xbox x vs ps5 controller: Which is better?

xbox x vs ps5 controller: Which is better?

The fight between X Box Series X and Play Station 5 seems to be a win for the X Box. However, that is not the only part of the system that matters. Controllers on the consoles also dictate the purchasing decisions of the potential clients.Both Microsoft and Sony are aware that the controllers need to be up to par if they want their consoles to sell. The xbox x vs ps5 controller began right when both the companies made the information about the controllers’ features to the world.

What do you know?

When it comes to xbox x vs ps5 controller, here is everything we know.Xbox x vs ps5 controller Chart

xbox x vs ps5 controller still unclear

There have been no updates on the motion control of both xbox x and ps5 controllers, so we will have to wait to know more about it.PS5 Dualsense controller will have a “create”button that will be an update of the share button. Through this button, users will be able to share the content with others.

The content share button

The content sharing button gives the user the ability to record and share content instantaneously. The consoles did not want to provide a challenging and time-consuming on-screen menu, hence a share button on the controller.The social media platforms that will be available on the share button are still to be announced.

The looks of X Box Series X and Play Station 5 controller

The PS5 controller has made a bold choice with a design. The black and white accents with the blue lines do look sleek and modern. It does have a prominent PS logo on top, but the look does resemble the previous controllers, which makes it easily recognizable.The X Box Series X controller is slightly different from its predecessors, with a lack of hard edges and a sleek design. Apart from the share button, there is nothing particularly new about the controller.The design work is indeed subjective, so the winner in the looks when comparing xbox x vs ps5 controller will change person to person.

To sum up

With the information available, the Play Station 5 controller takes the win. However, the real winner in this comparison will only come forth once we have the controllers in hand.The fact is that you can truly appreciate or understand the functionality of the designs once you start playing with these controllers. Given the timeline of the release, we still have a long way to go before that happens.