IPhone vs Samsung galaxy camera : Which one is better?

iPhone vs Samsung galaxy camera : Which one is better?

The camera in your phone is a super convenient feature and hence it has become such a staple in today’s smart phones. The ability to take your phone out and snap a high quality picture that will come out great is something that everyone enjoys. The advancement in technology has enabled the buyers to get high-quality camera specifications without breaking the bank.

The iPhone 12 is among the more affordable price points of the new iPhone Series. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE comes under the affordable banner with an excellent camera.

iphone 13

We are putting the two cameras the test to see which one stands out.

Camera specifications of iPhone vs. Samsung galaxy camera

SpecificationsiPhone 12Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
Rear camera12MP, f/1.6, 26 mm, 1.4 µm, OIS  12 MP ultra-wide f/2.4, 13mm, 120 degrees FOV12MP, f/1.8, 26mm, 1.8µm, OIS 12MP ultra-wide, f/2.2, 13mm, 1.12µm, 123 degrees FOV 8MP telephoto, f/2.4, 76mm, 1µm, OIS
Front camera12MP, f/2.2, 23mm32MP, f/2.2, 26mm, 0.8µm
Rear VideoUHD 4K 60fps 1080p 240fps Dolby Vision HDRUHD 4K 60fps 1080p 240fps
Front VideoUHD 4K 60fpsUHD 4K 60fps

In the Daylight

It is a common urge to take your phone out and use it to snap a selfie, take a picture of food or the landscape you are visiting. Capturing photos of beautiful buildings, vast landscapes, the blue sky, or the greenery around you adds to the experience.

Here, the main difference between software tuning and individual preferences.

For Samsung, the camera uses boasted shades. The use of more contrast and over-sharpening might look good on social media sites, but it will not be everyone’s cup of tea. The iPhone 12 has softer and warmer tones that look closer to the original scene.

Overall, the significant difference between the two cameras is the focus on neutral tones by iPhone 12 v/s the boosted greens by Samsung.

The wide-angle shot also shows a massive difference in the approach towards image capturing. Where the iPhone is good at distortion correction, Samsung offers a wider picture. The light source’s flaring is likely to happen when you take a shot with iPhone 12, but the image is more detailed.

Indoor Image Capturing

It is indoors that you get to see some significant differences in the two back lenses. The iPhone 12 has better lighting retention, color science, and lower noise. For Samsung, the phone turns yellow tones to a pink hue, making the image look different. The iPhone 12 model is objectively better a toning down highlights.

The light retention aspect works well for iPhone 12, especially when working with food photography. The images are more detailed on the iPhone.

Selfies, Portrait Mode, Low Light

In the back camera test of the portrait, it was clear that that the two cameras have very distinct white balance, and both of them are not accurate. While iPhone 12 has a brighter tone and lifted shadows, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE opts for the more blue tones with over-sharpening.

galaxy image

Overall, both phones perform well in portrait mode.

However, for portrait selfie mode, the better specifications of the iPhone become clearly visible. The Samsung Galaxy has a more authentic image, whereas the iPhone offers warmer color tones and lifted shadows.

The image from the iPhone appears more appealing due to the better dynamic range. Galaxy offers fewer details and looks dull in comparison.

The night mode was the last test for the camera. The night more of both cameras uses two-second handheld shot. The images captured were well-exposed and sharp. Noise reduction in Samsung Galaxy does make the night shot clearer when not focusing on the details, but overall, iPhone night mode images are better.

When using the ultra-wide cameras in the night mode, Samsung wins as both the phones rely heavily on noise reduction, but Samsung offers a more evenly-lit shot.

Wrapping it up

The comparison is not as simple because the two phones have a different approach to taking pictures. The result you like will depend on your perception and taste in images. However, as far as the specifications comparison is concerned, iPhone 12 with two lens does do a better job than Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 3 lens camera.

While the differences in quality are evident when you take a look at both the pictures, the filters have changed the game regarding the preferences that people have regarding photos. Overall,

One is more within budget than the other, and hence it is up to the buyer’s discretion to choose the one that is best for your needs.

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