Top Platforms to Sell Your Nintendo Game Console

Top Platforms to Sell Your Nintendo Game Console

Sell Your Nintendo Game Console

If the old Nintendo Switch is rolling around and almost no longer used, selling your Nintendo Game Console may make sense. After all, there won’t be anyone who doesn’t need extra cash.

But where is the best online platform for selling gaming consoles? Where can I sell the Nintendo Switch at a high price? This article will introduce you to the best places to sell Nintendo Switch and help you develop a clever sales strategy for maximum profit. Let’s take a look at the five best places to sell Nintendo Switch online.


If you want to sell Nintendo Switch, Gizmogo is your go-to platform. This user-friendly online platform simplifies the process and allows you to sell Nintendo Switch quickly and safely. Gizmogo’s distinctive feature is its commitment to providing the best value for your gaming consoles. Whether you’re looking to upgrade to the latest models of Nintendo Switch or simply organize your gaming equipment, Gizmogo promises a competitive price for your equipment. Go to the Gizmogo website, select a Nintendo Switch model, describe the status, and you will immediately see a quote. Gizmogo also provides free shipping labels to cover shipping costs. Once Gizmogo receives and confirms your Nintendo Switch, you can expect a quick payment, and Gizmogo is the perfect platform to sell your Nintendo Switch easily and profitably.

Nintendo in Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is one of the best online marketplaces to sell both new and used goods. Facebook first launched its marketplace in 2007, but it was not popular and eventually shut down in 2014. Since then, as local “buy and sell” or “sell and trade” groups became more prominent, Facebook launched a new Facebook marketplace in 2016, which is now on track.

It is also a popular online marketplace for corporate-to-consumer (B2C) sellers. One thing to consider when listing Nintendo Switches on Facebook Marketplace is that there is no listing fee when selling locally. It means lowering sales costs and increasing profits, but you must deal with the possibility of local encounters and no-shows. It may also be worth reducing the costs and profits of shipping products a little, as it will avoid the time and frustration of not having local buyers.

Nintendo in eBay

EBay is the originator of an online marketplace that sells new and used goods and one of the best places to sell gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch. EBay has 134 million active buyers across 190 markets around the world and has a large number of users. The eBay app is accessed by 3.67 million people from the United States every month. One thing to note when selling on eBay is that there are an estimated 1.7 billion live listings on the platform. That is, you need to stand out from the crowd, and it may not be easy if you are not an experienced eBay seller.

Another thing to consider is that when selling on eBay, the buyer probably needs to be (but may) your local. It means that you need to consider the cost of packaging and shipping in addition to the initial cost to sell your Switch (there are 250 free listings per month), the percentage of the final sales amount (including commissions, the shipping service selected by the buyer, and the sales tax), and the eBay listing fee, which includes $0.30 per order.

The percentage of the final sale depends on the category. In most categories, eBay takes 13.25%. Also, PayPal fees must be considered if the buyer pays with PayPal.

Nintendo in OfficeUp

The OfficeUp app has been downloaded at least 90 million times, and as of 2020, there are 56 million buyers and sellers per year. The average OfficeUp user uses the app 19 times a month. According to Statista, California had the largest number of OfficeUp users, with 633,000 users in 2022. Florida and Texas are in the top three; Florida is 535,000, and Texas is a little over 507,000. After the Top 3, OfficeUp users have dropped significantly to less than 170,000 per state.

While OfferUp allows you to sell Nintendo Switch locally, depending on the number of OfferUp users in your region (who want to buy Nintendo Switch), the potential buyers may be limited. However, you can also sell and ship products to non-local buyers. Since Offerup boasts 20 million active users per month, selling your Switch to users outside the region may be the best way.

OfficeUp rates are transparent. When you submit a Nintendo Switch, you’ll see a quote; when you accept the offer, you’ll see the final charge. Nintendo switches must be properly labeled with the shipping labels provided by OfferUp. Otherwise, you won’t be able to receive your bill because Offerup can’t track your shipment.

Nintendo in Craigslist

Launched in 1995, Craigslist is the first online advertising platform. It currently serves more than 700 cities in 70 countries. About 250 million people visit each month, and more than 80 million classified ads appear on Craigslist each month.

Craig’s list was originally intended for local sales, but today, many users list items shipped to anywhere in the US and around the world (subject to buyer’s payment, in most cases). There is no selling fee or selling fee for the Nintendo Switch, game software, and accessories.

However, Craigslist has a reputation as a playground for scammers, so be careful when interacting with buyers. There’s a good chance that you’ll get a lot of fraudulent emails for your ads, and it’s time to find a legitimate buyer.

Nintendo in Mercari

Founded in 2013, Mercari is a C2C marketplace that sells a variety of items, including game consoles like Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch games, and Nintendo Switch accessories. Mercari continues to grow, with more than 20 million monthly engaged users in 2022, up from just 8.5 million monthly active users in 2017. Mercari’s mobile app is downloaded over 100 million times, and the platform processes more than $100 million in monthly transactions.

Mercari is free to sell Nintendo Switch and other products, but each product will cost a 10% commission. As a benefit, Mercari offers a premium shipping label up to $200, which may be enough to cover the Nintendo Switch in transit. However, remember that if you are planning to sell a Nintendo Switch for more than $200, you won’t be fully covered by the insurance for that value.

After receiving the product, the buyer can evaluate the product within three days and decide whether to review it with the seller or return it. Unfortunately, some buyers abuse the return policy, and fraudulent return claims can be a disadvantage when selling Nintendo Switch in Mercari.


How much can Nintendo game consoles sell?

Gizmogo makes it easy to decide the trade-in price of your Nintendo. Gizmogo’s comparison platform offers a variety of marketplaces, so you don’t have to check multiple websites. You only need to enter the model information and the current state of your device on our site. You will see a list of buyers and their offers to buy your game console. All prices come with a 30-day price lock option, so you can consider them carefully while securing your price offer.

What’s the best place to sell Nintendo’s game consoles?

Your Nintendo is sleeping without being used at home. Now you are asking, “Where can I get cash for selling Nintendo?” Gizmogo is the place where you should go! Gizmogo is the best platform to sell Nintendo. Connect buyers and sellers in one place, making the simplest transactions possible.

You can instantly give a quote from each reliable store and get the best price. It’s a super easy trade-in process. Fast and guaranteed payment by bank transfer, check, PayPal, etc. Free shipping kits.

Can I sell a broken Nintendo Switch?

Yes! Gizmogo can sell Nintendo Switch even if it’s broken. Our trusted partner store accepts the selected failed Nintendo model. Some of the bugs that can be accepted include:

The power does not turn on. There are cracks and dents on the screen and the back. Crashes frequently. Buttons, ports, and consoles do not work.

Our Recommendation

Gizmogo is the perfect method to sell Nintendo games, whether you like to update your collection or need cash. The Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Wii U are two of the best-selling gaming consoles. Nintendo’s games, with hit titles like Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart, are always in high demand! You just need to use our website to display Nintendo’s games. When your game is sold, send it to the shipping (physical game) or to the buyer (digital game) according to the instructions. Once the buyer receives your game and completes the transaction with the rating, the sale price will be immediately credited to your wallet.