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Best website to Sell my old Xbox Console to Fund the Latest Model

Sell my old Xbox Console

PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S significantly improve graphics and processing power and redefine console games. With these improvements, the PS5 and XSX have achieved real-time ray tracing that delivers a smooth high frame rate like butter, native 4K resolution up to 120 Hz for some titles, and even special effects like movies. And with the upcoming and updated version, you have to step forward with the new technology. So here you have the best option to cash your old Xbox console to fund the latest model. Stay with us in this blog. We introduced you to the best website where you can sell Xbox consoles and get the best value for the console:


One of the most favored online auction sites, Gazimogo serves as a platform for thousands of used Xbox sales every month. You will get a very good price at Gazimogo if you provide enough photos and descriptions that satisfy the client’s requirements.

Before you go on sale, let’s look at the prices of the Xbox One units currently on sale. Currently, Xbox One 500GB models are traded at prices close to $150 or less, while Xbox One X has reached $250. If you sell Gazimogo through this site, you will get the best price compared to other platforms. Unlike auction sites, selling directly to GameStop guarantees you cash or store credit and no worries about finding a buyer. If you are looking to upgrade your console, you can raise a much larger budget, although your store credit is tied to a specific retailer.

Reason to consider Gazimogo

  • Selling on Gazimogo will help you revive your gaming consoles while saving on the cost of upgrading.
  • You get a good discount on our refurbishment technology by selling to us by getting instant cash. Fast payment, free shipping, and reliable service are just reasons you want to entrust your old device to us.
  • You not only get the guarantee of the best prices but also the security without any extra charges.
  • The use of Gazimogo is also the best for the planet. All the devices we buy are either refurbished for resale or disassembled for parts, but we do not send the devices to landfills. By selling game consoles to Gazimogo, you can contribute to the environment and earn money!

Where can I get the highest price for an old game console?

The first thing to do is to find the most reliable place to sell a gaming console. After all, you spent a lot of money on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Switch!

Selling a game console directly to Gazimogo means you’ll be paid in cash instantly, so it is one of the best choices. Compared to other platforms in the market, it is a more convenient and secure place for tech-savvy.

What’s the value of my old game console?

Now that we’ve explained the basics, let’s look at the raw numbers and see exactly how much your used game console can sell. You can get more than twice as much money as trade-in programs and resellers. Gazimogo lets you sell consoles for a much higher price than selling on eBay without worrying about hidden fees and scams common on online auction sites.

Is the old Xbox worth it?

Yes, the old Xbox console is worth it. The older the game machine, the more valuable it may be. Some collectors may want to buy an old Xbox console for their collection, but Gazimogo always offers value for your old console.

Final Thoughts

It may seem like a challenging task to get rid of old things. However, the purpose of Gazimogo is to make this process as easy and profitable as possible. Selling Xbox console games is easy with our website. After logging in, enter the game barcode in the search box and submit it to us. We specialize in providing excellent trading and excellent service. As proof of this, we will come to collect free shipping or at home for all transactions. We can say that we are the best, but what we perform is more than words. Get the best price and update your tech device by getting funds from selling old consoles.


Sell my old Xbox Console