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Should you buy new Apple laptop with M1 in 2024?

In the laptop market, Apple is leading among the top brands today. The continuous improvements and focus on delivering the best possible customer service are the two most important factors that have contributed to its success in the long run. Now let’s come to the latest innovation by Apple: the M1, M2, and M3 chips including their Max & Pro versions as well.

You might have heard about them if you are an Apple user. This innovation by Apple has had a significant impact on the whole laptop market. But as we move to the year 2024, a question arises in everyone’s mind whether he or she is an existing Apple user or not: is it worth it to buy new Apple laptop with an M1 when the latest M3 is blowing everyone’s minds? Let’s check it out in this article.

Introduction to the latest M3 Chip by Apple: A Big Question To Buy New Apple Laptop With M1?

The ‘M3 chip’ is Apple’s custom-designed latest silicon chip that they are introducing in the latest laptops. On being introduced first as an M1 (the very first version), it has proved itself as a game-changer for the laptop world. Apple’s M3 series is based on an ARM-based system on a chip (SoC) by Apple for their Mac computers. You can understand M3 as both the brain and graphics engine of the computer. It was released in late 2023 by Apple to make Macs faster and more efficient than before. Compared to its earlier versions, the M3 chip delivers faster performance and longer battery life to its users.

Hence, it becomes a very crucial question to consider for the users looking to buy new Apple laptop this year whether to go with the M1 or the latest M3. Let’s understand it further through a broad comparative analysis between Apple’s M1 & M3.

Performance Comparison: M1 vs. M3

While considering to buy new Apple laptop with an M1, it’s important and obvious for the users to talk about its performance in comparison to the latest M3.

With the introduction of the M3 chip in the latest Apple laptops, there has been a significant impact on the overall performance and speed of the device, eventually shaking hands to enhance your productivity in the long run. Overall, the M3 chip has left behind even M1 & M2 with its up to 1.6x faster performance rate than the previous versions. Contrary to many traditional fastest Intel-based MacBook Air, the M3 can deliver 13x faster performance in both single-core and multi-core tasks.

Let’s understand it more via a comparative analysis below:


MacBook Air with M1

MacBook Air with M3

CPU Speed


Even Faster

GPU Performance Solid

Enhanced Graphics

As you can easily understand from the above metrics how the M3 chip has been able to leave a significant impact in delivering outstanding performance as compared to other processors. So if you want to buy new Apple laptop this year in 2024, make a wise decision between M1 and M3 as per your requirements to make your life easier and better.

Battery Life

In traditional laptops, users generally face problems with batteries going down in a short span. Contrary to them, the M1, M2, and M3 chips introduced by Apple in the latest devices claim to offer an optimal battery life. With its exceptional battery performance, this innovation by Apple is perfect for users looking to buy new Apple laptop in 2024. But to choose between M1 & M3 to buy new Apple laptop is again a significant question to answer. Let’s understand it via a comparison between the two below:

Feature MacBook Air with M1 MacBook Air with M3
Battery Life Up to 15 hrs Up to 18 hrs

Connectivity Comparison: M1 vs. M3 Apple

When considering to buy new Apple laptop, connectivity is also an equally important factor as it will affect how well you will be able to connect to various other devices and networks later on.

Let’s compare between M1 and M3:

As you can understand from above, the M3 is better as compared to the M1 in terms of connectivity as it offers Wi-Fi 6E support to the users. Plus, it comes with 4 Thunderbolt ports ultimately doubling the connectivity options available on the M1 chip. To help you connect with multiple devices seamlessly and have high-speed internet, preferring M3 over M1 would be a smart choice.

Connectivity MacBook Air with M1 MacBook Air with M3
Wi-Fi Support Wi-Fi 6 Wi-Fi 6E

So if you want to buy new Apple laptop this year, take care of the connectivity features as well & choose accordingly.

AI Capabilities: Harnessing the Power of Neural Engine

One of the stand-out features of Apple’s M-series chips is the ‘Neural Engine.’ Basically, it is a series of AI accelerators that have been introduced by Apple in the latest devices for Machine Learning (ML). However, this technology is available in both M1 and M3 but in the latest M3 chips, Apple has enhanced the features to deliver powerful camera features, real-time speech-to-text, and visual understanding.

Let’s make it simpler for you via the comparison below:

AI Feature MacBook Air with M1 MacBook Air with M3
Camera Features Good Enhanced
Speech-to-Text Reliable Real-time
Visual Understanding Basic Advanced

If you want to buy new Apple laptop this year with reliance on AI-driven applications, then going with the M3 rather than the M1 will be a convenient and better choice for you.

Price Consideration: Is it Worth the Investment?

Although the M3 is very far ahead in delivering undoubtedly impressive performance, the price point might still be a crucial factor for many users out there. Yes, you are guessing it right. Apple’s premium technology of M3 chips comes with a premium price tag.

Model MacBook Air with M1 MacBook Air with M3
Price Low High

But as you are enjoying the amazing benefits of improved performance, AI capabilities, and extended battery life with the latest M3, spending a little more would be justified for many users.

Ecosystem and App Support

In terms of the broad ecosystem of apps powered by Apple with advanced AI features, you don’t need to worry as both M1 and M3 give access to them. But with a little more advanced technologies involved, the M3 is still a few steps ahead of the M1. Whether you want to buy new Apple laptop to check homework with AI Math Assistance, edit photos via Pixelmator Pro, or work on videos with CapCut, the M3 is there to ensure smoother and more efficient performance than M1.

Is it Worth to Buy New Apple Laptop with M1 in 2024?

Overall, the decision to buy new Apple laptop this year with either M1 or the latest M3 depends on your budget and specific priorities. If you really want to add some value to your daily computing tasks through fast-driven and advanced AI tech features, M3 is waiting for you. However, if you are satisfied with M1’s performance, sticking to it can serve as a more budget-friendly option for you while still enjoying the benefits of Apple’s M-series chips.

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