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How to Sell Your Dell Laptop if it Can with Linux Preinstalled

Once you decide to sell your Dell laptop with the Linux operating system, a few queries may arise in your mind. The first question is, whether it is legal to sell a laptop with Linux pre-installed. The next query is whether you need to obtain any sort of license to sell computers pre-loaded with Linux.

The answer is yes; you can sell your Dell laptop easily with a Linux operating system. Dell produces XPS 13 Developer Edition pre-installed with the Linux operating system. Hence, it is safe to sell your Dell laptop with Linux. In addition, you are also free to sell it along with associated services like setup, support, and instruction. In this article, you will be guided about the procedure and ways to sell your Dell Linux. Moreover, we will discuss precautions needed before selling a Dell laptop with Linux pre-loaded.

Sell Your Dell Laptop with Linux Pre-installed- Licenses You Need

To sell your Dell laptop with Linux may need some kind of licensing, depending on the territorial law of the place. There are usually three types of licenses you may need when selling a Dell laptop with a Linux operating system.

  1. Before going to sell your Linux laptop, a copyright license is needed from the copyright owner. The copyright license is essential for pre-installed programs, artwork, documentation, and others. However, most of the programs are free, therefore obtaining a copyright license is an easy task.
  2. In Linux computers, some components are under patent license. Therefore, an owner needs a patent license. Fortunately, Dell laptops are available with Linux preinstalled from the manufacturer, thus you don’t have to worry about the patent license.
  3. When you are going to sell your Dell laptop with the Linux operating system, a trademark license is another thing a buyer may ask for. However, the trademark license is needed for the first sale only. Once, you purchase a Dell laptop from a manufacturer, you don’t need a trademark license for resale.

Thus, from the above information, one thing is clear: You are not bound by any license or document to sell your Linux laptop. Owners of the Dell laptop series with Linux are free to sell and avail best resale value.

Where to Sell a Dell Laptop with Linux Preinstalled?

Multiple marketplaces offer the best resale value for Linux Dell laptops. You can choose any of the platforms to present your laptop for sale. Follow the below procedure to sell a Dell laptop with a Linux operating system.

Sell Your Dell Laptop with Preinstalled Linux Online

You can choose any of the online platforms or marketplaces available to sell your laptop. Online marketplaces are the best available option to attract potential buyers. In addition, you can collect information about the resale value and compare prices. Online portals also provide you the opportunity to create a sale advertisement for your laptop. But, before presenting your laptop to any marketplace, consider the below points.

  1. Select the Right Platform: Remember choosing the right place to sell laptops online holds greater importance. You can research the online portals available for listing your Linux Dell laptop. Furthermore, collecting information about the credibility of the portal or platform is essential. Comparing price offers and payment schedules can also prove helpful for the easy trade of laptops.
  2. Create a Listing: Potential buyers usually get attracted by online listings. Thus, creating an ad or listing on online marketplaces is important. However, while creating a listing for a laptop sale, you can utilize the below tactics for the best resale values.
  • Create an eye-catching heading to grab the attention of a potential buyer. You can mention details like brand, model, condition, and price.
  • Next, you can add some infographics, like some quality photos of your laptop. Add two to three photos of the laptop showing all angles.
  • Mention the features and specifications of your laptop in a brief description. You can give mention to specifications like screen size, CPU, graphics card, storage, RAM, and hard drive. In addition, also mention the specifical features and capabilities of your laptop.

Things to Consider Before Selling a Linux Dell Laptop

You can do a few things with your laptop to maximize its resale value and enhance security. Remember to utilize the tips below to ensure safety and the best price for your laptop.

  1. Take a backup of all the important data stored on your laptop. Transfer or deactivate applications and programs present in the laptop. Use the format option to wipe or erase data from the laptop.
  2. Keep your laptop bios updated; this option helps you get the best resale value and enhances laptop performance.
  3. If possible, insert a new storage disk to enhance processing speed and promote good resale value. Furthermore, give some hardware touch-ups to increase the visibility of your laptop.
  4. Consider battery replacement before selling your laptop. Adding a new battery and mentioning the same to a buyer increases the price value of your laptop.
  5. Clean your laptop physically, you can use cleaners like soap, water, isopropyl, goo-goen, etc. to shine your laptop. Use the cleaner on the keypad and remove stickers if attached to the laptop.
  6. Deactivate or deauthorize applications and digital software. Log out for all applications like the Adobe Creative Suite, Amazon’s Kindle Apps, etc.
  7. Format the hard driver to erase all the personal information present in the laptop.
  8. Do hardware and software servicing to enhance the performance of your laptop.

Sell your Dell Laptop with the Linux Operating System at Gizmogo

From the above-given information, it is clear that selling a Dell laptop with the Linux operating system is possible and easy. You can choose available online marketplaces to present a Linux laptop for sale. Multiple online platforms and marketplaces offer the best resale value for old Dell Linux laptops. You can research the best available marketplace and create a listing to attract potential buyers for your Linux laptops. Additionally, creating an attractive listing of a laptop helps to get the best resale value.

Therefore, you can sell a Dell laptop with the Linux operating system easily online, Moreover, you don’t need any kind of licenses or certificates to sell your Dell Linux laptop.

You can choose Gizmogo to sell your Linux laptop for the best trade-in value. Gizmogo is a credible name in the electronic market. You can enjoy secure payment and free shipping services also. Gizmogo allows you to sell laptops for cash and choose to trade in for a new one. Besides, you can buy or sell any brand of laptop at Gizmogo easily.

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