iPad Experience

Apple Pencil Pro: The Artist's Companion

It’s precision made poetic as the Apple Pencil Pro provides haptic feedback and a myriad of new features to let your creativity flow. Whether it’s bringing a sketch to life, taking notes or making edits, there’s no better companion to your iPad Pro. Compatible with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro (3rd generation and later), 11-inch iPad Pro, iPad Air (4th generation and later), iPad (7th generation and later) and iPad mini (6th and later).

Apple Pencil (USB-C): The Essential Stylus

As far as styluses go, this version of the Apple Pencil (USB-C) gives most of the more expensive one's utility, and is almost as precise and good. If you have an iPad and want to make it more capable without spending too much, this is a must have.

Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro: Transforming Tablets into Workstations

For a device that costs upwards of $700 (and as much as $1,500 for the latest 12.9-inch version) to be as productive as a work laptop, the Magic Keyboard – weighty and pricey as it is – is the missing piece. What the iPad Pro needs, and the Magic Keyboard provides, is the right accessory.

Choosing Your APPLE: Concluding Thoughts on the iPads of 2024

These individual iPads have been dreamed up with particular users in mind (the iPad Pro is a flawless machine if you absolutely demand all the computing power that the stars can grant you; if you want finesse on the cheap, the roots of the tree go all the way back to the classic iPad 10). And, crucially, APPLE has kept producing new computing concepts, so the choice between iPads has always been less a tradeoff than a fit between you and your gadget.


Beneath its surface, in a way, APPLE is a temple to innovation, an emblem of an enterprise almost supernaturally attuned to the cultural demands of its moment, one that conflates devices with lifestyles, and with every new version of the iPad reiterates its position and ambition: in that world it shapes, technology becomes the guarantee, as well as the means, of human flourishing. To buy an iPad is not just to procure a device, it is to sign up to a vision where design, functionality and utility are subsumed into the greater good: uniqueness.

Jun 09, 2024
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