tr​ade in old fitness trackers

Tr​ade-in old fitness trackers : O​ut With the Old, In With the New

Sale of Used or Old Fitness Trackers

You’ve been using that fitness tracker faithfully for years to count your steps, monitor your sleep, and track your workouts. But is it time for an upgrade? As fitness trackers get more advanced, your old one is probably feeling pretty outdated. Instead of letting it collect dust in a drawer, why not trade it in for cash you can put towards a new device?

By trading in your fitness trackers to Gizmogo, you can get money back on old activity trackers and fitness watches while decluttering and preventing e-waste. Even if your tracker seems ancient in today’s world of advanced wearables with sophisticated sensors and smart features, it may still have value. Read on to learn why you should dig your old fitness trackers out of retirement and trade them in.

Your Trusty Old Companion Deserves a Second Life

Maybe you’ve had the same fitness tracker since before activity trackers were even cool. Though it faithfully counted your steps and calories through the years, even the highest quality fitness bands don’t last forever. The battery might not hold a charge anymore, or the display could be scratched and foggy. However sentimentally attached to it, you might feel it’s no longer serving its original purpose for you.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t have a second life for someone else! Even an outdated activity tracker or basic fitness watch that seems useless to you could be helpful for others looking for an affordable entry-level device. By exchanging it for cash or credit at Gizmogo rather than throwing it out, your old fitness tracker can bring happiness to a new owner. It deserves to spend its golden years contributing, not wasting away in a landfill!

Simplify and Declutter While Earning Cash

Do you have a whole drawer full of old wearable devices you don’t use anymore? Fitness trackers and smartwatches tend to accumulate since we don’t replace them too often. The trade-in old fitness trackers program on Gizmogo makes it easy to sell used fitness trackers you no longer need while earning some money in the process.

Trading in your unused activity trackers and fitness watches instantly clears out clutter while putting some extra spending money in your pocket. Whether you get cash to save or use credit towards an upgrade, you’ll get rewarded for your efforts to simplify and declutter. The trade-in old fitness trackers and buyback process is designed to be user-friendly, with customizable shipping labels and packing materials provided. In just a few clicks, you can both tidy up and get paid.

Support Sustainability and Reduce E-Waste

When thinking about getting rid of gadgets like old wearable devices, your first instinct may be to throw them out with the regular weekly trash pickup simply. However, discarding electronics irresponsibly contributes to the growing global problem of electronic waste, or e-waste. E-waste refers to all the discarded phones, tablets, gadgets, and gizmos that end up in landfills each year.

Trading in used fitness trackers and smartwatches promotes sustainability by giving these devices new life with different owners. Opting for a trade-in old fitness tracker program reduces unnecessary e-waste that damages the environment. It also conserves the resources required to manufacture brand-new wearables. So you can feel good about clearing out the old gadgets while doing your part for the planet.

Upgrade Without Breaking the Bank

Have you had your eye on the latest and greatest wearables with all the bells and whistles? Premium smartwatches really do seem to get better every year. But shelling out big bucks for top-of-the-line models might not work with your budget.

Trading in used fitness trackers offers an affordable route to finance an upgrade. Depending on the model and condition, you could recoup a decent amount of value. Put that cash towards a shiny new smartwatch or fitness tracker so you can enjoy upgraded features without overspending. Between the trade-in old fitness trackers discount and not having to pay full price outright, you can conveniently upgrade even on a budget.

Get Rewarded for Pre-Owned Fitness Trackers

Maybe you bought a fitness tracker as a gift a couple of years back but never even used it. Or perhaps you picked one up briefly but soon got tired of wearing it daily. If you have any old wearable devices in new or gently used condition, they could still hold substantial value for trade-in old fitness trackers. Even if it’s been collecting dust for ages, unused devices tend to qualify for higher buyback amounts.

Since you likely paid good money initially, and the item is still in great shape, it seems silly not to get any return on your investment. Rather than letting it sit around indefinitely, turn it into cash or credit you can use towards rewards for yourself! Even fashionable fitness jewelry that’s no longer your style could benefit someone else. Gizmogo’s trade-in old fitness trackers program helps you easily recover value from quality pre-owned activity trackers.

Straightforward trade-in old fitness trackers process

Trading in your out-of-rotation fitness trackers is designed to be super convenient through Gizmogo. Their valuation tool provides real-time estimates so you know exactly what to expect. After picking the items you want to trade in, you’ll receive prepaid shipping materials to send them off. Protection is included during shipping for added peace of mind.

Once received and inspected to confirm everything matches what you indicated, it’s time to get paid! Expect secure payment in just a couple of days for trade-ins valued under $700. For higher-value items, payment processing is equally smooth but takes a few days longer. Compared to meeting up with unreliable buyers on your own, the mediated trade-in old fitness trackers process is safer and more hassle-free.

