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Why throw away your old laptop when you can sell it for cash? Whether you're upgrading or just need to clean out a laptop that's no longer useful to you, it's a great way to earn a little cash and help others. Here's the Gizmogo team's expert advice on how to sell used laptops

How to prepare your laptop for sale

More than any other device you might sell, a laptop can carry a lot of your personal information. Our idea is to sell devices, not your data! So, before you think about how to sell your laptop, let's really understand data security. Make sure to remove any non-original or external drives, and check ports for flash drives, USB hubs, bluetooth devices, optical/CD drives, and anything else. Then it's time to delete all the data you want to keep and wipe the machine. A factory reset is the least you can do on a laptop. You should also format the drive to ensure that files do not remain. Take a moment to check that you haven't left important folders or files anywhere. Then clean the laptop and prepare it for sale。 

Find out how much your laptop is worth

Before selling a used laptop, it's best to know what it's worth. Keep in mind that IT in particular can become "obsolete" very quickly. While many people want (and need) a serviceable laptop and don't care about age or specs, you won't get the same price as a brand new device. Make sure you know your laptop's specs too. Many models of the same series or name may have different internal specifications, such as added discrete graphics, different chipsets, or different software features. Compare peers and make sure you know what you have。

Find everything that came with your laptop

Laptops come with a range of accessories. Your bag or sleeve may not have come with the device. It will come in a box. But there will be chargers and batteries. There may be other items in the transaction, including items such as external caddies or spare equipment. The more you can find to sell, the higher the price. After all, people like the convenience of fully receiving everything。

where to sell your laptop

You can sell your laptop online if you wish, or through a service. Both have pros and cons, so make sure you do the best for your personality, cash expectation, and personal style.

Sell Directly Person-to-Person

When we think of where to sell a laptop, this is likely what comes to mind. You’re thinking of places like Craigslist, eBay, etc. These are peer-to-peer sites, and can be an effective way to sell if you have the time to wait and don’t mind the accompanying factors. 
What are those factors? Firstly, you’ve probably seen funny sales responses on meme sites, and there’s a reason for that. Some people will do anything to get a deal- be that insulting you, or making up a sob story about their sick kid. Other people ask questions you’ve clearly answered, or do ridiculous things like chat to you for days than ghost you.
Even once you get a buyer, you have to consider your safety. Meet somewhere public, preferably a police station or similar, and don’t let them walk off with the item at any point before you’re both happy. Take a friend if you can. And we’d advise you to sell your laptop for cash only- checks and money transfers can and have been spoofed.  

Sell Through a Marketplace

If you’re looking for a quicker, safer way to sell, consider using a marketplace that will buy your laptop instead. While you will receive the lower end of the cash value- but never lowballed, not if you use a reputable vendor- you can get it over and done with quickly and move on. No need to deal with other people or put up with time wasters. Simple hand over the device, get your cash, and go.

Introduction to Gizmogo

Gizmogo is proud to buy your laptop and other used electronics in a safe, secure environment to get work done quickly. We help you get your items to us with free UPS or USPS shipping, and we'll also perform professional-grade data erasure on your device for added peace of mind. If you are satisfied with our offer, the cash will reach you within three to five business days without any hassle。