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Turn​ Your PS5 Used into ​Quick Cash with Gizmogo

The PS5 used is one of the most sought-after gaming consoles on the market. With incredible graphics, speedy performance, and exclusive titles, it’s no wonder the PS5 has been flying off shelves since its release. For gamers looking to save some money or make a bit of cash, selling a used PS5 is an excellent option. Gizmogo provides a simple, secure way to sell your used PS5 and get paid quickly. This guide will walk through why selling to Gizmogo is a great choice and provide tips on how to get the most cash for your PS5 used.

Why Sell Your PS5 to Gizmogo?

Selling your used PS5 doesn’t have to be a hassle. With Gizmogo, you can sell your console safely, easily, and for top dollar. Here are some of the key benefits Gizmogo offers:

Simple Selling Process

Gizmogo makes selling a breeze with a simple online process. Just answer a few questions about your PS5’s model and condition, ship it to them for free, and get paid once they receive it. No meetings up with strangers or worrying about getting scammed.

Fast Payment

Once Gizmogo receives your PS5 used, they’ll inspect it to verify the details. As long as everything checks out, they’ll process your payment right away. Expect to get paid within just 1-2 business days.

Fair Valuation

Gizmogo provides fair prices by basing offers on real-time market data. You can trust you’ll get a competitive value based on your console’s specific model and condition. No lowball offers here.

Secure Transaction

Safety is crucial when selling items online. Gizmogo ensures every transaction is secure. They thoroughly inspect each console and require signature confirmation of delivery. You can have peace of mind your PS5 will arrive safely.

Environmentally Friendly

By selling your PS5 used to Gizmogo rather than tossing it in the trash, you help promote sustainability. Gizmogo refurbishes consoles and resells them, reducing waste.

What to Consider When Selling Your PS5

To fetch the highest price when selling your PS5 used to Gizmogo, there are a few key factors to keep in mind:

Console Model

The PS5 comes in two variants – the standard model with a disc drive, and the Digital Edition without one. The disc-drive version typically sells for more as it provides more flexibility for gamers. Make sure to specify which version you have.

Accessories Included

Including controllers, cables, and other accessories can bump up the value. Note what extras you plan to ship with your console. Anything missing or damaged will decrease the offer amount.

Cosmetic Condition

While some wear and tear is normal with use, major scuffs/scratches can impact offers. Be honest about any cosmetic issues on your selling questionnaire. Proper packaging is also key to prevent damage in transit.

Hardware Performance

Gizmogo will test your PS5 used to make sure there are no hardware, disc drive, or controller issues. Any functionality problems can significantly reduce your payout.

Factory Reset

It’s critical to reset your device to factory settings before selling to Gizmogo. This protects your personal data and accounts once the PS5 changes hands. Following these tips will help maximize your profit when selling your used PS5. Just package it up carefully, ship it off to Gizmogo, and cash out!

How the Selling Process Works

Now that you know what to consider when selling your PS5 used, here’s an overview of how the process works with Gizmogo:

Step 1: Request a Quote

Jump over to Gizmogo’s website and input your PS5’s details like model, storage capacity, and accessories. Be honest about any cosmetic imperfections too. Gizmogo will provide a quote based on the info provided.

Step 2: Ship Your PS5

If you accept the quote, Gizmogo will send a prepaid shipping label to attach to your package. Make sure your console is factory reset, clean, and well-packed. Ship it off to Gizmogo at no cost to you.

Step 3: Inspection & Verification

Once Gizmogo receives your PS5, they’ll fully inspect it to verify it matches the condition described. They’ll check for any damage incurred in transit as well.

Step 4: Get Paid!

If all looks good, Gizmogo will process your agreed-upon payment via direct deposit or PayPal. Expect to see funds in your account within 1-2 business days after delivery confirmation.

Step 5: Gizmogo Resells the Refurbished PS5

From there, Gizmogo will professionally clean and refurbish your PS5 used. It will be resold on their site, allowing your console to bring joy to new gamers while reducing waste. It’s really that straightforward – sell your PS5 used to Gizmogo in just a few simple steps. Now you can easily turn your old PS5 into cash for an upgrade or to fund your next gaming adventure!

FAQs on Selling a PS5 used to Gizmogo

For many gamers, the thought of selling their beloved PS5 is bittersweet. While you can look forward to extra cash, parting ways with such an amazing console can be tough. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions on selling PS5 used to help make the process smoother: How much cash can I really expect for my used PS5? Payout amounts vary based on PS5 model, included accessories, cosmetic condition, hardware performance, and current market rates. Most sellers receive $250-$400+ for used disc models and $200-$350+ for digital editions. The fastest way to find out is to get a custom quote from Gizmogo based on your specific console. Does selling to Gizmogo pay more or less than other options? Gizmogo strives to provide the most competitive offers based on real-time market data. Their quotes match up favorably against trade-ins at retailers or marketplaces. Selling directly means more money in your pocket rather than third-party commissions. Overall, Gizmogo is a trusted source for top-value quotes. Is it safe shipping my PS5 to Gizmogo? Absolutely – Gizmogo has processed thousands of console trade-ins safely. They provide prepaid shipping labels and require signatures upon delivery. Be sure to package the PS5 securely yourself and remove any games/accessories you wish to keep. Then you can ship with confidence knowing the transaction is insured. How long does it take to get paid after sending in my PS5? Once Gizmogo receives and inspects your console, expect payment in just 1-2 business days. If any issues come up, their customer support team will reach out to resolve them promptly. You can count on fast payment to get cash in hand quickly. What happens if I forget to factory reset my PS5 before sending it? A factory reset is crucial to protect your data and accounts. If you forget this step, don’t worry – just notify Gizmogo ahead of time. They’ll still process your order, professionally reset the device themselves, and securely delete any lingering personal data. Selling your used PS5 is a smooth process with Gizmogo. Their secure, transparent buying model makes it easy to turn your console into cash. Just package it up carefully and let their experts handle the rest for fast payment! Sell Sony PlayStation game console


For PlayStation fans seeking a great value proposition, selling a PS5 used to Gizmogo checks all the boxes. Their secure selling platform makes it simple to turn your used console into quick cash. With top-dollar quotes based on real-time market data, fast payouts, and free shipping, you can comfortably maximize your PS5’s resale value. Gizmogo refurbishes consoles for resale as well, giving them renewed life while reducing waste. If you’re looking to sell your PS5 used, Gizmogo’s buying process is seamless, transparent, and provides excellent compensation for your used device. Turn unwanted consoles into extra gaming funds quickly and securely with Gizmogo.