Mastering the CONSOLE Arena: Valorant's Leap from PC to Your Living Room

Riot Games’ legendary strategic shooter Valorant has provided countless hours of thrilling, competitive fun to PC gamers since its release in 2020. But shortly after its launch, a question started circulating: ‘When will Valorant be on consoles?’ Now, console players can throw their arms around and happy dance, because Valorant’s console release is right around the corner. Here’s everything console players want to know about Valorant going console from PC exclusive to the comfort of your sofa.

The Dawn of a New Era: Valorant Hits CONSOLE

But this is a first for the official launch of a pure PC game on console, something we haven’t quite seen on this scale in recent years. Valorant is set to start a new era of gaming with a console debut. Starting in closed beta this Sunday, 14 June, the game will first launch on the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 in the US, the UK, Europe, Canada, and Japan. The closed beta version will introduce a gameplay experience on console that players of the popular tactical shooter on PC have been enjoying for years – but it will do so in a more limited way that requires players outside those five regions first to wait.

What CONSOLE Players Can Expect

Console Valorant gameplay is going to retain all of that nuance and agency When Riot Games announced the console version of Valorant, it announced an Xbox partnership to offer an enhanced experience to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. Subscribers will have instant access to all of Valorant’s agents using the Game Pass Perks programme to collect their agents and a boost of 20 per cent to match XP earned towards battle pass and event content.

How to Jump into Valorant on CONSOLES

You can sign up for the Valorant console beta on the Valorant website. Gamers interested in this new avenue of tactical gameplay can be sure the company is serious about entering the console gaming market. The transfer of the popular game to consoles will be a welcome addition for both hardcore and casual gamers. They will be able to play Valorant through Xbox and PlayStation. And the linking of the Riot account means not a single unlocked agent, battle pass progression or custom skin is lost.

Embracing the Competitive Spirit on CONSOLES

One of the big goals with the Valorant console port is to keep the game’s competitive integrity intact. Cross-play is limited to console only, so gameplay mechanics will be consistent between controller and mouse-and-keyboard users, as will controller hardware. ‘Our number one goal with this game is to bring the precision, team-based, tactical shooter that people know us for from the PC over to console, but not drop any gameplay,’ Jane Pershing, Riot Games global head of publishing, told Press Start in February.

The Future of Valorant on CONSOLES

Limiting the console beta to select regions on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 is but the first step in a larger plan to Make It Global. Given the anticipations around the console beta, having a few titles run that well is a great start. People are still waiting to hear of future expansions in which gamers around the world are welcomed to saddle up for some more gunplay. The sky is the limit as Valorant continues to push forward and evolve on consoles.

What You Need to Know About CONSOLES

Since that time, consoles have always been the bedrock of the home entertainment experience for an array of games across many different genres. The history of console gaming is built on the non-stop innovation of the hardware and the games that accompany it. It is clear that PC-only games like Valorant are finding ways to get on console and it’s the right time to embrace change. This is a natural course of action. It means we expand the pool of gamers we can compete against for big money prizes. This type of diversity creates new narratives around fan communities and supports healthy and inclusive gaming spaces.

From the haptics of the controller to the co-op culture of console gaming, the transition is more than a technical triumph; it is a celebration of gaming’s ever-expanding universe, and the increasing ways consoles are innovating, diversifying and attracting not just more games but more developers. The future of gaming is looking more inclusive than ever.

Jun 08, 2024
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