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The Best Resale Value When Selling used Dell laptop : Vostro vs Inspiron

Vostro and Inspiron are the two laptop models from the Dell laptop brand. Dell is known to produce affordable laptops for users. Dell makes laptops for home users and small business users. Furthermore, both Dell Vostro and Inspiron are well-known products of the same manufacturer brand. Thus, choosing between the two is a bit challenging. However, the big question is which one offers the best resale value, when it comes to selling used Dell laptops. To address the question, read the below comparison of Dell Vostro and Inspiron. The comparison breakdown will help you understand the basic differences between the two models.

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Comparing Dell Vostro and Inspiron on Target Market and Purpose

When comparing Dell Vostro and Inspiron, the market and purpose of both laptops become essential. The main difference between the two is Vostro is targeted at small business users, while Inspiron is ideal for home users. In addition, the manufacturing design and durability make a difference between the two. Dell Vostro is more suited for official use or office use, while Inspiron is designed for home users. Dell Vostro is featured with optimal security options andsuperior performance capabilities.

Vostro Dell Laptop vs Inspiron Dell Laptop – Who is more Durable?

Durability and Build quality are important factors that affect the resale value while selling used Dell laptops. Since both are manufactured by Dell, therefore both Dell Vostro and Inspiron are known for durability and quality build. Dell laptops are widely used for daily use, thus handling wear and tear well. Users can trust both the Dell models for long-term use.

Selling Used Dell laptop – Operating System is Key

The operating system is an essential consideration when choosing a Dell laptop. Whether you sell or buy a laptop, the operating system holds importance. The Dell Vostro features a Windows Pro operating system. Windows Pro has the best security features and remote management abilities. In comparison, the Dell Inspiron has Windows Home pre-installed. This operating system is ideal for home users. Windows Home operating system offers access to a range of software and has a user-friendly interface.

Vostro vs Inspiron Configuration Comparisons


Dell Vostro comes with an Intel Core i3 11th Gen and Intel Core i3-1115G4 processor. On the other hand, Inspiron has an Intel Core i5 7th Gen 7200U processor. Both Vostro and Inspiron have 15.60-inch displays.

Vostro vs Inspiron Comparisons on Specifications

Key Specifications Dell Vostro Dell Inspiron
Display size 15.60-inch 15.60-inch
Display resolution 1920×1080 pixels 1920×1080 pixels
Touchscreen No No
Processor Core i3 Core i5
OS Windows 11 Windows 10 Home
SSD 256GB No
Weight 1.80 kg 2.25 kg
Hard disk 1TB
Graphics AMD Radeon R5 M430

Comparing displays

Display size and quality are also important factors to consider. Dell Vostro has a larger display and suits tasks like spreadsheets or editing photos. Inspiron laptops come with smaller screens ideal for home use. Both the Dell models have 1920×1080 pixels or display resolution. However, both support vibrant colors and sharp images as both have LED-backlit displays.

Keyboard and Trackpad in Vostro and Inspiron

Dell Vostro comes with a touchpad capacity. Both laptop models offer a smooth typing experience with well-spaced keys. Trackpads are very responsive and accurate. Therefore, navigating through tasks or documents is easily done. The keyboard and Trackpad are designed to meet the needs of users whether a student or a working professional.

Ports and Slots

To meet connectivity needs ports and slots are important. Both Vostro and Inspiron have USB ports, HDMI ports, and headphonejacks. Vostro and Inspiron come with an Ethernet port for wired internet connectivity. SD card slots are also there to support access to photos and documents.

Storage Comparison between Vostro and Inspiron

Store capacity holds importance when buying or selling used Dell laptops. Both laptops offer a wide range of storage options. Featured with in-built configuration of hard disk drives (HDD) and supports solid-state drives (SSD). Vostro supports SSD storage of up to 256GB. Inspiron has a hard disk capacity of up to 1TB.

General Specification Comparison of Dell Vostro and Inspiron

Brand Dell Dell
Model Vostro 3500 Inspiron 15-3567
Model Number 3500 15-3567
Series Vostro Inspiron
Weight (kg) 1.8 2.25
Operating system Windows 11 Windows 10 Home
Dimensions (mm) 380.00 x 260.30 x 23.70
Colors Black
Battery Capacity (WHR) 40
Battery Cell 4
Battery Life (up to hours) 4.5

Graphical Comparison Between Dell Vostro and Inspiron

Dell Vostro and Inspiron both differ in graphical capabilities. Graphical features are essential for users, especially for gamers or content creators. Dell Vostro comes with integrated Intel UHD Graphics and NVIDIA GeForce MX250/AMD Radeon 610 Series graphics cards. Inspiron on the other hand, comes with Intel UHD Graphics, NVIDIA GeForce GTX/RTX, and AMD Radeon RX graphics cards depending on the series.

The Inspiron model offers more intense graphics and is ideal for gaming and design work. However, Dell Vostro is also capable of meeting user needs.

Multimedia Comparison of Vostro vs Inspiron

Multimedia Dell Inspiron Dell Vostro
Audio Solution Waves Maxx Audio Pro
Inbuilt Microphone Yes Yes
Microphone Type Built-In Microphones Single-Integrated Microphone
Speakers Built-In Speakers Stereo Speakers
Video Recording 720p
Webcam Yes Yes

Inputs Capacity of Dell Vostro vs Inspiron

  • Web Camera: Both Dell Vostro and Inspiron have a webcam facility. Thus, both are ideal for conferences, meetings, and remote work.
  • Touchpad: Dell Vostro has a touchpad ability to facilitate smooth work.
  • Internal Mic: Dell Vostro and Inspiron come with an integrated internal mic.
  • Finger Print Sensor: The Dell laptop models like Vostro and Inspiron don’t support fingerprint sensor features.
  • Speakers: 2 Speakers are integrated with both laptop models.

Selling used Dell laptop with Gizmogo

The best resale value depends on the conditions, durability, and performance of a laptop. The resale value is also associated with the specific needs of a buyer. The resale value is influenced by the target users and the purpose that a laptop serves. Dell Inspiron is mainly for personal use while the Vostro is for working professionals. From a cost point of view, Vostro is more affordable but offers fewer color combinations. Inspiron comes in more color variety and is costlier than Vostro. Vostro laptops offer technical assistance for a shorter period. Whereas, Inspiration has better technical support.

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