Journey Into the Shadows: A Guide to Unlocking Elden Ring's Latest Adventure

Elden Ring is the crowning achievement of the critically acclaimed wizards at FromSoftware, not only in their storied history, but in all of gaming. This masterpiece, with its nuanced storytelling, incredible open-world traversal, and nearly insurmountable combat, has enthralled players for the better part of a year. As the release of the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC – releasing on 21 June – draws nearer, buzz throughout the Lands Between intensifies! But even the most ardent followers among us might have a few questions about how they’re supposed to get into this new land of mystery and shadows! No worries – this guide clears up the fog and helps you discover each step you need to take in order to open the gates to the Elden Ring expansion.

Navigating the Way to SHADOW OF THE ERDTREE

Unlike the hidden mysteries of previous DLC unlocks, there’s nothing you have to read or guess about here, though you might also never figure out some of the symbols on the tree by looking at them. Getting to the Shadow of the Erdtree isn’t a leap of intuition like FromSoftware’s other DLCs of the past, but it’s not nothing, either. Defeating two of the toughest optional bosses in all of Elden Ring will be the key: Starscourge Radahn and Mohg, Lord of Blood. Radahn doesn’t seem that intimidating if you read up on him, and Mohg is pretty easy to get to. But, again, that journey from zero to ready is part of Elden Ring’s experience. However, not a lot of players are making it, because not a lot of players are killing either of these bosses.

Starscourge Radahn: The Festival of Foes

Your first boss – Starscourge Radahn, a gigantic space-demon and hero of the Redmane Castellans from whom he stole the throne – awaits at the beautiful yet deadly Redmane Castle. Either by appearing on the Altus Plateau, meeting the key characters featured prominently in the game’s story, or by participating in Radahn Festival, you summon this behemoth to face you in the ultimate send-off of the event. You will need allies, and tactics, to survive your first fight with a true giant.

The Path to Mohgwyn Palace: A Blood-Soaked Journey

Mohg, Lord of Blood, can be found deep within the untouched realm of Mohgwyn Palace, a place that even the most valiant tarnished might be reluctant to visit. To access Mohg’s lair up front, you’ll need to either complete White Mask Varre’s questline or runner-dash through the Waygate back in the Consecrated Snowfield, which is both difficult and dangerous as there will be lots of bloodthirsty enemies standing in your way. However, if you can make it there, the rewards will be worth it.

Preparation is Key: Tips for Triumph

It takes courage to kill Starscourge Radahn and Mohg. But why stop there? Why not also prepare yourself? It might sound silly – after all, you’re just fighting a video game. But you can use guides and tips to your advantage. It gives you a little bit of insider knowledge about their weak points, or which strategies should work best against them. Already owning the Purifying Crystal Tear (the solution against the blood curse that will turn the battle, once more, in your favour) is the best tip I can give you to survive your visit at Mohg’s haunted castle.

Embracing the Shadow: Entering the DLC

Once both titans have been felled, Shadow of the Erdtree can be accessed by a remarkably unremarkable act: touching the withered appendage rising from Miquella’s cocoon. Part of what this means is that you have won the fights; another part is that you are ready to go, to embrace the sense of mystery and adventure of what lies ahead, as have the heroes and legends who have gone before.

Why Now is the Perfect Time to Dive Into Elden Ring

And yet here we are, with all your caverns discovered and all your dungeons delved through, your bosses vanquished and your dragon mount slain, just now beginning to understand how to play. So, to that newcomer, to that newcomer who’s yet to set foot in the Lands Between, to anyone tempted by one of the best PC games of all time and perhaps waiting for the Steam launch, I say this: you haven’t played Elden Ring until you have. Elden Ring is not just a game. It’s also one of the purest expressions of being human – a storytelling and exploration and combat space-time continuum, a generation-defining role-playing masterpiece set to receive its very first DLC in the form of Shadow of the Erdtree. So, start. Start now. You’ll be perfectly prepared for it, resistance would be futile. If you’ve yet to pick up a cont… To sleep, perchance to dream. Miyazaki’s Erdtree has bloomed, but the roots of it run deep.

Where to Begin Your Adventure

You can buy Elden Ring and its DLC – Shadow of the Erdtree, coming April 2023 – on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and Windows PC via retailers and digital storefronts alike, as well as through special Collector’s Editions.

Understanding the RING

To distill it down to basics, it’s a grand odyssey of the highest order: a story of struggle; of slaying monsters in the wake of titans; of ancestral lands with the secrets trapped deep beneath their soils. The ring itself is a cyclical omen of trials and tribulations and about how all ends are new beginnings. As you make your way into the Shadow of the Erdtree, know that all steps, all hunts and all secrets you uncover are adding to your story and ultimately adding to the Lands Between.

In conclusion, getting to the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC is an opportunity for preparation, confrontation and exploration. By overcoming Starscourge Radahn and Mohg, Lord of Blood, you not only pass muster but also open yourself to the very next major development in the Elden Ring lore. So, let’s gear up, summon your courage, and step forth into the shadow, for what lies within is a heart worth beating for.

Jun 13, 2024
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