Used or Damaged Electronics

Where can you sell your phone online? Isn’t it obvious

You’re a very reasonable person, you are looking to sell your phone online. Statistics show that there are 1.92 billion digital buyers. People nowadays are a lot more likely to look to buy and sell something online, than they were few years ago and that number is bound to grow.After all, online you can get instant access to all the information that you need, you can compare prices, and most importantly in this case, you can find the right buyer for your phone. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a phone that has been bought five years ago, or a newer model. There’s a buyer for every device, and you will surely manage to sell your phone online.

The first and most obvious choice when selling your phone online

You are quite fortunate though, because you’re at the place where you can sell your phone. Of course, there are other places, there are numerous sites that claim that they’ll buy your phone. And in most cases they really will, but there are few important thing that distinguish gizmogo from our competitors.Firstly, we give you a best price guarantee. This means that when you select the model that you are looking to sell, you can also select its condition. If we see that the condition is actually better than what you’ve stated, we’ll pay you more than the original quote. How many of our competitors can claim to offer that? We know what’s one of the most common issues when people are selling online – it’s the shipping. And that’s why we’re offering free shipping. You might get a prepaid shipping box, just pack your device and send it over to us.If you want to sell your phone that’s still working, then you will have plenty of options, but if you’re selling a non-working, non-functional device, many will be reluctant to buy it. Not gizmogo, we also buy broken and non-working devices.

An alternative to selling your phone

Yes, it might seem like we’re overselling ourselves, and we understand that you would like to consider some other options. After all, there’s no harm in looking around. Check all options and then make your pick. You can try to sell your phone online directly to an interested buyer. You can use one of the platforms that provide such services, or you can try to identify a buyer by going through social media groups where people buy and sell items.We’re not saying that you certainly won’t find a buyer, but it might be difficult to find someone who is looking to buy that exact model and pay your asking price. There are other considerations as well. How will you ship the item and who will cover the shipping costs is an issue that you will need to discuss with your potential buyer to avoid any inconvenience later on.If you choose this option, always ensure that you have formatted your phone and deleted all personal information from it. Forgetting your SD card inside your smartphone can be a big mistake when you try to sell your phone online directly to a person. gizmogo won’t use anything that contains your data.#Sell_used_devices