Upgrade Dad's Tech Game: Score Windows 11 PRO for Just $24.97!

It’s June and Father’s Day is around the corner. What better time to give a technically oriented – or technically challenged – dad in your life a useful gift that’s as innovative as it is productive? The operating system everyone’s been talking about is Microsoft Windows 11 PRO and, thanks to a one-day flash sale that expires on June 10, it’s $174 off, or $24.97 – a fraction of its regular price of $199. Here’s why this deal should grab your tech-savvy attention, and the attention of all the dads in your life.

A Tech Gift That Keeps on Giving

The Power of Windows 11 PRO

It’s the version of Windows you’ll find at the core of the authentic sophistication, security and streamlined productivity of Windows 11 PRO. Powered by artificial intelligence, Windows 11 PRO is more than just an operating system for your dad. It’s a genuine revolution in personal computing. Maybe he’s a busy professional who works to make his company sophisticated, efficient and productive. Or maybe he’s more of a hobbyist, ever on the lookout for ways to add sophistication, security, and streamlined productivity to his home computer. Either way, Windows 11 PRO is a gift that will make a difference for him.

Meet Copilot: Your Dad's New Tech Buddy

Copilot is one of Windows 11 PRO’s hottest stars: This AI assistant replaces the ever-helpful yet unfortunately defunct Cortana with a superior, dedicated AI that can assist you with all sorts of tasks, from setting reminders or drafting emails to diagnosing your tech woes. The GPT-4 Turbo technology makes it feel like you’re handing the keys to your dad’s 2023 Chevy Silverado 1500 – a free upgrade to ChatGPT!

Creativity and Efficiency, Unleashed

On top of that, Windows 11 PRO offers fresh tools that help enhance creativity and efficiency. A new version of the old Paint app includes artificial intelligence that automatically removes the background from an image, or even creates a painting that matches a simple prompt – ‘Imagine Van Gogh painting a tree with no leaves,’ for instance. The Microsoft Edge browser includes new AI functionality that condenses documents, organises tabs and drafts emails, making your experience with the web smarter and more useful.

Secure and Business-Ready

Windows 11 PRO now has the same robust security and business features as the corporate version, but designed for work-at-home dads who also want to play. Windows Hello for Business provides a password-free, secure login that helps keep personal and corporate data safe.

Don't Miss Out on This Father's Day Flash Sale

Give the Man in your life the gift of modern computing for less than $1/day. Microsoft Windows 11 PRO is available for only $24.97 until June 10. SALE ENDED – DON’T MISS OUT NEXT YEAR! Upgrade your Dad’s tech. Get an OS. Get a world.

A Brief Note on PRO

What Makes Windows 11 PRO a Game-Changer?

Windows 11, PRO edition, is a next-generation operating system from Microsoft with advanced features that enable AI, enhance creativity and turbocharge productivity, while developing and enhancing security features designed for home and business users. If you’re looking for an AI-powered operating system that boosts computing through features designed to optimise and protect your digital activities, Windows 11 PRO, with features designed for both home and business users, is a robust choice. Whether you are a keen gamer, budding graphic designer or videographer, professor or teacher, medicine researcher, data analyst, data scientist, engineer, lawyer, journalist, artist, musician, genealogist, student, writer, physician or anyone else, there are features in Windows 11, PRO edition, designed to take you to the next level by optimising and safeguarding your computer experience for work or play.

Why Now Is the Time to Upgrade

With the Father’s Day flash deal on this powerhouse, you can’t afford not to. This is a day to look ahead to the newest thinking about computing, through a tool made to grow and develop. Be it productivity, creativity, security or management, Windows 11 PRO is a new gateway to computing and a gift that every father will love.

But why wait? Take advantage of this rare opportunity to make it a Father’s Day to remember by buying yourself the gift of the latest technology by giving dad Microsoft Windows 11 PRO – not just software – a shift in his digital experience, productivity and security. And time is running out on this offer so don’t delay, purchase by 10 June and make this Father’s Day a tech celebration.

Jun 09, 2024
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