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1. I’m ready to sell my laptop, where do I start?

2. Why should I choose Gizmogo?

3. Sell your laptop and help the environment

1. I’m ready to sell my laptop, where do I start?

Start online by answering a couple of quick questions. Enter the capacity your laptop holds whether it be 16GB, 32GB or 64GB. Then we will provide you with an instant quote. It's pretty simple, right? We’ll make you an offer based off your answer that will be locked in for 15 days. If you accept our offer great! We’ll send you a pre-paid shipping box to send the laptop back to us. Or, you can also use your own box to ship it. Shipping is till on us.

If you miss the 15-day deadline, your offer expires. This means you will have to start the process over again.  

We know you’re attached to your laptop, but let's face it. You’ve been holding onto it since college. And we know parting is such sweet sorrow, but trust us when we say it's best for both you and your old MacBook. Browse around Gizmogo’s laptop section and get a free quote instantly online to see how much you’ll get for it. What are you waiting for? Try Gizmogo’s advanced quoting system and see how much money you’ll have in your pocket.  


2. Why should sell my laptop to Gizmogo?

Gizmogo is a very reputable and trusted online purchasing platform. Over the years, we’ve received several positive reviews from customers who also asked, “Why should I choose Gizmogo?” Allow us to tell you why you need to choose us and only us to sell your tablet:

Free Shipping and Handling

You can pack your laptop securely in a box and ship it to us free of cost. If you change your mind about selling it or the offer was lower than you expected, simply ask us to return it. We won’t even charge you any return shipping fees. If you have any other device that you want to sell, you can send that device for free. Since you’re not paying for shipping and handling, take advantage of the situation by sending all of them to us.

We Pay for the Packaged Box

Gizmogo is glad to offer you a pre-paid box for you to store your laptop safely in before sending it to us. You don’t even have to buy a separate box to send us the tablet because we’ve taken care of that too.

Cash is transferred within 24 Hours

Waiting forever for your money to clear is the worse. You don’t want to wait several days or even weeks just to get your money. If you sell a tablet online to Gizmogo, waiting times don’t exist. You will be depositing the money into your bank account within 24 hours of you accepting our offer for your device. You can choose from different payment methods - PayPal, Amazon gift card or check.

We offer the best price for your laptop

We carefully inspect and evaluate each device we receive. First off, we offer you a quote through our website when you answer the required questions. When you send it to us, we perform a detailed inspection of your computer to determine its accurate price. This process can result in either a higher price for your device or a lower price. If you don’t accept our offer, we’ll return it for free. Other sites tend to keep the device, giving customers a difficult time trying to return it. After the headaches, they ask you to pay for the delivery. What sense does that make?

We Offer a Complete Data Deletion Service

Before you sell your laptop, you need to log out of iCloud and all accounts. Remove all personal details from the laptop, such as pictures and videos. Once we receive your it, we’ll perform our own cleanup service, wiping your entire device clean of any evidence that it once belonged to you. You can trust us with your computer and know that your information will not leak out to any third-party website, but will be deleted before we buy it.

3. Sell you laptop and help the environment

That’s right, you can help the environment when you sell your used laptop to Gizmogo! There is a huge chance that it will get either repurposed or recycled. Broken devices can always be used for parts and can always be recycled if the damage can’t be reversed. Gizmogo has partnered with a credible recycling facility that specializes in recycling a large variety of gadgets like Macs, laptops, media players, headphones, cameras, and more.

With tons of E-waste collecting and rotting in landfills all across the United States, you can make a difference by recycling these devices through a recycling facility. Even if your device doesn’t work at all and is in bad shape, we encourage you to send it to us. In some small instances, even though you may not earn any money by sending in your broken and outdated device, you’ll be doing the environment a big favor. We are always happy to take a look at any other electronics you have lying around.