Unlock A Galaxy of Eye Comfort: Groot Edition Glasses

Embark on an intergalactic journey of style and eye safety with the latest innovation inspired by the beloved Guardians of the galaxy saga—The Groot Edition Glasses by GUNNAR. These glasses are not only a homage to Groot, a key character from the cosmic ensemble, but also a pinnacle of protective eyewear design. Let's delve into what makes these glasses a must-have for both fans and eye health advocates alike.

Why Choose Groot Edition Glasses?

Sustainability meets technology in the Groot Edition blue light blocking glasses. Crafted with sustainably harvested walnut wood and reinforced with laminated carbon fiber, these glasses promise durability and a minor carbon footprint, aligning perfectly with the ethos of their namesake from Guardians of the galaxy. Moreover, the integration of GUNNAR's cutting-edge lenses ensures that your eyes are shielded from the harmful effects of blue light and UV radiation.

The Guardian of Your Eyes

Investing in a pair of Groot Edition glasses means gifting your eyes the protection they deserve. The advanced lenses not only block out detrimental blue light but also 100% of UV light, significantly reducing eye fatigue and damage. The presence of G-Shield Premium lens coating further elevates the protection by offering anti-reflective, smudge-resistant, and oleophobic properties.

Style That Speaks Volumes

These glasses are not just about eye safety; they are a statement piece. The wooden frame pays tribute to Groot, encapsulating his essence in every pair. Whether you choose the iconic amber, pristine clear, or the stylish sunglasses variant, the Groot Edition glasses are bound to turn heads and spark conversations.

Flexibility and Durability Combined

GUNNAR's commitment to quality and sustainability is evident in the choice of materials and design specifics. The flexible spring hinges and laminated carbon fiber internals not only ensure a comfortable fit but also enhance the strength and longevity of the glasses, making them a wise and eco-friendly choice.

Availability and Options

Ready to embrace the future of eyewear with a touch of cosmic flair? The Groot Edition blue light blocking glasses are available for purchase directly through GUNNAR's website and through Amazon starting April 30, 2024, ensuring that wherever you are in the galaxy, you can have these revolutionary glasses within your reach.

Understanding the Galaxy of Eye Protection

The Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Edition blue light blocking glasses are more than just a nod to a beloved character; they encapsulate GUNNAR's mission to provide superior eye protection in a world increasingly dominated by screens. With the absence of Clear Pro lenses in this particular range, GUNNAR reaffirms their commitment to offering choices that cater to different preferences while uncompromising on eye safety and comfort.

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Apr 24, 2024
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