The pursuit for a better price – Where can I sell used electronics

The number of electronic devices that we use nowadays is significantly higher than the number of devices that were in use few decades ago. Yes, we know have phones that are more powerful than the computers of the last decade, but we still haven’t stopped using computers. And it’s not just the number of devices that we’re using. We tend to replace our devices with newer models a lot sooner than before. On average, people replace their smartphones in two years or less. You probably have an old phone or two lying around somewhere, or perhaps a drawer full of them. So, where can I sell used electronics, you might wonder. There are several options here, we will go through each of them and decide which would be the best option for you.

Plenty of available options

You are probably wondering how can I sell used electronics near me, after all, you wouldn’t want to travel across town or further away to find a potential buyer for your used electronics. Fortunately, there is an option that allows you to sell used electronics without leaving your home. But we’ll get to that.  

Trade in your devices

There’s one option that technically isn’t selling used electronics, but it is also an option that allows you to get rid of used electronics that you no longer need. The concept of trading in basically means trading old for new. So, you give in your used electronic device you no longer need, its value is calculated and as a result, a new device is offered at a cheaper price, where the amount of the device is traded in is subtracted.

This is a very useful concept since people are always looking to get rid of old electronics and obtain the latest devices. However, be aware that the price at which your device is estimated might not be the best possible price that you would get.


Why is it good to sell used electronics

It is, of course, also possible to sell electronics for cash. Getting rid of old electronics is good for at least two reasons. Firstly, you get rid of devices you are no longer using and need, which is a good step towards decluttering your home. The second reason is a stronger one – you can get money for them. It is good for the person or the organization that buys your used electronics, because they get the device or devices that they need at a good price and it is good for the environment as well, because instead of ending in a landfill, your electronic devices will be repurposed or recycled properly.

Sell on eBay

One of the options is to sell used electronics on eBay. You are surely familiar with the concept of eBay, it is a platform that allows peer to peer sales of items, including electronics. You advertise your electronic devices and wait for an offer. If you are selling more than one electronic device, it might take a while before you get reasonable offers for each of them.

People who look for used electronic devices on eBay are usually not ready to pay a significant amount of money for a used device. Even if the device is in a good condition, someone who is looking to buy a used device for his or her personal use is not going to splash a lot of cash on it. After all, new devices are quite affordable nowadays, especially smartphones.

Still, this is a route that’s available to you, so if you think you could get a decent price, or you would like to try it before deciding against selling on eBay, then by all means.

Amazon – the largest online trading platform

Amazon is a very similar option. Amazon is larger and more diverse than eBay. The second functions more as a peer to peer platform, whereas Amazon is also used by companies and wholesalers. There will be more competition on Amazon, but that also means that there will be more potential buyers.

The same suggestion applies here, you are more likely to find a potential buyer if your device is in a good condition and it is more likely to get a better price, but that’s pretty much obvious.

The power of social media

Another option if you’re looking to buy your electronic devices directly to a potential buyer, i.e. a person who is looking for a device that’s in a relatively good condition and can be used, is social media. Yes, people use social media for a wide range of purposes, one of which is selling and buying used electronics and other items.

On social media, but most notably on Facebook, there are plenty of groups where you can advertise your devices. There are no charges or fees here, but you and the potential buyer will need to agree on the transaction and the exchange of the device. Will the two of you meet in person, will you ship the device, how can you be certain that the buyer will pay the full price, what if he or she is not satisfied with the quality and the state of the device, there are a lot of questions and that’s why many people avoid selling and buying on social media, especially if the electronic devices in question have a higher value.

And of course, Gizmogo

Finally, the most reliable and probably the best option when it comes to selling used electronics – websites that buy used devices such as Gizmogo. Here, you can sell a wide range of electronic devices, including smartphones, laptops, drones, consoles, speakers, cameras and what not. Selling devices at gizmogo is pretty easy. You need to select the device that you wish to sell, you give a bit of information on the device and its condition which enables the experts at gizmogo to give you a price.

Once you know how much gizmogo is willing to offer you can choose whether you wish to proceed. If you’re selling more than one device, you can continue and get a quote on subsequent devices. Then you will get a free shipping quote which will enable you to send the device free of charge. After the reevaluation and confirmation of the price, gizmogo will pay the price within 24 hours.