Keeping Up with Wearable Tech Innovation

The world of wearable fitness tracking devices moves incredibly fast. It seems like every few months, newer, fancier models get released with upgraded features. Can your years-old tracker measure blood oxygen saturation? What about taking an ECG from your wrist? If not, it’s probably time for an update.

Trade-in old fitness tracker programs through Gizmogo make it affordable and rewarding to keep up with the latest innovations. Instead of running into limitations trying to use outdated wearables, recycle yours for credit toward feature-packed fitness tech. Treat yourself to a sophisticated smartwatch that can provide much more health insight than what your old band allowed.

Personalized Trade-In Recommendations

With new generations of popular wearable brands like Fitbit, Apple Watch, and Samsung launching so often, it can get confusing trying to navigate trade-in options. To simplify the process, Gizmogo provides personalized estimates for the used devices you own. Just look up your model to instantly see how much cash or credit you could get.

For premium trade-in old fitness trackers valued as the most in-demand smartwatches and fitness trackers, Gizmogo is a trustworthy destination. Their constantly updated price guide reflects real-time data to showcase the best deals. Rather than wasting time and energy trying to figure out valuations yourself, let their tech experts inform you.

Fitness Tracker Brands and Specifications (Past 10 Years)

Brand Model (Year) Display Battery Life (days) Features Price Range (USD) Price Fluctuations
Fitbit Flex (2013) OLED 5-7 Steps, sleep, calories 99
Jawbone UP24 (2013) LED 7 Steps, sleep, activity tracking 99 Discontinued brand
Nike FuelBand SE (2014) LED 3-4 Steps, sleep, activity goals 99 Discontinued model
Misfit Flash (2014) None 6 months Steps, sleep, distance 19 Discontinued brand
Samsung Gear Fit (2014) Curved AMOLED 3-4 Steps, sleep, heart rate, GPS 199 New models released
Garmin Vivofit (2014) E-ink 1 year Steps, sleep, activity tracking 99 Older model, lower demand
Fitbit Charge HR (2015) OLED 5-7 Steps, sleep, heart rate, calories 149 Replaced by newer models
Xiaomi Mi Band 1S (2015) LED 30 Steps, sleep, activity tracking 29 Newer models released
Huawei TalkBand B2 (2015) OLED 5 Steps, sleep, heart rate, notifications 99 New models released
Apple Watch (2015) AMOLED 18 Steps, sleep, heart rate, GPS, apps 349 High demand, updated features
Microsoft Band 2 (2015) Curved AMOLED 2 Steps, sleep, heart rate, GPS, UV sensor 249 Discontinued model
Fitbit Alta HR (2016) OLED 7 Steps, sleep, heart rate, calories 129 Replaced by newer models
Samsung Gear Fit 2 (2016) Super AMOLED 3-4 Steps, sleep, heart rate, GPS, music storage 179 Replaced by newer models
Garmin Vivosport (2016) Chroma display 7 Steps, sleep, heart rate, GPS, activity tracking 169 Older model, lower demand
Amazfit Bip (2017) Transflective LCD 45 Steps, sleep, heart rate, GPS, activity tracking 79 Older model, budget-friendly option
Fitbit Charge 3 (2018) OLED 7 Steps, sleep, heart rate, GPS, swim tracking 149 Newer models offer additional features
Xiaomi Mi Band 3 (2018) OLED 20 Steps, sleep, heart rate, activity tracking 39 New models offer advanced features
Huawei Honor Band 4 (2018) OLED 6 Steps, sleep, heart rate, activity tracking 59 New models offer advanced features
Samsung Galaxy Fit e (2018) OLED 5-7 Steps, sleep, heart rate, activity tracking 39 Budget-friendly option, less functionality
Apple Watch Series 4 (2018) LTPO OLED 18 Steps, sleep, heart rate, GPS, ECG, fall detection 399 High demand, advanced features
Fitbit Versa (2018) AMOLED 4 Steps, sleep, heart rate, GPS, music storage, apps 249 New models offer advanced features
Garmin Vivoactive 3 (2019) Transflective MIP 7 Steps, sleep, heart rate, GPS, activity tracking, music storage 299 Older model, but versatile option


Is one of your neglected fitness trackers or dusty smartwatches giving you a side-eye right now? It’s okay; there’s no need to feel guilty! Instead of continuing to ignore it, do something good for both of you. Trade in old wearable tech – whether an ancient band or a gently used watch – to give it renewed purpose while padding your own pocket.

Through Gizmogo’s seamless trade-in of old fitness trackers program, you can quickly convert unused devices gathering dust into cash towards future rewards. Beyond simplified decluttering, trading in used fitness trackers also promotes sustainability, saves money on upgrades, and lets you celebrate innovation. Out with the old, in with the new! Both you and your out-of-rotation wearables deserve better. Sell your smartwatch