Illuminating Your PC Build: The Stellar Rise of White Motherboards in 2024

We all know that, while choosing the best components for your custom PC build to wring out a little more performance is the priority, the colour scheme can be just as expressive (especially when your friends come round to gaze in awe at your rig). The insides of your case aren’t just a grey grey box anymore; everything is showroom-ready, be it the colour of your components or the LEDs that light them up. It’s why the ‘pure look’ of white motherboards has become the latest PC building trend – and here are the best ones.

AORUS Leads the Way in 2024: A Symphony in White

If you’re looking to fuse the world’s best gaming performance with gorgeous style, AORUS motherboards have raised the bar – your build deserves to be the talk of the town and AORUS is here to help. Build a mechanical monster using AMD or go for the clean efficiency of Intel, but whatever you build, prepare for it to be one of a kind, as AORUS offers a selection of gaming-ready white motherboards.

Best AMD Overall: Striking the Ideal Balance with ASUS ROG Strix X670E-A Gaming WiFi

ASUS has always been a brand that gaming enthusiasts look up to and RT X670E-A ROG Strix is a testament to that. Paired with a strong NVIDIA or AMD GPU and you will have a performance beast that can take on the most demanding of games with ease.

Budget-friendly AMD Brilliance: ASRock B650M Pro RS WiFi

Not everyone has the desire, or the means, to drop a ton of money on a premium build, but ASRock knows that you still want to get the most for the least. It’s quoted at just $145, and the B650M Pro RS comes with an excellent USB stack topped off by the Type-C port. Where it really shines is the healthy power delivery and full Wi-Fi 6 speed, crammed into a board that costs less than most Wi-Fi-free ports. If you’re setting up a budget AMD system, this is the board to build it around.

Intel Enthusiasts Rejoice with Gigabyte Z790 AORUS Elite AX ICE

Engineered and designed to the nth degree, Gigabyte’s Z790 AORUS Elite AX ICE reigns supreme when it comes to frosty-themed PC builds thanks to its elegant white motif and potent LGA 1700 socket.

ASUS Prime B760-PLUS: Where Budget Meets Beauty

The problem is that a tight budget makes it incredibly difficult to get the adequate performance, or the great looks that the machine absolutely needs. Enter the ASUS Prime B760-Plus: the newest affordable Intel motherboard to hit the shelves. With its substantial PCIe storage and GPU support, the Prime B760-Plus is good enough to be the ultimate darling of the value-focused builder.

Unleashing Ultimate Gaming Performance with Gigabyte Z790 AORUS Pro X

If you’re chasing the latest and greatest in gaming performance, there is no motherboard that comes close to the Gigabyte Z790 AORUS Pro X. Packed with the slots and ports to support the latest GPUs and SSDs, its frame is as far ahead of the competition as its processing power.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can the color of my motherboard affect its performance?

A: Truthfully speaking, the colour of your motherboard will never affect performance, but it’s totally essential for aesthetic harmony. A white motherboard, for example, will turn your PC into a striking centrepiece.

Q: What should I consider when choosing a motherboard?

A: It comes down to what kind of CPU you like: AMD or Intel, and the features you want – storage, GPU compatibility, overclocking, etc.

Understanding the AORUS Mystique

Beyond just functionality, AORUS motherboards give us far more than we think is possible. Whether it’s PCIe 4.0 & Gen 5 or high-quality audio or pure thermal performance cooling, AORUS does not disappoint our requests. Yet, what AORUS truly sticks out is its design. AORUS understands that tech doesn’t have to be black and boring to be useful. By bringing us the finest of white motherboards in the market, AOR.paragraph.U> pushes a new frontier for our setups: we are not only building a PC, but an artwork, like never before.

Which brings us full circle to the fact that the best white motherboards of 2024 aren’t really about blistering speeds or the latest socket and slots at all, but about making a statement. Standing on the shoulders of pioneers such as Maingear, ASUS ROG and AORUS for years, the moment is finally ripe for any processor to be nestled into a case that looks as good as it performs. The future is white and the future is bright.

Jun 16, 2024
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