Elevate Your Travel Game: Unlock Endless Adventures with Matt’s Flights

While simply hopping from one place to another would technically qualify as travelling, I’m referring to the kind of travel where you expose yourself to new cultures, soak in some beautiful landscapes, and make memories that will last a lifetime. While the world is full of amazing places you likely want to visit, the reality is our dreams of worldwide travel come up against our bank accounts in a hard way more often than not. Enter Matt’s Flights. With the Premium Plan from Matt’s Flights, you can turn all those places you want to go into reality, without breaking the bank. On sale for a Chrome Web Store-record-breaking price of $79.97 (reg. $1,800), Matt’s Flights Premium Plan now makes easy and affordable what was too hard and too expensive before.

Why Matt’s Flights is a Game-Changer in Travel

Finding Your HOME Airport Hub

Start at your home airport. From LAX to LGA to BOS and beyond, find your home airport on the Matt’s Flights search list. Don’t see it listed? Send an email and make a search request.

Tailored Deals to Your Inbox: A Closer Look

You’d have someone like Matt, a travel enthusiast, obsessively scouring the internet for low fares – only this time, it’s not you doing it. It’s him. And instead of you doing the digging, his daily and weekly picks land in your inbox. Matt’s Flights covers domestic and international flights.

The Power of Unlimited Custom Searches

With the Premium Plan, you can have the ultimate in personalisation – that is, unlimited custom searches and 24/7 access to Matt for travel help. You might have a particular destination or period, and a simple email leads to deals just for you.

Quintuple The Deals with the Premium Experience

Why not have five for the price of one when the Premium Plan is yielding dividends? It’s not just deals that the Premium Plan opens up. It enhances the experience, showers you with opportunity, makes you the jet-setting king or queen of the world from the comfort of your own living room, all without paying full fare.

Set Sail on Your Dream Vacations without Financial Frets

Where exactly could you fly if price were no longer the overriding factor? It’s a tangible opportunity with Matt’s Flights: the lifetime subscription means you’ll never miss a bargain and be the first to book.

A Deal You Can’t Affront to Miss

This special offer, expiring at 11:59 p.m. PT on June 17 – acts as a historic demarcation of what it takes to plan a vacation – and in just one payment of $79.97, you will be set up with a lifetime of travel. With a calculated saving of $1,720.03 off the regular price, you’re saving hundreds (if not thousands) on travel for many years to come.

Why Matt's Flights Stands Out

Personalised, and with a pledge of significant savings, it cuts through the din of travel alerts and services, and the careful curation – the love and personal attention that Matt’s Flights itself is infused with – helps draw in the wanderlust-seekers.

Embrace Smart, Savvy Travel

To travel in the 21st-century intelligently is to plumb every resource available to make sure that you get the most out of each trip. Matt’s Flights adds a missing portal to your travel arsenal, not just a method to save on a plane ticket but an upgrade of the whole journey – so that the only obstacle to getting somewhere is whether you actually want to go.

Ready for Takeoff

With summer – and, soon, the rest of the year – beckoning, there’s been no better time to experience the freedom of travel. To find inspiration for your journeys to far-flung climes, or even well-worn destinations that can never be truly visited twice, check out Matt’s Flights for a range of affordable flights waiting to be discovered.

Bringing HOME Closer

And so, in the eternal spirit of travel, home is where we begin and end our journeys, our touchstone and ultimate comfort in the turbulence of overseas living. Matt’s Flights reflects this change, by weaving around your home airport as a hub from which to depart. It is a reminder that where we go and what we do abroad is made infinitely sweeter by being able to return.

Beyond the mere expediency of finding flights for a good price, there’s more going on, somewhere: enriching the soul with different experiences and bringing these moments of joy, learning and discovery back to the notch on the globe that is home, and enriching those, too – or at least enlivening them – with tales and memories.

And with this, I bring our story to an end. Please don’t think of Matt’s Flights just as a service, but as a portal to the world with your home at its centre. Don’t miss this bargain, this opportunity to bring the world closer to home. It’s not about where you get to go, but what you bring back.

Jun 17, 2024
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