Xbox x vs ps5 graphics details for beginners

The ever-evolving world of gaming has everything you need for the perfect escape. It is genuinely an ever-advancing form of entertainment as each year, and the graphics become better with every passing year.

However, people who are new to gaming or graphics might not be aware of the meaning of the various words thrown at them.

Xbox x vs ps5 graphics details

Details about the graphics

Here is a beginner’s guide to xbox x vs. ps5 graphics and everything you need to know about it. The focus of the details here is X Box X and Play Station 5 consoles. Both the consoles are coming with a much more powerful configuration.


The RAM for both of the consoles is 16 GB GDDR6.

GPU details and what do teraflops mean?

RDNA 2 graphics are available in both the consoles, but X Box Series X has 12 TFL, whereas Play Station 5 only has 10.28 teraflops.

They will both also run RDNA 2 graphics. However, the Xbox Series X seems to have the upper hand here, too, with 12 TFL.

As graphics require the calculation of several independent points, teraflop refers to the capability of the processor calculation of one trillion floating-point operations per second. Twelve teraflops mean the ability to handle 12 trillion floating-point calculations per second, on average.

However, having 12 teraflops’ capability does not mean that you would be able to use it with every game. Depending on the configuration of the game, the graphics will differ.

Exclusive games are more likely to utilize the full potential, whereas third party games might not. The result will only be evident once the consoles are in the market, and people start playing.

Understanding the processors of X Box Series X and Play Station 5

X Box has already claimed that the new series X console is four times more powerful than Xbox One X. It has a custom Zen 2 eight-core processor with 3.8 GHz per core. Play Station 5 has eight-core Zen 2 processors, but each core only has 3.5GHz.

An 8-core processor means that the console is capable of running eight tasks independently. It means that an eight-core processor can do eight different jobs at the same capability. 3.8.

SSDs details and impact

Game performance will benefit from the in-built SSDs. Both X Box X and PS5 come with SSDs, which means that the loading time for games will be faster than before.

However, much like GPU, the usage of SSD will also differ from game to game. Details are still unclear for X Box X, but Sony has provided some information on the speed.


At present, with the configuration available to us, the xbox x vs ps5 graphics have a very slight difference. 

However, the real details will only be available once both the consoles are out and in the hands of the public. For the most part, it would appear that X Box Series X has the edge over Play Station 5 in the graphics department.

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