Google Pixel 5 vs iPhone 12

Remember that age-old playground debate: Coke vs Pepsi, chocolate vs vanilla, Batman vs Superman? Well, move over, playground squabbles, because the tech arena has its own epic throwdown brewing: Google Pixel 5 versus iPhone 12. Both these pocket powerhouses pack a punch, but which one deserves a permanent place in your palm? Fear not, intrepid techonauts, for this guide will be your Excalibur in this digital duel.

The Contenders:

  • Google Pixel 5: A plucky underdog with a killer camera and a penchant for pure, unadulterated Android. Think “quirky genius with a side of Google smarts.”
  • iPhone 12: The sleek, sophisticated champion, polished to a high shine by the Apple ecosystem. Picture “reliable royalty with a hint of the walled garden.”

Google Pixel 5 vs iPhone 12: Specs Showdown


  • Pixel 5: A vibrant 6-inch OLED panel with a buttery-smooth 90Hz refresh rate. Scrolling feels like dancing on air, and the visuals are sharp enough to shave with, but the bezels are a tad on the chunky side.
  • iPhone 12: A stunning 6.1-inch OLED screen with a classic, bezel-less design. Colors pop like fireworks on the 4th of July, but the 60Hz refresh rate feels a bit…pedestrian compared to the Pixel’s silky moves.


  • Pixel 5: This is where the Pixel truly shines. The dual-lens setup (16MP main + 12MP ultrawide) captures photos that look like they were airbrushed by angels, and the computational photography magic is witchcraft, plain and simple. Night Sight? Forget it, it’s practically daylight robbery.
  • iPhone 12: No slouch in the camera department either, boasting a dual-lens system (12MP wide + 12MP ultrawide) that churns out crisp, detailed images. The low-light performance is impressive, but it doesn’t quite reach the Pixel’s otherworldly heights.


  • Pixel 5: Powered by the Snapdragon 765G, it’s not the fastest processor on the block, but it handles everyday tasks and light gaming like a champ. Think of it as a marathon runner, not a sprinter.
  • iPhone 12: The A14 Bionic chip is a beast, blazing through apps and games with the grace of a cheetah on espresso. It’s like having a mini supercomputer in your pocket, ready to tackle anything you throw at it.


  • Pixel 5: Packs a respectable 4080mAh battery that can comfortably last a full day, even with moderate usage. Don’t expect to be glued to the screen for marathon gaming sessions, though.
  • iPhone 12: Battery life is a bit of a mixed bag. Some users swear by it, others not so much. It’s definitely not the Pixel’s champion-level endurance, but it should get you through most days with some juice to spare.


  • Pixel 5: Starts at a budget-friendly $699, making it a tempting option for value-conscious tech enthusiasts.
  • iPhone 12: Rings in at a slightly steeper $799, but that extra Benjamin gets you a more premium build and the Apple ecosystem’s undeniable allure.

Round 2: Feature Face-Off

Pixel 5:

  • Stock Android: A breath of fresh air for those who prefer a clean, bloatware-free experience. Updates straight from Google, baby!
  • Titan M security chip: Fort Knox for your pocket, keeping your data safe and sound.
  • Call Screen: Your own personal spam assassin, filtering out unwanted calls before they even reach your ears. Hallelujah!

iPhone 12:

  • MagSafe: Snap-on wireless chargers, wallets, and other cool accessories with a satisfying magnetic click. It’s like the universe just aligned perfectly for your phone.
  • Face ID: Secure and super convenient, unlocking your phone with just a glance. No more fumbling with fingerprints in the dark!

 Each device has its advantages and disadvantages, but you’ll get a 5G compatible phone with an amazing camera, good battery life, and impressive speed regardless of which phone you choose. Depending on what’s most important to you, either phone could be a great choice.

Google Pixel 5 vs iPhone 12: A Side-by-Side Showdown

Feature Google Pixel 5 iPhone 12
Display 6-inch OLED, 90Hz refresh rate 6.1-inch OLED, 60Hz refresh rate
Camera 16MP main + 12MP ultrawide, exceptional low-light performance 12MP wide + 12MP ultrawide, strong performance, but not quite Pixel-level
Processor Snapdragon 765G A14 Bionic Chip
Performance Capable for everyday tasks and light gaming Blazing-fast, handles anything you throw at it
Battery 4080mAh, lasts a full day with moderate usage Varies, some users report good battery life, others not so much
Price $699 (starting) $799 (starting)
Operating System Stock Android iOS
Unique Features Titan M security chip, Call Screen MagSafe, Face ID
Strengths Camera, pure Android, value Performance, Apple ecosystem, MagSafe
Weaknesses Thicker bezels, average processor Battery life can be inconsistent, no high refresh rate
Ideal for Android purists, photography enthusiasts, budget-conscious buyers Apple ecosystem fans, power users, those who crave convenience

Round 3: The Verdict – Who Wears the Crown?

Declaring a definitive winner in this pixelated brawl is trickier than untangling Christmas lights after eggnog-fueled festivities. It all boils down to your priorities, tech trooper.

For the Pixel Perfect:

  • You crave pure, unadulterated Android.
  • Camera wizardry is your kryptonite.
  • Budget is your battle cry.
  • Sayonara, bloatware!

For the Pony Powerhouse:

  • A seamless Apple ecosystem sings your tune.
  • Blazing-fast performance is your jam.
  • MagSafe’s magnetic magic tickles your fancy.
  • Face ID convenience is your BFF.

Ultimately, the victor isn’t about specs or features, and it’s about the phone that whispers sweet nothings of “just right” to your techy soul.

FAQs: Google Pixel 5 vs iPhone 12

  • Which phone has better durability?

  • Both phones are sturdy, but the iPhone 12’s Ceramic Shield front takes the cake for scratch resistance.
  • Is 5G a dealbreaker?

  • Both phones are 5G-ready, but 5G availability is still patchy, so it might not be a deciding factor right now.
  • What about water resistance?

  • Both phones can handle a dunk, but the iPhone 12 takes deeper dives (up to 6 meters) compared to the Pixel 5 (1.5 meters).


The Google Pixel 5 and iPhone 12 are like peanut butter and chocolate: delicious in their own right, but even better together. So, ditch the tech turf wars and embrace the yin and yang of smartphone greatness. Choose the Pixel if you’re an Android aficionado with a camera obsession, and pick the iPhone if you crave Apple’s ecosystem and lightning-fast performance. Remember, in the grand arena of tech, there’s no one-size-fits-all throne. The real winner is you, the discerning tech sovereign, ruling your digital domain with the perfect pixelated pony or Android ally by your side. Now go forth, wield your smartphone wisely, and may your tech reign be glorious!

P.S. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the Pixel 6 and iPhone 13 rumors swirling around the techosphere. The next round of this pixelated brawl could be just around the corner!

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