Title: Navigating New Horizons: Virtualware's Strategic Moves to Expand and Innovate

Having taken an early position in facilitating and helping to set standards for the virtual reality sector, one of the world’s most complete solutions providers in the immersive sector, Virtualware, is now looking to expand its physical footprint and stimulate uptake of extended reality (XR) technologies by key enterprise customers in the US. In a conversation with XR Today’s Rory Greener, we talk to John A Cunningham, President of Virtualware USA, about the company’s intentions, strategy and what they hope to achieve. Let’s take a closer look at what he had to say…

THE STRATEGIC EXPANSion: What the Move Means for Virtualware

It is a new page for a virtual-reality company, and indeed, for the XR ecosystem. It is a great opportunity for Virtualware to expand its operations, establish new partnerships, enter new markets, and bring life-changing XR experiences to a wider audience.

Exploring New Territories: Virtualware's Engagement in the US

‘We are a partner to several companies in different industries and sectors in the US,’ she adds, explaining that the company’s move into the US is not just about adding a new geography to its business. ‘We will customise the company’s products to the needs of the verticals where XR technology can be a key enabler of digital transformation.’ In other words, Virtualware can offer a lot more than just software – it can act as a direct partner to businesses seeking to use XR technologies in training simulations, robotics and other complex processes.


What makes Virtualware unique and its mission to help to accelerate the enterprise adoption of USXR successful is its technology platform, VIROO: VIROO, the leading end-to-end, scalable, XR solution that simplifies the adoption of immersive technologies within business processes. VIROO serves as the spine of any business looking to leverage XR to innovate, improve processes and experiences, and be a leader in its industry.

Virtualware's Vision for 2024: Events and Beyond

Moving forward, Virtualware has designed an event roadmap until 2024 with the participation in a selection of industry events as part of their communication strategy to interact with the audience, exchange ideas and showcase their solutions in front of the industry. The goal of this strategy is to position Virtualware as a leading company in the XR industry, while also attracting partners to collaborate with the company.

A Fine-Tuned Focus on Client and Sector Engagement

This is by no means a blanket approach for Virtualware’s entrance into the US. They are well aware of the different challenges and opportunities each sector faces and are therefore looking at nuanced solutions for some of those sectors (health, education and manufacturing) that can have a strong impact on productivity, increasing learning outcomes, or improving operational efficiency. It’s in this kind of detail that the XR sector needs to continue to explore and master if the promise of AR, VR and XR solutions is to be grounded in meaningful, practical and effective applications.

Navigating Challenges and Embracing Opportunities

Behind each strategic bet, there is a set of challenges and a set of opportunities. For Virtualware, one of the main challenges is to understand the specificities of the US market, its sector needs and the evolution of an extremely dynamic tech ecosystem. Still, even when comparing this set of challenges to the set of opportunities, the latter clearly outweigh the former. With the innovative and sustainable development of its XR technologies for enterprises, Virtualware will indeed make the world a better place.

Understanding "The Move"

But more specifically, what is ‘the move’ in Virtualware’s case? Fundamentally, this sense of movement is strategic, and provides clarity on Virtualware’s trajectory to foster accelerated growth, innovation and adoption within the US. With a greater geographic mobilisation, a new business development effort, a new set of collaborators within industries and clients, a greater utilisation of the VIROO platform and a focused presence at events, Virtualware is effectively stating that they are going to lead the XR revolution. XR in enterprise environments is about to change. This is XR 2.0.

In summary, establishing its US offices isn’t just a string of good decisions, it’s indicative of Virtualware’s forward-thinking position within the immersive technology ecosystem as a whole. Virtualware’s approach of offering a customised service to a range of sectors offers them the potential to become a key player in enterprise XR adoption. By 2024, the moves Virtualware and other XR innovators are making now will define tomorrow’s XR and its applications, creating a significant step change in global technology.

Jun 06, 2024
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