KTLA 5 News Tech Guru Rich DeMuro Features Gizmogo

Southern California’s guru of tech Rich DeMuro of KTLA Channel 5 Morning News visited Gizmogo headquarters on Monday, 24th, 2021 (view live on KTLA Channel 5 now). DeMuro was interested in the company’s outlook on reusing electronics by recycling them and giving them a new life. The goal for Gizmogo is for people to sell their gadgets to them, while receiving the most cash in the industry. DeMuro filmed a news segment on how selling old electronics to Gizmogo will give them a new life while getting max cash back.     


The Data Deletion Tour

DeMuro toured the entire facility, including the offices and warehouse. The tour was led by president of the company James Wang and Marketing Director Roxanna Faithful, where they showed Rich where workers separate electronics by the tons. The technology reporter and the KTLA news film crew also toured the cell phone department. They took each phone and put it through a deletion process. Even if a customer has deleted all of the information off of it before sending it in (which Gizmogo does ask all customers to do), the techs go in and wipe it once more, ensuring it’s been completely deleted.  

Blast from the Microsoft Past

Rich was especially fascinated with different types of electronics that were stored in one of many bins filled with cellular phones and other small devices. One particular device caught his eye, the Microsoft Zune. He posted a video about it on his personal Instagram account, explaining it was originally the competition to the Apple iPod 1st generation, but never really took off

Philanthropic Views at Gizmogo

“We explained to Rich that one of the philanthropic projects we’re working on is getting the shells of some of these tablets we have here to vendors, that can give them knew life,” explained Roxanna Faithful. “We would love to get them in the hands of children. The plan is to donate these tablets to schools in disadvantaged countries, where they can give children everywhere a good education.” Gizmogo is known to integrate philanthropy projects heavily in its company culture.   

The news segment on Gizmogo will be featured on Rich DeMuro’s segment Rich on Tech, and will air Friday, May 28th, 2021 at 5pm on KTLA Channel 5 news. The tech news feature will be mentioned in 3 other news channels thereafter. Interested in selling your old electronics? See how much you’ll get when you sell to Gizmogo.  


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