Unleashing Creativity and Collaboration: The Game-Changing Partnership at MIGS 2024

It’s going to be a landmark event, an initiative for the next generation, spanning across a new frontier for technology and creativity. XP Gaming Partners with Game Caviar to Connect People, Businesses, and Industry at MIGS 2024. As a first of its kind, the event promises to connect people and businesses in new and innovative ways. The event’s organizers are promising to break new ground, and upon reflection, it becomes evident how the synergy of XP Gaming’s technological expertise with Caviar Games’ creative vision will transcend conventional boundaries and transform the event, the video game industry, and yes, the entire world.

Building Bridges in Game Development

Working in the middle of game development, where art and tech collide, there have been large and complex challenges to outsourcing art, audio, programming and localisation services. Game Caviar has a vision to change this. The company has a dynamic, free platform to connect buyers with a network of over 160 types of services from more than 500 verified partners. This focus can help streamline getting it done safely and efficiently.

A Strategic Partnership to CONNECT and Innovate

XP Gaming and Game Caviar have an upcycle vision, in that new business ideas and unprecedented synergies are being created to drive the video game industry forward. By combining the power of the world’s largest external development marketplace with one of XP Gaming’s flagship events, they seek to blend a powerful market with a state-of-the-art conference. Thus, the upcoming MIGS 2024 is set to become an ideal place for publishers, investors, developers and service providers to exchange knowledge, ideas and contexts.

Pushing the Envelope at MIGS 2024

The marriage is set to kick off with this year’s edition of MIGS 2024 featuring External Development matchmaking and main stage programming curated by Game Caviar. We are excited that attendees will engage with buyers from an open directory and experience the type of connection that helps their networks grow and adds an abundance of productivity tools and solutions.

Montreal: A Hub for Gaming Excellence

The founder of the digital crowd funding site Game Caviar, Jason RM Smith, told me ‘MIGS is the perfect place to bring Game Caviar for the first time because Montreal is the world’s leading centre of gaming. Few other places on Earth can boast the critical mass of movers and shakers needed to make a service such as ours a success, and we love being in the heart of that buzz.’

Celebrating Success and Looking to the Future

Following MIGS 2023, which featured more than 550 mobile companies from 24 countries, MIGS 2024 promises to be even more interesting. Last year, more than 45 per cent of all MIGS attendees occupied Director-level positions or higher and held the same positions in their companies, and XP Gaming expects to be no exception for this year’s event.

Harnessing the Power of Partnership

XP Gaming’s partnership with Game Caviar at MIGS 2024 has the potential to change external game development forever. By encouraging interactivity and establishing a spirit of cooperation between the two groups, XP Gaming’s event is giving gamers the tools they need to innovate and reach into tomorrow.

Unraveling the Essence of CONNECT

At the core of this innovative alliance is the word ‘connect’. ‘Connect’ is not just a word. It captures the essence of bringing together all the disparate elements of the gaming ecosystem, and MIGS 2024 will be all about connecting the dots by building bridges, encouraging and inspiring collaboration, and fostering partnerships that can help spark innovation, foster growth and transcend the industry and our own careers. In the fast-changing world of gaming, to thrive we must find ways and means to connect with more people more efficiently than ever before.

Let’s do this together. Book your flight to Montreal, and be part of a milestone in game history where connectivity, creativity and collaboration come together to reveal infinite possibilities. To find out more about partnership opportunities or to avail of the super Early Bird offers on MIGS 2024 passes, head to MIGS 2024. Let’s create the future of gaming.

Jun 13, 2024
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