New PlayStation Round Controller : Access controller

New PlayStation Round Controller : Access controller

Unlocking Gaming Accessibility: PlayStation Access Controller Revolutionizes Inclusivity

Round ControllerIn the world of gaming, accessibility is often overlooked, yet it is a critical aspect that profoundly impacts the experience of players with disabilities. As a physically disabled gamer, I’ve embarked on a lifelong journey using adaptive equipment, much like a seasoned adventurer armed with trusty gear. My journey began at the tender age of three when I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Over the years, my collection of adaptive devices expanded to include walkers, wheelchairs, and crutches. These devices, with their unique learning curves, have become an integral part of my life—highly customizable tools that empower me with independence and serve as a resounding proclamation to the world: “I am here. Hear me roar.”

Let’s Talk Hardware: The PlayStation Access Controller’s Round Controller

The PlayStation Access Controller is a marvel of engineering, thoughtfully designed to cater to a wide range of gamers with diverse needs. At its core, it features a circular arrangement of eight buttons, with a touchpad button nestled in the center. Surrounding this circle is an adjustable-length joystick, flanked by the PlayStation and Profile buttons. What sets this controller apart is its adaptability, offering three sets of button plate types for customization.

DualSense-Style Button Plates: A Round Controller for Enhanced Visibility

The first button plate type mirrors the shape of the R2 and L2 buttons on the DualSense controller. This design provides a larger area for button labels, enhancing visibility and offering a soft, responsive surface for multiple rapid presses, ideal for intense combat scenarios.

Vertical Extended Plates: Round Controller for Enhanced Grip

The second set of button plates extends vertically, providing gamers with more surface area to engage with, catering to those with limited hand dexterity or those who employ unconventional methods to play games.

Horizontal Extended Plates: A Round Controller with Extended Options

The third plate type is horizontally elongated, covering two button spaces. This design offers ample room for players who require even more space to comfortably interact with the controller, accommodating various gaming styles.One of the controller’s standout features is its ease of customization. Much like customizable keyboards, the button plates can be effortlessly replaced without the need for tools. Each button is magnetized, ensuring a secure fit and effortless swapping. Additionally, the controller includes rubber labels for each button, allowing for further customization and adjustment based on your remapping preferences. This versatility extends to the joystick, which can also be replaced with ease.The PlayStation Access Controller is designed with user convenience in mind. It can be mounted in various positions, making it accessible for users with specific needs, such as wheelchair trays or individuals who require hands-free operation. Furthermore, it boasts four ports for third-party switches and buttons, enhancing its compatibility and adaptability.

The Real Magic on the PS5: Round Controller for Unparalleled Gaming

Setting up your PlayStation Access Controller on the PS5 unlocks a world of possibilities. The controller allows you to create up to thirty profiles, reminiscent of the DualSense Edge. Within each profile, you have the freedom to define the controller’s orientation and map the buttons according to your preferences. This level of customization empowers gamers to tailor their control schemes, including joystick dead zones, to suit their unique gaming styles.The Access Controller introduces groundbreaking features previously unseen in PlayStation controllers. Notably, it enables the mapping of two button functions to a single button, and the ability to instruct the controller to hold down a particular button when pressed. These features are a game-changer for gamers with dexterity challenges. Combos that were once tedious or painful to execute become a breeze. Whether you’re playing intense racing games or engaging in epic battles in titles like God of War Ragnarok or Street Fighter, these functionalities prove invaluable.Imagine mapping a complex combo to a single button press or toggling a crucial action effortlessly. The Access Controller’s profile menu simplifies this process, offering an “assign simultaneous press” option and a “button toggle” feature. These capabilities streamline gaming, reducing hand strain and enhancing the overall experience.

Mix and Match Controllers: Round Controller for Versatility

One of the controller’s standout features is its ability to complement other controllers seamlessly. Whether you prefer using another Access Controller or a DualSense, the PlayStation Access Controller effortlessly adapts to your gaming preferences. For instance, you can opt to use the Access Controller for combat and character movement, while relying on the DualSense for camera control. This combination not only enhances your gaming experience but also enables friends and family to join in without any input lag, simplifying cooperative gameplay.

A Testament to Ingenuity: Round Controller for Accessibility

PlayStation’s commitment to accessibility shines through in the Access Controller. It defies expectations with its thoughtful design, dispelling the notion of excessive add-ons and separate accessories. Instead, it offers an all-encompassing solution for gamers with disabilities, providing genuine flexibility and ease of use. This controller embodies a genuine understanding of how physically disabled individuals engage with games, prioritizing ergonomic design and functionality.Accessibility isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, and the Access Controller acknowledges this fact. While it may not be perfect for everyone, it exemplifies the importance of involving disabled individuals in conversations about gaming accessibility. By listening and incorporating their feedback, the future of accessibility can continue to evolve and improve.

Access controller PlayStation Price

This array of supplementary high-performance, durable buttons and triggers for the Access controller is a comprehensive set of controls that you can swap, assign, and label. Available globally on and through select retail stores starting in January 2024 for a suggested retail price of $79.99 USD |$109.99 CAD | €79.99 | £69.99, the kit includes (Source:

  • 8 plug-and-play buttons and triggers, including two small buttons and two large buttons that feature gaming-grade mechanical switches, two light-touch buttons, and two variable trigger controls. Easily configure them on your PS5 console to suit your gaming needs.
  • Firm gaming mats with a hook and loop system that let you freely layout buttons and triggers to fit your unique needs.
  • Velcro ties to maximize mounting options, such as attaching buttons and triggers to objects like armrests.
  • Custom stick-on labels of PS5 symbols so you can easily mark your buttons and triggers for seamless gameplay.

Conclusion: Round Controller for Empowering Gamers

If you experience hand dexterity or motor issues, I wholeheartedly encourage you to explore the PlayStation Access Controller. It has the potential to transform your gaming experience, whether you wield it with one hand, two, or alongside friends and family. Embrace the power of inclusivity, and let your presence be known in the virtual realms. Go forth, conquer, and let your roar resonate through the gaming world.

FAQs: Round Controller in Gaming

  1. Is the PlayStation Access Controller compatible with older PlayStation consoles?Unfortunately, the PlayStation Access Controller is primarily designed for the PS5 and may not be fully compatible with older PlayStation consoles.
  2. Can I use the PlayStation Access Controller on a PC or other gaming platforms?While the primary focus is on PlayStation consoles, some users have reported success in using the controller on PCs, but full compatibility may vary.
  3. Are there any third-party accessories available for the PlayStation Access Controller?Yes, there is a supplementary set of buttons and triggers available for the Access Controller, offering further customization options.
  4. Is the PlayStation Access Controller available globally, and where can I purchase it?Yes, it is available globally. You can purchase it through select retail stores and online platforms.
  5. What is the price of the PlayStation Access Controller and its supplementary accessories?The suggested retail price for the PlayStation Access Controller is $79.99 USD. Additional accessories may have varying prices. Please check with retailers for the most up-to-date pricing information.

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