WhatsApp's New Look: A Fresh, Simple, and Engaging Update for 2024

Now that digital communication is evolving faster than ever, WhatsApp remains as cool to more than 2 billion users worldwide as it was when it launched in 2009. That may soon change as the popular messaging app is redesigning its interface to remain ‘fresh, simple and approachable’, in the words of Idit Yaniv, Meta’s head of WhatsApp design, according to Android Police. This is a wholesale makeover of WhatsApp, with icons, flat styling and white backgrounds, removing extraneous information. It is a sleek modern messaging experience reflecting what users expect from a leading messaging app in 2024.

The Essence of WhatsApp's Redesign

WhatsApp’s new design will make more, and exclusive, use of variants of its signature green colour In another shift, WhatsApp continues strengthening its focus on selective use of colour and high-quality dark mode features.

A Playful Aesthetic

Indeed, you’ll soon see the most immediately noticeable difference, the app’s icons, redesigned from sharper, geometric shapes to more softly rounded outlines and, again, matched by new illustrative elements and animations. Yaniv explained that these changes represent a shift towards a more ‘playful aesthetic’, which can enrich user interactions with the app.

An Updated Doodle

Along with these image tweaks, the default background doodle has been changed to something more simple, embracing lots of different styles representing different people and objects to reflect the growing international audience who use WhatsApp. This initial default doodle can be changed to whatever the user, itself, likes.

Streamlined Navigation

Another notable shift is the move of the main navigation bar to the bottom of the screen, mirroring the iOS user experience on Android devices. Though the Android and iOS versions of WhatsApp don’t work quite the same – shortcuts to Settings for example – by moving the main navigation bar to the bottom of the screen, WhatsApp is taking the first step towards creating more parity in the user experience across platforms.

Built for the Future

The redesign reflects how WhatsApp is thinking ahead not only for the present, but also for tomorrow, as its billions of users’ lives and the web itself changes rapidly. This is especially crucial in a marketplace where Apple and Google are accelerating innovation to make experiences between apps the same across devices.

Looking Ahead

It also charts a path for messaging apps to learn how to give us what we want, when we want it, in a way that is as pleasing as it is useful. The redesign sends a message. It says that WhatsApp is serious about staying clean.

Expanding Horizons

An AI assistant who could join your chat? WhatsApp for Windows 11? It’s easy to imagine that WhatsApp is laying the groundwork for more holistic communications solutions, as its user-base’s communication needs become more and more varied.


As the largest tech company in the world – with tens of thousands of employees – Google works to develop its own technologies and conducts various tests that collectively set the agenda of what is possible in digital communication and application functionality. Its free Android operating system, which hosts some 2.6 million different applications, including WhatsApp, provides a market-facing venue in which its regular updates and innovations shape how WhatsApp is designed to function, adapt to new technologies, and respond to users’ shifting expectations.

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To summarise, WhatsApp’s 2024 redesign strives to improve user experience with a design that is time-appropriate yet maintains its core commitment to being easy to use. As digital communication continues to evolve, companies like WhatsApp and its parent company Google will continue to dictate the flow of our online conversations through their computers and gadgets. For better or worse, the average WhatsApp user will have to adjust to the most recent changes as tech platforms evolve to suit the era in which they exist. Whether you have been on the app since 2017 or are just learning about it, the latest WhatsApp update is a testament to its continued evolution and its ongoing commitment to you and the online community at large.

May 10, 2024
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