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Sell Used PS5: A Great Deal for Gamers on a Budget

The PlayStation 5 console has been extremely popular since its launch in 2020, but with a $500 retail price for the standard edition, it can still put a significant dent in your wallet. This is why purchasing a used PS5 is an excellent option for budget-minded gamers who still want to experience everything the next-gen console offers. Used PS5 consoles provide tremendous value while allowing you to play all of the amazing PS5 exclusives and popular multiplatform games.

When the PS5 first launched, they were nearly impossible to find due to overwhelming demand and supply chain issues stemming from the pandemic. While availability has improved this year, buying a PS5 at retail price from major retailers can still be challenging due to high demand and shortages of stock. This makes a used PS5 an appealing choice for gamers who don’t want to keep struggling to try and purchase one at retail price. There are now much more used PS5 systems available on the secondary market.

Sell PlayStation 5 Sony.

Advantages of Purchasing a Used PS5 Through Gizmogo

There are many upsides to purchasing a used PS5 through Gizmogo rather than other online marketplaces or local listings:

  • Reliability and Customer Service: Gizmogo puts every used PS5 unit through an inspection, testing, cleaning, and data-wiping process before approving them for resale on our site. This gives you extra assurance that you are receiving a fully functional console. As an established business, we also stand behind every order with a 30-day warranty and easy returns if needed. Our dedicated customer service team is ready to help if any issue arises.
  • Fair Market Pricing: Prices can vary widely when buying a used PS5 from individual sellers who are less informed on fair market values. Gizmogo professionally prices each game console based on its age, edition, accessory bundle, overall condition, and other market factors so you don’t overpay but still save substantially over new retail pricing.
  • Secure Online Purchase: Rather than meeting up with strangers from Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace to exchange money for a used PS5, Gizmogo offers secure online ordering and payment through our website. We use encryption and fraud protection so your purchase information is safe. Once we confirm your order, your console will arrive on your doorstep in just a few business days.
  • Warranty Protection: Every used PS5 sold through is backed by a 30-day warranty protecting you from hardware defects and other functionality issues. If any problem arises with the console during this period, we will work to make it right, whether that involves repair, replacement, or refund. Buying through an unauthorized third party typically means you have zero warranty coverage.
  • Reputable Seller: Gizmogo takes pride in offering excellent customer service and standing behind the quality of our used PS5 consoles listed for sale. We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, demonstrating our commitment to ethical business practices and client satisfaction. You can trust you’ll have a smooth transaction.

Tips for Purchasing a Used PS5

Follow this advice to select the right used PS5 console at a fair price:

  • Review the condition details in the product listing closely so you know what to expect regarding any wear and tear or missing accessories. The condition can vary from pristine to acceptable.
  • Compare prices across similarly conditioned PS5 units to gauge fair market value and find the best deal. Remember to account for accessories bundled with each offer.
  • Read through the product description fully to understand what is included and know what questions to ask. Inquire about anything that is unclear before placing your order.
  • Validate the quality of the retailer, checking site reviews and BBB ratings. This protects you from potential issues. Purchase through Gizmogo for guaranteed satisfaction.
  • Use a credit card when purchasing a higher priced item like a used PS5 for added fraud protection and ability to dispute charges if needed.
  • Inspect the console thoroughly when it arrives to confirm it is in expected condition without damage before keeping it past the return period. Test all functions, too.
  • Keep the original packaging materials and shipping box in case you need to safely transport or return the used PS5 console.

Following tips like these will help you locate an excellent deal on a used PS5 and have a smooth buying experience.

Top Benefits of Buying a Used PS5

Getting a used PS5 offers big perks beyond the lower price tag. Here are some of the best benefits that come with purchasing a used next-gen console:

  • Play the Latest Games: The huge and expanding PS5 games library is fully open to you with a used PS5. Enjoy the stunning graphics, fast load times, and engaging gameplay of PS5 exclusives like Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and Demon’s Souls. Plus, you will experience all of the hottest new cross-platform games optimized for next-gen visuals and performance.
  • Enhanced Graphics and Speed: Games look incredibly slick running in 4K resolution at up to 120 frames per second on the PS5 compared to last-gen. Graphics are amazingly detailed with hardware ray-tracing support. Lightning fast SSD storage also means way shorter load times.
  • Special Features: The PS5 DualSense controller features advanced haptic feedback and adaptive triggers that let you literally feel gameplay effects happening through the controller for immersive experiences not possible before. There is also integrated microphone support.
  • Backward Compatibility: Your used PS5 allows you to play almost all of your existing PS4 game library. This gives you access to previous generation exclusives like God of War (2018), Marvel’s Spider-Man, and The Last of Us Part II, which were updated to take advantage of PS5 power and speed.

As you can see, purchasing a used PS5 brings all of the same functionality and features as buying the console brand new. The only difference is the discounted pricing. Once you power up your used PS5, it will feel virtually identical to playing on a never opened system since everything is digital including game licenses and saves.

Popular Games to Try With a Used PS5

The PS5 has a stellar and rapidly growing games catalog you’ll want to experience. Here are some top titles we recommend picking up once you score your used PS5:

PlayStation Exclusives

  • God of War: Ragnarök
  • Horizon Forbidden West
  • Spider-Man: Miles Morales
  • Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
  • Sackboy: A Big Adventure
  • Gran Turismo 7
  • Returnal

Multiplatform Blockbusters

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II
  • Elden Ring
  • FIFA 23
  • Madden NFL 23
  • NBA 2K23
  • Cyberpunk 2077
  • Resident Evil Village

This represents just a small sample of the 100+ games already optimized for PS5. The system gives you the ability to play through the very best of both Sony’s iconic first-party exclusives and huge third-party hits from other developers. With jaw-dropping enhancements over PS4 thanks to the next-gen hardware capabilities, these are practically new experiences even if you played them before. Many PS5 owners also use the console to go back and play classic PS4 games they may have missed when they launch with boosted performance.

Looking for a used PS5? Try Gizmogo

We’ve covered all the key benefits, tips, care advice and more when it comes to save big on a like-new used PS5. Take advantage of the red hot console at discounted pre-owned pricing without losing anything in terms of features, accessories, game compatibility and next-gen performance.

Shop Gizmogo with total confidence that you’ll receive a fully tested and cleaned used PS5, complete with our 30-day guarantee for a risk-free purchase when stocks run out at other retailers. Get started by browsing inventory on our site today!

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