How To Sell An Xbox 360 Online

Microsoft’s XBOX 360 is another model of a high-quality gaming unit that came out in 2001 in North America. Since then, the XBOX has gone through several reincarnations, each becoming faster, sleeker and more powerful than the last. When you are looking to trade up your gaming system and want to make some extra money towards a new one or your favorite game, then sell your XBOX 360 online.



Determine Your XBOX 360’s Value

Determine Condition

When determining your XBOX 360’s condition, you want to may sure the cradle that holds the game opens and closes smoothly, the buttons are workable and the charger still works well. If the unit comes with a controller, play with it to ensure the buttons don’t stick and they all work well. Check to see if the cables are intact or cracked in the areas where they meet the plugs. The fan should also be checked for dust, and whether it still keeps the unit cool during game play.

Determine Specifications

You should determine what model you have when you want to sell your XBOX 360 and find out the specifications.

Other specifications to look at for your XBOX 360 include:

  • hard drive size – some XBOX 360s come with a 256 GB hard drive that can store multiple games at the same time
  • Central Processing Unit (CPU) – Provides instructions to the unit when processing the work it needs to do.
  • Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) – How quickly the unit can process graphics
  • Memory – How much data the unit can hold at one time
  • Audio & Video – When playing online in a team setting, this is very important
  • DVD storage – some DVDs are higher performance than others

Research Prices of Other XBOX 360 Listings Online

There are several sites that sell used and refurbished XBOX 360s so you can get an idea of how much your unit is worth. All the accessories that you sell with it will also bring up the value and you should investigate the prices of those accessories separately.

Decide Where To Sell Your XBOX 360


XBOX 360s can be found all over the internet and some sites will get you more money than others for used electronics. Several online marketplaces exist where you can sell your XBOX 360 including eBay and Craigslist. Kijiji will also show you how to sell your gaming console and you can find a buyer in your area.

XBOX 360 Buyback/Trade-In Companies

Some places will buy your used electronics and offer you gift cards or cash in exchange. When trying to decide where to sell your XBOX 360 online, Amazon and Best Buy will take the specs of your unit and give you an estimate of how much they will give you for it in gift cards. Other places that buy XBOX 360s online include Gizmogo.

Benefits of using Gizmogo:

  • Guaranteed price – You can ship your XBOX 360 to them for free and they will give you the best price possible after examining the unit’s condition. This holds true for other electronics as well. Gizmogo buys phones, laptops, tablets, cameras & more!
  • Free Shipping – After putting in your order to Gizmogo, a shipping label will be sent to you so you can ship your item for free.
  • Quick payment – Payment within 24 hours is available with Paypal, Check & eCheck.
  • Data Protection – Gizmogo will erase your unit’s hard drive so you can feel secure.

Prepare Your XBOX 360 For Sale
Clean Your XBOX 360

Spray the fan area with some canned air to remove dust. There are liquid sprays and microfiber cloths designed for cleaning electronics that you should use on the buttons of the unit, and any accessories you are providing with it.

Photograph Your XBOX 360

Take color photos of your XBOX 360 from all angles and especially any extras included with it like games and controllers.

Sell Your XBOX 360!

When you follow these steps, you should have no problem with selling your XBOX 360 for a decent price. Just remember to wipe the unit clean of data and dirt, take photos, and post in an appropriate marketplace. If you want to make the sale as painless as possible, try Gizmogo for a simple way to turn your gaming system into cash.

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