Sell Your Nintendo 3DS: A Quick and Easy How-To Guide.

Sell Your Nintendo 3DS: A Quick and Easy How-To Guide.

Sell Your Nintendo 3DS for the most. It is only a few months before the Nintendo 3DS is released, and it is time to consider disposing of old game consoles while they still have value. Here are some of the best ways to trade in and sell Wii U and 3DS. If it’s time to say goodbye to your trusted mobile game console, the Nintendo 3DS, here’s the right answer. Selling a Nintendo 3DS is simple; this guide will walk you through it. Whether you’re looking to upgrade to a new game console or organize your game collection, don’t worry about selling it, from assessing the value of Nintendo 3DS to introducing the best platform for Sale. Discover a simple how-to guide to selling Nintendo 3DS.

A Quick Guide to Sell Nintendo 3Ds

Sell 3DS safely and easily.

Gizmogo is the safest and easiest way to sell your Nintendo 3DS online and receive money quickly. With Swap, you can buy and sell directly to other users, making the seller and buyer more profitable. If your Nintendo 3DS sells, you will be paid immediately without waiting for money! Gizmogo is safe because it keeps buyers and sellers well protected.

It’s better than a trade-in.

Selling on Gizmogo means that the actual value of your game console is paid. In addition, when you submit your order to Gizmogo, you don’t have to wait more than a week to receive your check, and you’ll be paid as soon as your old console sells.

How to sell 3DS?

First, let’s show the Nintendo 3DS on Gizmogo. Enter a few details and the status of your device, upload a few photos, and select the price. We have price data for 3DS, which has sold recently, so you can choose the price immediately from color, storage size, spec, and market trends. Once you submit your listing, our team will easily check to see if everything you need is available. Once agreed upon, your listing will be counted in the marketplace, and users looking for affordable Nintendo 3DS can find it.

Tips for Preparing Nintendo 3DS for Sale

Before selling the Nintendo 3DS, it is important to prepare for selling. It will attract potential buyers and allow for smooth trading. Here are some tips on how to get started selling Nintendo 3DS:
  • Clean the body and accessories: Thoroughly clean the Nintendo 3DS to remove dust, fingerprints, and dirt. Clean the screen, buttons, and console exterior. Also, clean the accessories you plan to include in the Sale.
  • Reset to factory settings: Be sure to reset to factory settings before selling the Nintendo 3DS. In this way, all personal information will be deleted, and the buyer can start with a clean state.
  • Take high-quality pictures: Good-quality pictures make a big difference in attracting potential buyers. Take a clear and bright picture of the Nintendo 3DS from different angles. If you have any accessories or special features that enhance the value of your game console, highlight them.
Collect all the necessary documents: If you have the original boxes, instructions, warranty books, etc., of the Nintendo 3DS, collect them together. By including these items in the Sale, it will be a more attractive gaming machine for the buyer.

Where do I sell the Nintendo 3DS?

There are several options for selling the Nintendo 3DS. Your preferences and the level of effort you put into selling will determine the best options. Here are some popular options:
  • Online Marketplace: Platforms like Gizmogo and Amazon allow you to showcase Nintendo 3DS and reach a wide range of users. These platforms provide you with a way to safely sell your gaming consoles and provide you with a variety of payment methods. However, keep in mind that you may have to pay a fee or respond to shipping logistics.
  • Game Shop: Many game shops offer a trade-in program that allows you to sell Nintendo 3DS on store credits or cash. It is a convenient option if you want to sell your game consoles directly or if you want to save shipping hassles.
  • Regional classifieds: Websites like Gizmogo and regional Facebook groups can sell Nintendo 3DS to people in the region. It is a good option if you want to meet the buyer in person and sell it or if you want to avoid shipping costs.

What is the sales process of Gizmogo?

We’ve made the sales process simple and easy to understand: click Start Selling on the homepage or click Sell on any page in the top menu and select the device you want to sell. Once you’ve found the device you want, answer a few questions, and we’ll get your quote right away. Please let us know your payment method (PayPal or check) and whether you need a box or packaging material. Click on an order to receive an order number and confirmation email. Once your order is complete, you will receive a shipping label and an email instruction explaining how to prepare and ship your device. Gizmogo shipping is free at any time! When the device arrives, confirm that the model and condition are as estimated. If not, we will send you an amendment to the quote. If you refuse, we will return it free of charge! If everything is fine, we’ll send you cash on the day your order is processed! If you sell your device in the store, we will inspect it on the spot and pay cash or store credit.

Final Advice for a Successful Nintendo 3DS Sale

Here are some final tips for a successful Nintendo 3DS sale:
  • Respond quickly to potential buyers: Respond quickly to inquiries and messages. Quick response and good customer service will help you create a connection of trust with the buyer.
  • Set the right price: Explore the market and set a price that reflects the value of the Nintendo 3DS. Let’s set the price by considering the condition, year, accessories, etc.
  • Take good quality pictures: Clear and bright pictures make a significant distinction in enticing potential buyers. Take multiple pictures from different angles and highlight any accessories or special features.
  • Watch out for scams: When selling online, be aware of the potential for scams. Avoid sharing your personal information, and be careful with buyers who demand unusual payment methods or offer a higher price than they want.
The selling of Nintendo 3DS can be a rewarding experience, whether considering upgrading to a new gaming console or needing extra cash. By identifying the value of the Nintendo 3DS, preparing for Sale, and choosing the right platform, you can make a smooth transaction successful. Use the tips and resources in this article to successfully sell your Nintendo 3DS.


Selling the Nintendo 3DS is not a difficult task. Read this quick how-to guide, and you’re all set to sell Nintendo 3DS. Whether you’re making room for new game adventures or just looking for extra cash, you can confidently sell a Nintendo 3DS. Remember to assess the state of your device, consider your selling options, and choose a reputable platform. Gizmogo stands out as a top-class choice with its user-friendly interface and dedication to delivering the best value for your gaming consoles. It’s hassle-free and lets you make the most of the Nintendo 3DS. Free up your game console from dust with Gizmogo and cash it now.