How To Sell A PS5 Online

Released in November of 2020, Sony’s PS5 is one of the most popular video game units you can find on the market today. So popular in fact, that it has been sold out for a few years. As with all Sony’s products, the system is high-performance and user-friendly. With its sleek design and custom cradle, it looks as good as it plays. When you are looking to upgrade your console and sell your PS5 online, following these steps should make being successful a certainty. This game unit is hot on the market, so you should have no trouble selling it at a decent price.

Determine Your PS5’s Value

Determine Condition

When you want to sell your PS5, check the condition of the console and look for any cracks, dents, scratches, or other cosmetic damage that a buyer would like to know. Anyone who buys a used gaming console should expect some level of wear and tear on the product, but if it is extensive damage, then you need to make sure they are aware of it. Check out the condition of any controllers and cables that are included. Some cables can split and that is something that should be disclosed.

Determine Specifications

Sony’s PS5 comes in the standard edition which plays discs and the digital edition which only plays digitally downloaded games. The specifications on both are the same, but it is a good idea to make sure buyers know which one you are selling. The specs can be found on Sony’s website or any documentation you had when you purchased the PS5.

Research Prices of Other PS5 Listings Online

When it comes to how to sell your PS5 online, follow someone else’s lead. Check out what Sony sells their refurbished units for and compare their condition to yours. As mentioned previously, the PS5 is a hot item and has been sold out for a while, so you should be able to get a good price for yours.

Decide Where To Sell Your PS5


Your old PS5 is a hot commodity, so you can post it anywhere and get some bites on your listing. Several online marketplaces exist where you can sell your PS5 including eBay and Craigslist. Others include Facebook’s marketplace where people from your own community and beyond can send you questions and make a purchase from your Facebook account. Kijiji is another place that provides a platform to sell your unit.

PS5 Buyback/Trade-In Companies

Another route for where you can sell your PS5 and you don’t want the hassle of posting and dealing with buyers, is to trade your PS5 for cash or credit. Companies like Amazon will offer you an amount that can be deposited into your account and used for anything on their site. Other places that buy PS5s like Gizmogo take the job right out of your hands and will do the assessment and offer once they receive the product.

Gizmogo has several benefits including:

  • Free shipping – the whole process gets started when they send you a shipping label to send them your PS5 for free.
  • Great price – They will examine your PS5 and give you a price that is fair in the market. If you have any other electronics you want to get rid of, you can get them to give you an estimate on those too. Gizmogo buys phones, laptops, tablets, cameras & more!
  • Protect your data – if you have any kind of personal data on the drive of the PS5, they will wipe it clean for you.

Prepare Your PS5 For Sale

Clean Your PS5

Cleaning your gaming console thoroughly can go a long way in securing a good price for it. Some canned air, soft cloths and cleaning fluid are all you need to make that console look like new.

Photograph Your PS5

Now that the console looks new, it is time to take some high-resolution pictures to go with your listing. Take pictures of all angles of the unit and include the accessories and any games you are throwing in.

Sell Your PS5!

When you want to sell our PS5 online, follow these simple steps:

  • Clean it
  • Take pictures of it
  • Post it in an appropriate marketplace and Sell, sell, sell!

If you don’t want to do these four steps, then ship it to Gizmogo for free and collect your much-deserved cash.

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